Logitech’s Latest Innovation: a Wireless Keyboard Powered by Light

Today we introduced Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 – the company’s first light-powered keyboard. When we first sat down to build the keyboard, we wanted to design it so that it would deliver the superior performance people have come to expect from Logitech products, even in areas where there is little light – think winter in the Arctic Circle.

So, we created a keyboard that powers itself whenever there’s light using integrated solar panels — no power bricks or charging cables needed. But, even though it’s powered by light, the keyboard can operate for up to three months in total darkness.

Take a look at the video below from the folks in our marketing team to get your first look at our new Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, and learn more about what makes this keyboard so special.

And, at only 1/3-inch thick, the keyboard doesn’t just look good, it feels good. The low-profile keyboard features Logitech Incurve keys™ that support the shape of your fingertips, while helping guide your fingers to the right keys. In addition, the soft, rounded edges make it easy for your fingers to glide from key to key.

We also included a solar power app (available for download beginning Nov. 15, 2010 at logitech.com/k750/solarapp) that features a lux meter to help you measure ambient light, gives at-a-glance information about battery levels, and even alerts you when you need more power.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is also the latest in our line-up of products that offer Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity in our tiny Logitech Unifying receiver. With Unifying, you can connect up to six compatible devices to one receiver, eliminating clutter and freeing up your USB ports.

The keyboard is available for pre-order today on our website, and will begin rolling-out with retailers later this month.


Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Keyboards and Desktops

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  • This looks very interesting. Could you please post info or a link to a picture of the international layout that is available in the european logitech online store? I need to decide if I should import a US model (which would cost a lot more) or just go with the international layout available here.

    Unfortunately I can’t find any information what the international model looks like: is it similar to the US layout (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/51/KB_United_States-NoAltGr.svg/500px-KB_United_States-NoAltGr.svg.png) or more like the UK?


  • I love the solar power keyboard concept. In my view, the complete package is this keyboard and the M750 trackball — just what you need for interactive television (with my HTPC). I want to sit on the couch and use the coffee table but there’s not enough real estate for a mouse. Maybe you can create a compact version with no number keypad and built-in trackball?

  • Why does Logitech insists on that pesky “Unifying” receivers? I’ll skip this one and wait for the Bluetooth version. Kudos on the “green” technology, though.

    • Hi Alex,

      The short answer is that Logitech’s Unifying receiver delivers much greater energy efficiency than Bluetooth and is one of the ways that we’ve optimized the keyboard’s energy management.

      To explain it further, unlike Logitech’s Unifying receiver there is there is a very noticeable latency upon reconnection of Bluetooth technology when a product “wakes-up” after a period of non-use. To side-step this issue, Bluetooth requires a device keep the wireless connection active as long as possible, which is an unnecessary drain on energy. A Bluetooth solar keyboard like the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 would not have been feasible with today’s available technology.

      – Guy

  • I was wondering if these keyboards would come in white? Over the last 10 years or so I have tried three or four black keyboards and on every single one had white paint on the keycaps that wares off (I’m using one right now).
    It’s gotten to the point where I refuse to purchase black keyboards any more (the exception is a black keyboard that is back lit allowing light to shine through the keys).
    I was also wondering, in dim light (like a living room at night) how long does it take to reach full charge, and under these same conditions if the keyboard is used for, say, a 12 hour stretch will it charge more than it is discharging? (under dim light will it stay fully charged while in use)?
    Are there any delays that would affect gaming? Will it detect more than one keypress at a time? If so, how many?
    I am using another brand of wireless keyboard atm. This keyboard would be completely unsuitable for gaming because at times there can be quite a delay between pressing a key and seeing a result on the screen.
    Would this new keyboard be recommended only for an office type of use?

    • Hi John,

      All great questions.

      Currently the keyboard is only offered in black, but I’ll keep your suggestion about the white keyboard in mind.

      The keyboard energy balance entirely depends on the usage. As you’d expect, when you use the keyboard heavily it will need more energy to keep up with the demand. Similarly when you’re using it less, you’ll require less light. If you’re worried about your energy balance, you can use the “check light” button periodically or, even better, download the Solar App which will be available on November 15 to monitor in-home lighting conditions and track the keyboard’s energy use.

      Because the keyboard uses our Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection to communicate with the computer, the delay is negligible and virtually undetectable. And, like other Logitech keyboards, the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is able to handle several keys pressed at the same time.

      – Guy

    • Hi James,

      We don’t have the answer to your question – however, you may want to take a look at the Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 if you are shopping for a backlighted keyboard.


    • Hi Tonetheman,

      The keyboard layout is designed for PC users. The keyboard will work with a Mac, but it does not feature the Mac specific keys.

      – Guy

  • I think that it was the next evolutionary step in wireless devices but I am still looking for some other features like back-light keys and fluid resistance.. and at last please release something as cool as that in white color!!

    thanks for reading

  • Awesome video there guys, really funny! The new keyboard looks great, finally theres a way to use wireless technology without worrying about batteries – good luck with the K750 and I hope it wont be the last keyboard using this kind of technology.

