Top 10 Most Asked Questions About the Logitech Revue

We all want to love our TVs again.

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It’s no mystery that we’re all excited about the Revue allowing us to have an unrestrained interactive video experience in our living rooms. That’s not to say we don’t have questions about it.

Over the last few weeks, I have gathered your questions from the blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even in person! So, leaving no stoned unturned, I bring you the frequently asked questions of the Logitech Revue with Google TV.

1. Will there be a cost for the Google TV service after buying the Logitech Revue?

No. The Google TV service is provided free of charge once the Logitech Revue has been purchased. Find out more pricing information here.

2. When will Logitech Revue with Google TV be available/shipped in North America?

The Logitech Revue units began shipping today – so order yours now!

3. Will Logitech Revue with Google TV restrict content to viewers by geography?

The Logitech Revue does not add additional geographic restrictions.

4. Will it be compatible with Windows Media Center, Xbox, or PS3?

The Logitech Revue will auto-detect many media center devices, and the Revue controller (or Android/iPhone smartphones) can control many devices directly.

5. Can it handle streaming media both on the Internet and local network?

Yes! The Revue will scan for and detect media center PCs and any DLNA-compatible server on the local network, as well as stream from popular Internet services, such as Pandora.

6. If you don’t have very good internet, how will Google TV work?

It will function as any other Internet device would. The Revue will not add additional overhead, so your Internet experience will be no more or less bandwidth intensive than it usually is.

7. Will I be able to buffer a show in the background while watching something else?

Absolutely. The Logitech Revue allows you to have multiple applications, or even Google Chrome “Windows,” active at the same time, enabling background buffering, or combinations such as listening to Pandora while surfing the web, or watching TV while making a video call with your friends, picture-in-picture.

8. Will Logitech Revue with Google TV be released outside of North America, and if so, when?

I can’t speak for Google, but I believe that Google TV will be in additional markets next year.

9. I don’t like the keyboard. Are there other controllers?

Logitech also offers a Mini controller as a add-on purchase. In addition, you can control the Revue and all your devices with your Andriod smartphone (iPhone app coming soon), using Harmony Link technology which is exclusive to Logitech.

10. How much upstream bandwidth is required for HD calls with the TV Cam?

A minimum of 1 MB/s upstream is recommended for full HD calls.

As always, feel free to keep asking questions… we’re committed to answering them. Regarding the question; ‘Will Logitech Revue with Google TV change the face of my television?’ We think so, but that’s up to you to decide.


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  • I’m reading everywhere on Logitech’s site about the Android app that’s apparently available. I’ve recieved different answers from support about finding it at all. Your post and most of the information on Logitech’s site seem to indicate it’s already available, but it’s not on the Android Market or anywhere else I can find.

    Is it out yet and your site just has incorrect information about finding it or is there a release date for the App in the near future?

  • Will the Revue allow downloading of plugins like DivX, flash player, vshare, veetle, etc for watching content on websites that only offer it in those forms?

  • You say it will support “DLNA servers”; what is the definition of a server in this case, and will it allow me to present content from my DLNA-compatible phone?

    • Hi Danny,

      The Logitech Media Player can pull results from software that can expose your personal content over your home network using DLNA, which is an open protocol to do so. Such software is typically referred to as a DLNA server. Examples of DLNA servers are Windows Media Player 11, Twonky Media Server and others.


  • When will Dish be selling this? From what I understand Dish will charge $4/mo to have any Google TV device work with thier DVRs. Id rather not pay $300 + $4/mo if I can get the exact same device from Dish for less.

  • Yes, the Logitech Harmony Remote is available on the market if you search for the following “Remote DHG”

  • Will I be able to sign into online stores to buy stuff?

    Will I be able to use it in conjunction with my cable company? If not, how come?

    Will I be able to hook up a hard drive to it so that I can download media from the web?

    Will we get viruses?

    Will the speed of the internet be as fast as it is on my computer?

    Will it be able to store cookies?

    What are the security measures taken?

    • Hi Mark,

      Here are my answers to your questions, in order:

      Will I be able to sign into online stores to buy stuff? -Yes

      Will I be able to use it in conjunction with my cable company? If not, how come? -Yes

      Will I be able to hook up a hard drive to it so that I can download media from the web? -You can hook up a hard drive, but in read only mode – so you can access your photos, music and video files using the Logitech Media player app.

      Will we get viruses? – The Android platform has inbuilt security that make it virus resistant, although there is no guarantee that users will be immune to viruses

      Will the speed of the internet be as fast as it is on my computer? -This varies based on how you are connecting your Revue to the Internet. But if should have similar speeds.

      Will it be able to store cookies? – Yes


  • Where can I buy more of the mini-blasters. Because of th location of my devices I will need more than the one that comes with the review.

