Logitech Revue is Here

As you may have noticed, Logitech Revue is shipping now and have hit Best Buy store shelves across the country.

Senior product marketing manager Rajiv Bansal sat down to share a few of the features of the Logitech Revue that we think you’ll enjoy.

We also wanted to make sure you know what you need to get started with the Logitech Revue with Google TV. To set up Revue, you need three things:

  1. A Cable or Satellite Set Top Box with HDMI out. Make sure you look for the HDMI input port in the back of your box. If your cable box is already connected to you HDTV using HDMI, you’re all set. And many cable providers can upgrade your box to have an HDMI out if you simply call.
  2. HDTV with an available HDMI port
  3. A high-speed Internet connection. You can connect the Logitech Revue to the Internet an Ethernet cable or your home Wi-Fi network.

We hope you enjoy using Logitech Revue as much as we enjoyed making it! And this is just the beginning. With the open platform nature of Google TV, the best is yet to come.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • I am not sure how I will get benifited by purchasing google tv.The only feature I am getting additional is web browser. Other than that, I get the same on Roku, samsung TV with apps. I am not ready to pay for $299.

    • Hi Tony,

      Certain Motorola set-top boxes (Motorola DCX3200, DCX3400, DCT6412, DCH3200, DCT3416, DCH3416) limit the number of downstream HDCP devices to 2 or fewer. Therefore if you have connected Revue to your AV Receiver and TV using HDMI cables, you may experience the following issues:

      – An HDCP error message is displayed on your TV. In some cases the following error message appears, “The HD content of your repeater has been compromised and all devices connected to the repeater will not be authorized to receive video over the digital link”

      – TV programming is displayed on your TV for a couple of seconds and then you get a green or black image

      To resolve the issue, you can contact your provider and request an alternate HDMI set-top box or you will need to connect Revue to your AV Receiver using an SPDIF cable. Check out the link here to connect using SPDIF:


  • thank you Ashish,
    I did contact Comcast. Motorola is all the have.
    I had a tech come just so I could show them the issues of the green screen. He said they were getting a large number of calls but there was nothing they could do about it.
    In fact Comcast support initially said ” What’s Google TV” and what’s “Logitech Revue” so it appears as if nothing was provided to their Customer support team on how to address the issue. I had already picked up the details of your response from the numerous postings on the issue.
    I understand that this is with Comcast to resolve and in fact a number of other providers according to the posts but I , and others are in a “let’s wait and see” state

  • So I really need to get rid of cable TV as an expense… need to save some money. Im looking for something that will allow me to watch things i want to watch, without paying 60 bucks a month to comcast D:

    I’m just wondering what all can be watched if there IS no cable box hooked up to it. is it just internet? If you have a HD hooked up can you watch movies you have on that HD?

    Just trying to figure things out as I need to make the jump soon 🙂

    • Hi Eric,

      If you don’t have cable, you can still use Revue to bring content from the full web, applications and your personal media collection to your TV screen. In addition, you can continue to use your TV as you do today.

      – Ashish

  • Very disappointed Logitech, I think you have it wrong guys.

    Why do you think we need to get access to all of our content on ONE DEVICE in the living room or den. What we need is a good content hub with some intelligent agent software.

    I want all my content on all of my devices wherever I am and at and time. I want this media hub to know the limitations of the access devices and act accordingly. I want pull content when I want it and push content when I need it. I want my agent to know what device I am using and where I am using it (no getting me up a 3am in the morning just because I have moved a couple of time zones). Oh and synchronized playback on multiple devices would be nice too. I know latency can be a problem but not within one’s house (ask the guys at SONOS).

    Is this not the real promise of the cloud?
    I know all the bits and pieces are already there to do this and I know the cost of the components are already low enough (most of them are already in modern Smart Phones) so lets get on with something really revolutionary.

    Think of getting a message on my phone of some emerging news event so I switch on my pad to have the event sound and video automatically. When I get home just switch on the big screen and get the HD content and relevant twitter feeds on my big screen. Each one enhancing the event experience when possible. Oh and it should do the dishes too 🙂

    Just one more content provider on one device is nothing.

  • The comcast motorola green screen issue is HUGELY annoying. I just picked up a REVUE from Best Buy here in SF and Logitech even had a sales rep at the demo unit. She guaranteed that comcast worked well with the service. I’ll probably end up returning it – what a waste. Logitech – you should really test your gear with the monopoly service provider in california before telling your reps it all works well.

  • Does anyone know if this has been resolved? I was just assured by comcast that the connection will work fine.

  • For those that are having the Green Screen or HD Content has been compromised issue. As stated above, it works fine with comcast, or any other Cable provider using Motorola STB’s. The issue at play here is the double hope over hdmi when you incorporate an AVR or Reciever that has hdmi in and out. Once I moved the hdmi out of the Revue and directly to one of the hdmi’s on my tv directly and the spdif out of the Revue and into my AVR everything works as advertised and demanded. It is not Logitech’s issue with this. It is the Cable Providers protecting content over a piece of hardware (HDMI) that they can control. Its a standard that has been in place for some time and set forth by the content providers. Not Logitech.

    While I am not completely satisfied with this solution as my attempt to limit the amount of HDMI cables going to my TV has doubled because of this and I now have to reconfigure my AVR to use the spdif for this source. I am very satisfied with the Revue in general. I do not hold Logitech responsible for this and will go to my cable company and see if they have any new types of DVR’s like a Samsung to possibly avert this issue.

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