Who Said You Can’t Eat Chicken Wings for Brunch?

If you’re a transplant to the West coast—and grew up on the East coast, like I did—there’s a frequent dilemma you’ll find when the Fall season arrives: scheduling of college football games. While games on the East coast usually kickoff around Noon Eastern, it makes for a somewhat early wakeup call when you want to catch your game from California. Thankfully, I was able to convince some dedicated fans to watch some games from the Logitech Loft this Saturday. What brought them out to Downtown LA for the 9:00 AM kickoffs?

1. Chicken wings and beer. It’s hard to find a football fan that doesn’t go rabid for wings and beer—no matter what time of day. It’s second to eating pigskin itself (which is also pretty awesome, by the way).

2. Cornhole. This was a totally unexpected attraction at the loft, but my friend Bryan brought his freshly constructed game of cornhole for guests to enjoy. Football fanatics are competitive by nature, so this proved to be a highlight of the day.

3. Logitech Revue. I know, I know… but it’s true! Revue ended up being the MVP, and here’s one of the main reasons why: with a group of guests wanting to watch different games, we had to figure out on what channel each game was playing. With Revue’s search feature, a quick query for a school’s name instantly took us to the right channel. And with easy access to the web, we could lookup scores across games and check team standings.

I can definitely say that the Football Beer Brunch was a huge success. Not just because nearly all the guest’s favorite teams won that day, but also because everyone shared the camaraderie of having woken up early on a Saturday to watch teams of men kick and run with a ball. And the wings and beer probably helped too.


'Host with the Most,' Los Angeles