GT5 and the Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

As racing simulation fans know, Gran Turismo 5 launched November 24th. The long awaited PlayStation 3 title is the latest installment of Polyphony’s popular racing games, and based on my racing experience so far, every racing fan should own it.

What you might not know is that Logitech worked closely with Polyphony to create the Driving Force GT Wheel. The result is a wheel that not only delivers a realistic racing experience, it includes special controls to access features in the game that can’t be accessed otherwise.

First, the Logitech Driving Force GT is directly supported in Gran Turismo 5 (GT5). Plug it in, and start the game. GT5 already has its controls fully mapped to the wheel. If you want to personalize them, they can be reassigned in the Options menu. You can also adjust the forces in Options. Tip: The wheel likes to be set to controller 1, so start the PS3 from the console, not a controller, and the wheel will be detected properly. Your GT5 needs to be updated to version 1.02, but this happens automatically the first time you start the game connected to the internet.

So, what are the special features? The wheel has two additional controls – a Plus/Minus toggle and Realtime Adjustment Dial. Together, these let you access car adjustments on the fly. No pauses, no exits from the race track. just select, make changes and keep racing.

Imagine you’re 3 laps into a 20 lap race and the car just isn’t rotating through the apex, and understeering badly on exit of the turns. A quick adjustment of the torque bias to the rear wheels, and you’re turning fast laps. Or conditions change from dry to wet. Turn up the traction control and avoid sliding off the track until the rain stops. You can only do this with a Driving Force GT wheel.

Here’s how it works. At any time on the race track, press the button in the center of the Realtime Adjustment Dial. Its the red ring to the right of the center of the wheel. An on-screen menu will appear. Use the Plus/Minus toggle to the left of the wheel center to select the control you want to change. Your choices are:
•    TCS (Traction Control System)
•    4WD Tq Bias (front/rear drive torque bias – four wheel drive vehicles only)
•    ASM (Automatic Stability Management)
•    ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
•    Brk F (Front brake force)
•    Brk R (Rear brake force)

Once you’ve selected the control you want to adjust, rotate the Realtime Adjustment Dial to modify the setting. Then get back to racing. The on-screen menu will disappear automatically. This is great for tuning and tweaking your car during practice, because you never leave the track. And if conditions change during a race, you can adjust on the fly. Tip: Not all adjustments can be made to every car. Those choices will be greyed out.

Of course, the Logitech Driving Force GT also has force feedback, 900 degree rotation, sequential shifter, gas and brake pedals for a realistic racing experience. It works on most PS3 racing games, and PC racing games as well.

So if you’ve got GT5, you can get a lot more out of it with a Driving Force GT wheel.


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  • Is there a new wheel coming out to rival the upcoming Thrustmaster T500RS and Fanatec products? Seems like the Logitech products are showing their age.

    I have noticed the G27 wheel is sold out on, and doesn’t even list the product.

    • Hi Sheldon,

      We can’t comment on our plans for future products, but you should see retailers begin to replenish their stock of G27s over the course of this month.


  • Hi,

    Last night I purchased the Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel to use with GT5, partly due to your article.

    I had a blast!!! It really is night and day vs the regular PS3 controller. I will never go back. hehe

    I noticed that with some cars the wheel is tight and with some cars the wheel is very loose and thus difficult to drive. do one of these adjustments that you mention in the article fix the looseness problem or is that just the particular car that I’m using? In the latter case, which cars should I look out for or avoid that have this loose steering?


  • Hello Mark,

    Thanks for your response. I had expected as much, but you never know, many companies these days drop teasers here and there. Perhaps something at CES.

    I think Logitech is a great company and I’ve owned and own numerous devices. It would be great if Logitech could come out will a high quality sim racing wheel line like Fanatec’s products with the reliability of Logitech.

    I’ll keep my eyes open for the G27.

  • I got the wheel today . Is fun but why does it feel lie it’s fighting back. When I turn one ways it goes another . Is it driving Force feedback if I is how do I turn it down?

  • Why does logitech website tells that retailers have the G27 in stock when they havent had it for many days? Cant you update that information?