  • Hi,
    Just bought the k-800 from Best Buy, unfortunately I am getting a flashing red light for over 2 hours while I have been trying to charge it. Can you help please…

  • Hi guys! Awesome product!

    I’ve had the original MX Revolution mouse for many years and i LOVE it. However, I run into RF interference issues several times a week. In fact, as i was navigating to this page, I had a bout of the RF interference blues. I even had a router that would completely and predictably stop my Revolution mouse from communicating successfully when I would make local-network file transfers.

    I would really like to purchase this keyboard, as I’m in the market for losing the keyboard wire, but I’m really concerned about adding another gadget to my RF interference woes. I guess my question is whether or not Logitech’s RF technology has improved since the original introduction of the MX Revolution in…what was it, ’06?


  • Hi Guy,

    Thanks for the explanation. The reason I ask about a bluetooth model is because I was thinking of use with tablets. I guess if you have no plans to make a bluetooth model are there any plans for some kind of support of the unified receiver for mobile OS tablets that have host USB ports?

    A second related question would be are there any plans for creating a more compact version of a solar powered keyboard?

  • Hi Guy,

    What about plans to expand the unified receiver support to upcoming mobile OS based tablets?

    Are there any plans for making a more compacted (in width) version of a solar cell powered keyboard?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering, is the solar powered keyboard going to be available in Canada this coming holiday?

  • Hello Guy,

    I have been on the market for a wireless keyboard, I have tried the K800 from Logitech, but I find that the keys on the K750 are more comfortable to me.

    Does Logitech have any plans to make an illuminated version of the K750?

  • Will other solar powered devices, like a mouse, or at least a mouse charger, be available?

  • I thought that using a wireless keyboard would be annoying because of the batteries running out during a session and the fact that the keyboard is more important than the mouse. But this keyboard changes everything because you wouldn’t have to remember to plug this thing in ever! But I would find it very useful in a latter model if the underside had a solar panel that would cover most of the area so that when your still using it but your not even done you could charge it quicker because the power level is low.

  • Questions:

    1. When will the K750 be coming to retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.)?

    2. Does the K750 have legs that allow you to prop it up at an angle? None of the pictures show that.

    3. Can you make a version of this keyboard that has the same silver finish as Mac hardware? (I’m thinking of getting a Macbook Air sometime.)

    4. Does the unifying receiver work well with a KVM switch?

  • I tried to find what the size of the keyboard is, but couldn’t find it anywhere.
    Is it larger than the diNovo series?

  • I’m typing from this k750 keyboard right now, and I love it! I was looking for a good low-profile keyboard that’s easy to type on, and so I was using a Mac aluminum keyboard with number pad for awhile. I loved that Mac keyboard, but the only thing was that not all the mac keys mapped correctly, and I didn’t like the swapping of the control alt and windows keys that happened as a result.

    Anyways, I can’t believe this keyboard can type in such low light. I’m in my cubicle and typing under florescent lighting. It’s also wireless.

    I would give this keyboard 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only caveat I have is this:

    I would make the left ALT key much larger. I ALT+TAB a lot in order to switch between the 20+ windows I have open at work on dual monitor setup. The ALT key is so small I fumble to find it.

    One other minor one is that the Windows Key should be slightly larger also, as Windows 7 uses this key more, and has valuable hotkey combos with it.

  • As Keyboard User 2010 asked, I too would like to know:

    “1. When will the K750 be coming to retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.)?”

  • We just received this product – It is NOT solar powered it is BATTERY powered! The solar panels are there only to charge a rechargeable battery. Like all rechargeable batteries this will fail sooner or later.

    If you don’t believe me look here:

    If you read that link you will notice also that the particular type of battery it uses cannot be bought in shops but only from Logitech.

    Isn’t that convenient.

    • Hi Phil,

      We expect the product to begin rolling out with major retailers in Canada beginning in February.


  • i can not understand why you do not stock a charger for your air mouse, is there a plan to stock one in the future or do i have to madify another model

  • Everything you type on this 2.4 keyboard including passwords is sent in the clear for any 2.4 radio receiver to read?

    • Hi Warren,

      Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity includes 128-bit AES keyboard encryption—one of the highest levels of security available. So your information is protected as it travels from the keyboard to the PC.


  • I bought this last weekend, been using it for a week together with Logitech’s Wireless Mouse – its awesome! What I experienced: my PC went into hibernation mode but was accidentally shut-down due to a power failure. When I start-up the PC, the keyboard & mouse doesn’t seem to work & the keyboard indicated that it didn’t have enough power. I knew this is not the case because my room has ample light to recharge & the backup can last for at least 3 months. I tried unplugging/replug the unifying receiver, but it didn’t work. Finally, I had to use a separate mouse to restart the PC & everything was back to normal. My question: How does one go about if you don’t have a separate USB mouse/keyboard & don’t want to force reboot the computer? Forgot to try the , would this work?


    • Hi Catherine,

      Unfortunately, I won’t be able to sufficiently troubleshoot the issue you described based on the information you provided. Please contact out customer support team and they will be able to better assist you.


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