It’s NBA Game Time!!!

Last night was no ordinary night for NBA fanatics. It was the much-anticipated NBA Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat 2010-2011 season opener. It had fans, including me, on the edge of their seats. One could argue that seven of the best basketball players the game is familiar with this year, hit the floor all at once in this high profile match-up. Is there any better scenario to kick off a new season? I think not.

I had the privilege of watching the game ON a television equipped with Logitech Revue with Google TV, and it did not disappoint.

The Game Time application is a beautiful thing…and for those of you who love to simultaneously check game stats, standings, check out other recent game footage and so on and so forth, this app is your dream come true. You don’t even need to leave the game to do so – it’s called dual mode and it will soon be your best friend.

Here is a little demo for you in case you are curious to see what it all looks like. Note to self: I think it is time I start using my Logitech webcam for filming. The quality would have been 100 times superior!


'Host with the Most,' New York City

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  • Praneet, it was wonderful meeting you and I really appreciated all the time you spent explaining this PHENOMENAL product to me. I will definitely have one by week’s end.

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