    Also, your phone support dtold me this monday that retailers should be getting a new shipment this wednesday, and that I should look at best buy. I went to a store and a guy told me they wont even receive it this week, their system did not show any wheel arriving.

    To make things worse, for logitech and for me, now it seem you have the wheel to sell through your own website, but you just wont accept international credit cards. It is just stupid. I understand that you dont ship products abroad, but why not take a foreign credit card like amazon does? Amazon doesnt ship abroad either, but by accepting cards from other countries they allow tourists to buy items and have them delivered by their hotel.

    • Hi Rodrigo–

      As you’ve noticed, our supply of G27 wheels has been greatly impacted. That said, we just got in a new shipment of wheels, which accounts for the current availability on and we’re already in the process of replenishing supply with our retailers. Your best bet is to continue checking back in with online retailers over the next few weeks.

      We appreciate your patience throughout this process.


  • I went to best buy and they deactivated the G27 and the store clerk told me once they deactivate a product it never comes back! They sold all the G27 stock in May of this year, and have not stocked them since. Now they are selling the GT wheels at lower costs as well and I checked stock and they are not sold online or in the stores. Figure what that means for yourselves.

  • Why do you want to spend 300$ plus on a wheel that has only an adition H shifter that works for like ONE game (GT5). Just buy a driving force GT on sale for 100$, and if you REALLY want, add some high-end pedals to it down the road if you really want that clutch\load cell pedals.

    G27 costs you the same as your PS3, id rather lose the H-shift and clutch and get a better wheel (yes the DFGT is a better wheel ;)).

    Just my 2 cents, but for the price the G27 should be a nicer wheel and better pedals (load-cell!). Stick with the DFGT!

  • I have finished GT4 with my driving force pro. I’m thinking about getting GT5. Does anyone know if I can use my set-up with GT5 ?

  • Hi i just got adriving force gt to play gt5 and the pedals work but when i turn the wheel the car doesn’t turn

  • i have tried to get my logitech driving force wheel to work with gran turismo 5 and i try to change gears with the gear paddles. i have tried going on all the different wheel settings but none of them seem to work and it waists time. could you tell me how to get the gear paddles to work whilst accelerating with the ‘x’ button?

  • Why is the g27 no supported in gt5 settings?
    Supposedly PD blames logitech’s software, even logitechs website lists it as supported(if you call that supported)

    What gives?

  • Is there any indication when the Logitech Driving Force GT will be available again at game, gamestation or argos? Is it likely to be after the sale of item has finished?

  • I purchased af DFGT for my son for xmas. I now want to get another so he and I can race against each other in GT5, however, Best Buy, Sam’s Club and others with a decent price are completely sold out. The sales guy at my local Best Buy said they don’t have one in at least 49 of the States. Don’t know about HI. He then said he didn’t know if they would be getting any more as the rumor is Logitech is coming out with a new wheel. Anyone heard anything about this? They won’t even let you order a DFGT ’cause they don’t think they will get anymore.

  • my ajustment wont work for TCS in game play its darkened out why ?, i remember it used to work but today i wanted to change in race but wouldnt let me, the only things im able to change are breaks and ABS, why whats going on i thought, so i went and changed cars same thing so i went to another race i knew it had worked before but no it didnt work this time, is there a point you pass in the game progress that turns this option off ?

  • Hello, I live in the UK and I have been trying to get this wheel for so long now, but everywhere is out of stock, even on this site, any ideas on when you will have more stock?

  • hi mark, thanks for the tip but if i don’t have the internet available where i am (rural laos) how do i get the GT5 game one.two’d

  • HI Mark Starrett

    I use the driving force gt in gt5.

    when I put to set the
    -TCS (Traction Control System)
    -4WD Tq Bias (front/rear drive torque bias – four wheel drive vehicles only)
    and ASM (Automatic Stability Management)
    it’s not work. Can’t be adjusted.It appears opaque.
    But I can set the
    • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
    • Brk F (Front brake force)
    • Brk R (Rear brake force)

    I don’t know what happen to me. Please to help me…….
    And I not use the “Jailbreak” ^^!

    Sorry to my Eng. I’m not perfect…..

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