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Our Logitech F540 Wireless Headset received some great reviews last week. Wired’s Geekdad said the headset, “presents sound to your ears in a crisp, clear way that gives a true home theater feel if there was no ambient noise in the room.” San Jose Mercury News tried the headset and said “It offers the comfort and battery life for some epic gaming sessions” and the Examiner gave the headphones a 5/5 rating. They thought the F540 were “extremely comfortable to wear and don’t waver even after extended periods of use.”

Last week, TechCrunch’s Oliver Starr listed his favorite features of the Logitech Revue with Google TV in a post titled, “With Google TV, I May Never Leave The Sofa Again.” He said the video conferencing is “really is one of the coolest features of this new platform. Not only is the video big, bright and clear, it also allows you to place calls to and from the TV via Skype and other video calling platforms as well.” In conclusion he said, “Google TV has been hyped an awful lot—by bloggers, analysts, and even some mainstream media. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver. In fact, if anything I was surprised by just how capable, functional, fun and intuitive the Logitech Revue is, not to mention how much better Google TV makes plain vanilla television.”

Have you been keeping up with the ‘Hosts with the Most’ in the Logitech lofts? They’ve been very busy throwing parties, showing off the future of television. Praneet threw a party with the the coolest of the cool tech Moms at Logitech Loft NY. Meanwhile, at Logitech Loft SF, Nixie held Halloween DIY project and Beer Appreciation nights. She also answered your top Logitech Revue questions here. In Logitech Loft LA, Rob’s been enjoying watching sports on the Logitech Revue, but tomorrow it’s a Glee sing-a-long night! Will you be there? Be sure toRSVP here.

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