My First Impressions of Logitech Revue

When I woke up today, I was planning on writing a great post on all the awesome features offered by Logitech Revue. But on second thought, it seems pretty obvious that this is a really cool product. If you want the nitty gritty details on everything the Revue can do (which is pretty much anything you throw at it), check out Logitech’s Smart TV mini-site… it’s a great resource. So instead of a feature breakdown, how about I share my personal experience with the product? That’s right, folks—it’s about to get personal up in here.

Day 1: I’ve got nervous fingers. I’m about to lay my hands on the Logitech Revue Keyboard Controller for the first time, and honestly—I’m scared of this thing. Even though it’s really thin, I’m terrified at the thought of using a keyboard to control my TV experience. I put my game face on though, and forge ahead. Surprisingly, it’s incredibly lightweight! And it feels almost luxurious to the touch. Crisis averted: I could actually get used to this thing!

Day 4: I’ve been using the Logitech Revue for a few days now. Not to brag, but I feel like a pro at this whole Google TV thing. It didn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to become familiar with the interface, mostly thanks to the all-powerful Search function. I’m flipping through channels, watching YouTube videos, connecting to Twitter, adding shows to my DISH Network DVR—and doing so like a TV ninja. That’s HUGE for me, as before moving into the Logitech Loft, I barely touched my television; it had become a secondary device, much like the Logitech “Lonely TV” commercials portray.

Day 8: The Logitech Revue, in just over a week, is now a daily fixture in my life. Watching online videos has never been more pleasant, thanks to the easy ability to watch them through the Google TV software on my HDTV. I find myself watching – and actually interacting with – television programming in an entirely new way. Logitech likes to talk about the Revue being a “smart” extension to your TV. It’s very true. Me personally? I think it really does make TV fun again.

Logitech Revue is shipping soon, and now’s the time when people are really going to want to play with the product. That’s what the Logitech Loft is all about, of course. Be sure to follow along here at the blog, on Logitech’s Twitter, and on my personal Twitter (@roblahblah) for updates from the loft—and your chance to get an invite to experience Logitech Revue firsthand.


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  • Do you still need a DVR?
    I thought one could connect USB Hard Drives and record TV or Web to a Hard Drive?
    Instead of a DVR.

    Will or Does Logitech manufacture a box that will receive live TV or Web content
    that is streamed (transmited wired or wirelessly) from the Revue and output the signal
    via an HDMI out port to a Digital TV? In other words location free TV.

    Are USB ports USB3 ?

    thank you

  • Raymond you are not likely to get honest unbiased information here, you have to wait until some of the independent tech sites review it

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