Logitech Inaugurates the Daniel Borel Innovation Center

Today was a proud moment for Daniel Borel, co-founder of Logitech, as he opened the doors of the Daniel Borel Innovation Center. The new facility is located in the “Quartier de l’Innovation” section of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’s (EPFL) campus. This is a fitting honor indeed given that he gained his physics degree at this university.

The new site is a modern building that will allow Logitech employees to take their innovation a step further as it’s designed to spur creative thinking. Furthermore, the Logitech incubator will continue to leverage its connections with the EPFL, serving as a think tank for product innovation.

Junien Labrousse, Logitech President of Europe, spoke for us all as he took the opportunity to acknowledge Daniel Borel’s success. “Daniel Borel had the courage to dream big back in 1981, and we want to ensure that his philosophy is always at the center of everything we do in the years to come. The ‘Quartier de l’Innovation’ at the EPFL is the perfect environment to foster new ideas and to continue his dream.”


Public Relations Manager, EMEA

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