Technology in Harmony

We’ve all been there…having a day where technology feels like it’s working against you. Luckily at the end of a long day, I can always go home and control my home theater system – whether that means watching a DVD, listen to music, or watching TV – with just one touch of my Harmony One remote.

Watch for the newest Harmony commercial airing around the globe – or check out the commercial below here.

Like our Robot friend, now you can enjoy hassle free technology. Find out how one touch changes everything with Logitech Harmony remotes here.


Director of Product Marketing, Remote Control Business Unit

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  • Gentlemen:]

    “I was thinking ,. . . ” (my husband hates when I say that) – while I think the robotic man ad is eye-catching, I feel that the ending should feature a robotic dog on the sofa, not a “real” dog. Anyway, the product looks great, however, out of my price range, and we only have one TV (Not EVEN HD!!!) to watch and no other electronics connected to it, so it would not be a purchase we would make. But, the ad is good.

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