Heating up the Logitech Loft with Salsa Night!

Who doesn’t love the rhythm and heat that is best affiliated with the moves of Latin dance? I for one am a huge fan of Salsa, Tango and Samba! Last Thursday, the Logitech Loft NYC was transformed into a Salsa lesson studio! From the latin food to the beverages, the scene was set and the talent was abundant. Of all our guests, only a handful were willing to be video taped and photographed amidst their brave attempts to learn. The bold and spirited few who did volunteer to show you all at home, can be seen in the video below. Check out their moves and follow along!

Wondering just how we were able to best utilize the Logitech Revue with Google TV setup? Examine the photograph below. On the user-friendly Logitech keyboard, which comes with your purchase of a Logitech Revue box, there is an easy to spot magnifying glass button. When one pushes this button, a general search bar is prompted. The user does not even need to bother moving their cursor to the field. When one types the keyword they which to search, it automatically appears in the search bar. Hit enter, and the keyword search is conducted not only throughout all web content, but TV contest as well.

In order for Maribel Gil, our guest instructor, to teach her lessons, we needed to bring up musical content on the TV screen. Here is a photo of what our Revue search turned up when the keyword ‘salsa’ is looked up.

Who is Marible Gil? Allow me to introduce her!

Maribel Gil was born in NYC and is of Peruvian and Colombian descent. She is studying music with jazz legend, Barry Harris and studies dance at Broadway Dance Center. She has performed at The Alvin Ailey Theater with Sue Samuels’ jazz ensemble and Kat Wildish’s ballet dancers. Maribel has also studied salsa dancing with NYC’s famous Eddie Torres Studio and Jorday Rivera. She is a bellydancer with Daniela’s Dance Company and performs throughout the New York City area. Most recently, she has taken an interest in acting and had the opportunity to perform at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

For more information please visit the websites below or contact her at maribel@fullyaltered.com. You can also follow her on Twitter @MaribelGil.


'Host with the Most,' New York City