  • Got my Revue last night at BB, love it so far! Haven’t had much time to play around. I quickly (very quickly) tried to see if the Logitech Media Player could detect my Windows [7] Media Center, but no luck. I’m guessing that DLNA (streaming) is not enabled by default on the Windows Media Center, I’ll have to dig deeper into it more today after work.

  • In item 4 above it states the the Logitech Revue will auto-detect and control media center (presumably Windows MCE). Are there more details on how this will work? For instance, does this mean I would watch all live TV and recorded TV via the Google TV interface, and it would send commands and receive streams from the MCE?

    Regarding the control of MCE, would this be done via an IR blaster I would place on my MCE, or are other control options available, such as commands sent via my wired network (e.g. IP commands) or a USB cable that could be connected from the Google TV to the MCE to act as an IR receiver without using the IR blaster?

    In item 5 it states that the Logitech Revue can handle local network streams. I have a WHS with movies on it. Will Google TV recognize the WHS? If not, will it stream movies via my MCE? As in item 4, does this mean I would be using the Google TV interface during the whole experience or move back and forth between MCE and Google TV interfaces?

  • I called Dish Network today, you can order it from them on October 28th 2010. So it’s a little bit longer wait than Amazon, Logitech or Best Buy. Instead of paying $299 it’s $179, so you can save $120 by waiting a week. From what the lady told me I believe you have to call Dish to order, their number is 1-888-232-8689.

    • The Logitech Revue does not filter out TV commercials. But you can use Revue in conjunction with your existing DVR to record TV programs in the future.

  • I live in the Dominican Republic and I would like to know if this device will work here. I have hdmi cable and 1mb internet service. Thanks.

  • Hello, hope all is well.

    I am having trouble setting up my Revue – can the product use a standard Optical Audio cable? I would appreciate a reply, thank you.

    • Hi Jacek,

      The launch version of the Logitech Media Player only plays content exposed by DLNA servers. We will be adding additional functionality to the Logitech Media Player in subsequent software releases.


  • In order for the Revue to work “with Tivo” all of the material reads as though you would be passing the “HDMI out” from tivo to Revue to the HDTV. If a HDTV is HDMI wired to Revue which is connected to a home network, and the home network has media devices (xbox/ps3/network storage) and 2 tivos, can the Revue play back the tivo content via the home network connection?

  • i like this equipment that is very good for watching TV on internet.
    I’m romania.
    where can i buy it for most economical about shipping and price?
    i can buy large quantities

    • Hi Duong,

      Google TV is currently available in the U.S. only — unfortunately, we do not have a date for availability in Romania.


  • i bought one …. it logged on to my wireless network but would not connect to internet….called your tech support talked for about 45 minutes the tech was clueless how to fix problem….i give this device a total thumbs down it is a piece of junk. If you want to sell something that involves changing port settings on router etc. have techs that can help you i returned the revue to bb for a full refund….by the way on the wall at the return desk there were four others stacked there that had been returned …………not a happy customer

  • I have internet but dont subscribe to the cable service because I watch everything online. It would be great for me to be able to use my TV to watch instead of on my comp. Is it necessary for my to have a cable connection to use Revue or is my internet connection enough to use its internet features?

  • This product sounds great I just want to confirm that it will play my downloaded content.
    from my movies folder on my mac.

    file formats include .avi, .mkv, .mov, .divx among others.

  • Can I download Windows Media Player, Mozila Firefox and Windows Media Player for Mozilla Firefox into Revue.

  • Do you need a cable service in order to use the product, or will i be able to watch regular tv without an expensive service plan?

  • Mine keeps crashing due to low memory. I cant save photos or anything like a normal computer. So I cleared the internet history and it still does it. Is there a add-on external hard drive or a update to fix this problem? Thanks.

  • I have the same question as JP – New York. There has got to be a way to save down to an external hard drive…

  • I have been looking for the Logitech harmony app on the new Android Market and it is totally missing. I used to be able to find it on the old store but the new market it does not show up on. Whats up with that? did Logitech take it off the market?

    • Hi Joseph,

      Sorry for your troubles. We just checked and it’s there – did you try searching for “Logitech Harmony”?


  • I was told by a Logitech rep at Best Buy that this will allow the use of Skype on the revue or allow users to communicate with other users who are using Skype. Is this correct?

    • Hi John,

      Currently, the TV Cam does not allow Skype use. However, as long as you have a TV Cam, a high-speed Internet connection, and a free Logitech Vid account, you’ll be able to communicate with other users in high-definition video calls of up to 720p.

      We are, as always, excited about the marketplace and the future opportunities we’re expecting to be available for Google TV.


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