Logitech Alert Tips and Tricks: Selecting the Ideal Placement for Your Outdoor Camera

Let’s start off addressing the best location to mount your new Logitech Alert outdoor HD video security camera. Its weather-resistant design is rugged enough to be placed about anywhere around the perimeter of your home. Did you know that the average human eye has a viewing angle of about 95 degrees? The camera comes with an ultra-wide 130 degree lens, so mounting your outdoor camera in the right location will give you coverage better than what you yourself can see from a given point.

I’d recommend mounting cameras close to the corners of the house, to give you a view that stretches from the exterior wall of the house out across the yard or driveway, preventing blind spots.

Another thing to consider when placing a camera is the audio capability. For example, if you’d to listen to what is going on at the swing set or pool in the backyard then you will want to place the outdoor camera closer to those areas.

The outdoor camera is also ideal for keeping an eye on the inside of your garage. We’ve all accidentally left our garage door up at some point in time. This creates an opportunity for someone to make off with your bike, golf clubs or quickly rifle through your car for valuables, especially in the dark of night. The Alert outdoor camera has night-vision capability which allows you to clearly see motion-based events captured after dark, even when it’s pitch-black. The camera is also dust proof, which is great for garages that serve double duty as workshops.

When looking for a location to mount your camera in the garage, again, I always look to the corners first. You can typically see more area from a corner of the garage than from the center of the wall. A camera mounted in a the corner with its 130 degree lens will provide you with wall to wall coverage, and the digital zoom capabilities of the Commander software will make it easy to take a closer look at anything you want to see.

The outdoor camera’s night-vision capability is powered by two LED lights that automatically turn on at night. This light is not visible to the human eye but will light up the garage almost like daytime for your viewing, so avoid pointing the camera directly at windows or other surfaces that may reflect too much light back at the camera.

Follow these few tips and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the effectiveness and broad coverage of your new Alert outdoor cameras.


Chief Product Officer, WiLife