Say “Hello” in HD No Matter What Screen You’re On!

In 2010 we have officially entered the era where video calling has moved beyond the PC, and into other connected screens such as the TV and even the smartphone. No doubt by now you’ve heard about Google TV and you may have even heard about video calling in the living room, which is sometimes referred to in the industry as “home telepresence”. Last month, we introduced the Logitech TV Cam, which when coupled with Logitech Revue with Google TV enables you to make free HD video calls in 720p from the comfort of your couch.

The Logitech TV Cam not only enables you to call another TV with Logitech Revue and TV Cam, but it’s the only solution available today that lets you make HD video calls from your TV to a PC or Mac (and vice versa). That’s because our free video calling app called Logitech Vid HD comes pre-installed on your Logitech Revue with Google TV, and it’s also available for free download to anyone with a PC or Mac. And if the person you’re calling has a Logitech HD Webcam, you will see brilliant 720p video on your big HDTV.

Why is this important? Because we believe you shouldn’t have to bear the cost of a monthly fee or two Revues and TV Cams just so you can have someone to call in HD, plus you might want to show off your little toddler to your grandma who is perfectly happy to continue to Vid on her PC and has no plans to buy an HDTV any time soon.

The idea of video calling on the TV isn’t a new one – it’s certainly something that Logitech and other companies have been talking about for quite some time now. But at Logitech, we believe that we’re helping to drive video communications as mainstream as a phone call by making it simple, affordable, and easily accessible across multiple screens without sacrificing HD quality.

So if you want the ability to call anyone in HD from your TV, we hope you’ll give Logitech Revue and TV Cam a try.


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz


  • I just saw the google tv at best buy. Would be perfect for my Mom as she would replace her Web TV with this service. My question is – is a certain TV required? Her TV is a 1984 model

    She is 81 years old and wants to get on Facebook. Thanks

    • Hi Sheryl,

      You will need an HDTV in order to get Google TV through Logitech Revue. With a 1984 model TV, my guess is that it’s not an HDTV.


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