My First Week in the LA Loft

I’m Rob Blasko, your ‘Host with the Most’ for Logitech Loft LA. I’m an entertainment event producer with an emphasis on integrating social media with live events. I was raised on biscuits and gravy in Stone Mountain, GA, and I’m a Southern gentleman with a love for burritos, office supplies, and tech gadgets. When I’m not interacting on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll find me hiking, traveling the world, or teaching my Boston Terrier new tricks.

Logitech has really outdone themselves, haven’t they? I’ve been living in the Downtown LA loft for a little over a week now, and it feels like I’m dreaming. I’ve got some amazing events planned for the next few weeks, but I wanted to take some time and give you a tour of this really impressive loft.

LA living room

This place is BIG. It’s got two bedrooms, three bathrooms (what am I going to do with 3 showers?!), a monstrous living room, chef’s kitchen, dining room, and two balconies overlooking the City of LA. Words can’t really even describe the size of the loft. I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the various nooks and crannies, from the never-ending kitchen cabinets to the laughably large closets. I guess what I’m trying to say is this: it’s the perfect place to play hide-and-go-seek. Outside of what SOME might call childish games though, the Logitech Loft is going to be the perfect place to host events featuring Logitech Revue with Google TV. There’s plenty of room to mingle (dare I suggest a dance floor?), multiple 55” televisions are great companions for playing with the Logitech Revue, and then there’s the view…

The Logitech Loft is a penthouse on the 35th floor. From the loft’s balconies, you get an amazing view of different parts of Los Angeles. Across the street is LA Live, a bustling sports and entertainment center that includes Staples Center and Nokia Theatre. Far to the right is Hollywood, where a clear day offers a glimpse of the world famous Hollywood sign. And in the far distance, where the sun is setting? That’s the Pacific Ocean, my friends. Even if you’re not daring enough to step out onto a balcony, the floor-to-ceiling windows in the loft make sure you always have something nice to see.

LA sunset

I can’t forget to mention that Logitech made sure to outfit the loft with a bunch of really cool products. I’ve fallen in love with the Speaker Lapdesk N700 and the Pure-Fi Anytime alarm clock. The Harmony remote, of course, is a thing of beauty. The Squeezebox is the most amazing music device ever, and I now use it all the time. And it might go without saying, but the Logitech Revue with Google TV is my favorite of the bunch.

I’m very excited to start hosting events here at the Logitech Loft. And no matter what your interests, there will definitely be something for you—Monday Night Football parties, intimate concert events, game and trivia competitions, and themed television nights are just a few of the different events in the works. So stay tuned, and get ready to experience the Logitech Loft and Logitech Revue! Oh… and if you can’t find me, I’ve probably gotten lost somewhere in the loft.


'Host with the Most,' Los Angeles


  • @Nate – I’ve been playing with the Logitech Revue since the day I moved in! It’s a really impressive device—I’m obsessed with the huge assortment of apps available (especially Netflix and Twitter), and the search feature’s simplicity makes watching TV an entirely different (and much improved) experience. I’ll have more to share in a future blog post.

  • Hey there, Rob! I designed the Logitech LA Loft in which you are residing 🙂
    Glad you are enjoying it!

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