Logitech Alert Tips and Tricks: Introduction to mounting your new security cameras

Keeping an eye on what matters most is what Logitech Alert video security is all about, and our two new indoor and outdoor cameras are designed to make it easy for you to get complete coverage of your home or small business.

First up, let’s talk about our new indoor camera. The suction-cup makes camera placement very flexible – you can stick the camera to a window facing outside or inside. You can watch what happens in your yard while away at work, then turn the camera inward to keep an eye on the kids while at home. You can also opt to use the desktop mount to easily position the camera unobtrusively on a desk or bookshelf.

With both of these simple mounting options you can move the camera from room to room anytime. All you need is a power outlet, since Logitech Alert cameras use HomePlug technology to transmit a live HD video and audio feed over your existing electrical wires.

The indoor camera also comes with a wall/ceiling mount for those applications that require a fixed camera location, such as an office or waiting room. Having all three of these mounts included in the box with every indoor camera provides the greatest amount of flexibility for setting up and managing your system.

Now let’s talk about the Logitech Alert outdoor camera. It’s ideal for protecting the perimeter of your home or small business because it was specifically designed to cover areas that require night vision and/or face harsh weather conditions. The sturdy wall/ceiling mount allows you to place this camera up and out of reach while still providing an HD wide-angle view of what matters most. You’ll get peace of mind thanks to this camera’s night vision capability which allows you to see what’s going on in total darkness.

With the Logitech Alert Video Security System you can mix and match up to six of these cameras to provide you with complete coverage in and around your home or small business.


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  • Hello,
    Please make the Mac compatible software for Logitech Alert !!
    I have 4 of this cameras and planning to get more, but don’t have a single PC.
    And only for this setup I had to install windows on my mac, and now planning to get separate PC, but I’d rather spend this money on another camera.
    Thank you.

  • Please develop an Apple / Mac OSX version of this software. With the mainstreaming of the iPad, iPhone, and MacBooks this appears a “logical” thing to do…. Thanks!

  • Wow,, saw system in action on Ch 7 Boston, of Norwalk, CT man has his house monitored by this system and saw bugler running from his house on his iPhone and called 911 and they caught burglar just down the street.
    Some day hope to have one aaaa two. Home and work.

  • Evan,
    I love the new Logitech alert outdoor cameras but you guys must add the following functionality to the iPhone app:
    1) the ability to stream audio along with video in iPhone app, ( Can’t understand why you guys have not done this).
    2) we should be able to pan, tilt and zoom our cameras from within the iPhone app like the web commander. I pay the yearly $80 subscription, this is a MUST as well.
    3) We should be able to email video clips from within the app.

    Can you please advise if these ideas are in your future plans?


    • Hi Todd

      These are all great suggestions and all I can say is that we are working on many product and feature enhancements in this product line. We appreciate you being a customer and we hope to exceed your expectations in the future.


  • i just got the outdoor cameras 1 week ago im so happy to see how the system works so well and easy, thanks for making my life more peaceful well done.

  • I am up to my 7th exterior security camera being sent back. It appears that they made thousands that have a bad IR filter and they wont switch from daylight to nite. They tell you they will send you a new one in 2 days but when you call you find out it hasnt left the warehouse. They need to work on many issues with this camera. This has been a major ordeal and I feel sorry for the Techs when you call and they cant give you an answer.
    Its been so bad I have to keep a log as to who and what was discussed.
    All I am asking for is a exterior camera that just works the way it was supposed to

    • Hi Eric,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having a problem with your outdoor camera. I’ve done some research and this appears to be a very isolated case. We have no other reported mechanical issues with the IR filter. Perhaps this is a software issue caused by a reflective surface too close to the camera that is confusing the software’s ability to differentiate between day and night. If so, this can be corrected by moving the camera away from the reflective object or mounting the camera in a different location. I’ve asked our support team to contact you directly to get the problem resolved.


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