Logitech Mini Controller for Google TV

With almost three decades of experience designing devices, we know that people like different options over how the input and control digital content. With that in mind, we developed the Logitech Mini Controller for use with Google TV – a palm-sized keyboard, touch pad and remote control combo. Despite its compact size, the Mini Controller offers full control over the Google TV experience.

Senior product marketing manager Rajiv Bansal provides a brief overview of the controller below.

The Mini Controller is available now for purchase online as well as at Best Buy stores.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • I have a question – I just purchased the Logitech Revue yesterday. It will be a Christmas precent for our 6 yr old daughter. We have Time Warner Cable which will be connected to the TV she has access to. The purpose of the logitech revue is to give her access to some websites (ie. noggin.com, webkinz world, disney, etc). My question is, will she be able to play the games on these websites using your device and the TV? Everything I read refers to “web surfing”. I am not a techie at all – so I am not sure if that means you can just look at stuff on the web – or can you play the games, etc?
    Thanks for your help.

  • just been looking through this product and by looking at the specifications of this kit it so far has promise. finally away from the pc and the await for windows to load and all that nonsense (about time) this does look the right direction to bring all universal platforms together including hd gaming. I should think every co-corporation should now work together to make this work to complete the greatest revolution of tv that started some five years or so ago. This concept has great merit and a cracking future price of this kit will i`am sure will drop in time. such a system seems more secure than ever before with a solid security and filter that can make infectious programs a thing of the past. such a platform would suit everyone why because each individual can tailor it to suit themselves. The ability to browse is important and a great key asset and should be given has much support has possible.

    The future has just begun

  • Can this controller be used without google tv (ie, as a replacement keyboard/mouse for standard pcs)?

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