Update: Logitech ‘Host with the Most’ Selections

We know everyone is anxiously awaiting our announcement of our three ‘Hosts with the Most,’ but we are going to need just a little more time. Here’s our “problem”: all of the finalists are so great, this is lot harder than we thought it would be! We expect to make the announcement here, early next week — so please check back!

We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait to share the good news with you!


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media


  • PERFECT! I am in Dallas TX this weekend talking with 15,000 of my friends. Be sure I will utilize this time to inform ALL of them. Thnx Logitech. Have a GREAT weekend!

  • Anxiously awaiting doesn’t even begin to describe it! With all the Comments and Qualifications for Bill Guyther, it doesn’t seem like there is much else to decide. We’re still here “STRONGLY” supporting Bill, the MASTER PROMOTER!! If you want your products all over the Country in a short period of time, Bill’s your man!!

  • We know you have great finalists, but the choice is so obvious. Please deliver the best “Host with Most” finalist -Bill Guyther to New York! He will make Logitech proud!!!

  • Oh my! It’s great that they were all that awesome. But, Bill Guyther is THE MOST awesome! We know that you are trying to choose the best, so just go ahead and choose Bill and go and enjoy your weekend knowing that you have done the right thing! 😉

  • I am here to let you know That Mr Bill Guyther Will be an important part of Logitech. He has the ability to control the crowd and express the concerns at hand. His marketing skils and has been tried and tested over the years. If you miss this great opportunity ot get him it will be a great loss to you and the people he is expected to communicate with.

    Respectively submitted in hopes this will become effective Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this pending matter.


  • I certainly hope you consider Bill Guyther as your host for the up and coming Host for the Most in New York City. I feel that he would be a great asset for the company because of his large network of followers throughout the country. He is a person that posses great marketing skills and has extremely good presentation capabilities. He posseses geat communication skills and is very personable. Looking forwad to hearing that Mr. Guyter is selected as your number one choice..

    Submitted by Marion Williams, Henderson, North Carolina

  • My enthusiasm is high, I couldn’t get any more anxious in waiting for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that BILL GUYTHER is your chosen Host with the MOST. BILL is a nation wide promoter, He gets it done! LOGITECH, please bring Bill to New YORK!

    Louisburg, NC

  • He would be a good representative for Logitech with his great personal skills, and his ability to talk to anyone. He also draws the attention of a crowd and he leads, he most certainly does not follow!

  • Bill Guyther will be an important part of Logitech. His marketing skills have been tried and tested over the years. He possesses great communication skills and is very personable.

  • Again for Bill Guyther! Here in North Carolina we support him. He has a network of people all through the US and Canada he can reach with information within hours if not sooner. We are all pushing for him. When he says he’s going to share it with 15000 this weekend he meens it. I wish I was there with him. If promotion is what you want he is your man.

  • If your goal is to market your product to the common man, aka the average person on the street then I believe that Bill Guyther is your person for Host with the Most.

    Bill’s communication skills are among the best I’ve seen! He has the uncanny ability of taking the most complex subjects and making them easy to understand to even an average guy like me! In my opinion he is without a doubt the best person for the NYC Host with the Most position!

    I know that you face a difficult job of selecting someone for these 3 positions and I wish you would pick Bill for NYC, but that is not my decision to make. It is your decision and I know that you will make the best choice that you can.


    Charlotte, NC

    P.S. Any idea how much The Revue will cost? I’m looking forward to getting one!

  • Well Logitech, I know you had some amazing finalist!! But there is only one winner… Bill Guyther!! He is the host with the most, and will catapult your new product, making it the most successful launch ever!!

    Manchester, CT

  • Ok Ok Logitech…come on… You know that the “Man with the Plan” is Bill Guyther:)! You will not regreat it. He not only has an incredible talent for what you are looking for…he’s got an incredible network, and knows people with incredible networks!!! Just look at the comments! These networks are not just connections through others…he knows these people! And we love him!

  • Bill is your man for this job. He is well experienced for this position. He is networked all over the world. He can talk about any subject and push any product right to the top.
    So give Bill an chance to prove himself and let us see him be your man in NYC as the Host with the Most person.

    Castle Hayne/Wilmington NC

  • Well, I would first like to take the time to say congrats to all the finalists. But, we need and want Bill Guyther to be the NYC Host. Bill is the best person for that job because he strives for excellence and that is what we need in a host. Vote for Bill Guyther!!!

  • I had the pleasure of working with Bill, so I know for a fact that he would be the perfect host for NYC. Vote for Bill Guyther!!!

    Freida Young
    Kings Mountain, NC

  • Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

  • Logitech it is a no brainer. If you want your product to get the best and most exposure Bill Guyther is your only choice for “Host with the Most”. (or should I say the “ULTIMATE HOST WITH THE MOST!”)

  • I love the campaign crusaders for Bill but honestly after going through all the finalists…I’ve definitely got my money on Praneet for New York…

    New Yorkers…if you’re lucky you’ll soon get 10 weeks of pure Praneet…you could really ask for nothing more…trust me on that one….

  • Bill Guyther needs to be the winner..He is a great leader and he has inspired alot of people at Pre-Paid Legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he can do Pre-Paid Legal and get up and speak in front of thousands of people he can do the logitech job. He is a leader,follower,friend,boss,husband and a great father to his little girl. He is married to the best wife Michelle and know them both personally very well.. So he needs to be the Logitech person,

    Kelli pipes

  • Mr. Guyther is the person you want who will let the world know about Logitech! He is informative in a way that makes you feel confident in understanding it.

  • Wow, so much love for Bill Guyther! Too bad I don’t know him. Maybe the people posting under false names and multiple replies could y’know, KNOCK IT OFF?!

  • Bill Guyther!!! Bill Guyther!!! Bill Guyther!!! Bill Guyther!!! Bill Guyther!!! Bill Guyther!!!
    15,000 friends all in one place!? Yep, that’s right 🙂
    Wish I could be there with you this weekend Bill. I was attending a bunch of charity events, and hanging with huge Bollywood celebrities, and famous singers like Josh Groban! 🙂
    Tell everyone “hi” for me from the stage!!! Balla 🙂
    Bill Guyther for Logitech!!!! Bill Guyther for Logitech!!!! Bill Guyther for Logitech!!!!
    Sunny Southern California

  • The “problem” must be in one of the other two cities because the choice for NYC should be clear. Bill Guyther has what it takes to be Logitech’s Host with the Most in NYC.

    Detroit, Michigan

  • Hey, listen! You know who would make an absolutely incredible host? MR BILL GUYTHER! He IS the life of any party I’ve ever been to with him. He has a way of working the crowd or the (digital online) audience and makes them instantly connect with him. If the perfect woman can be just as comfortable in a little black dress as she is in jeans and a sweatshirt with her hair pulled back in a pony…..then Bill’s the definition of the perfect man ‘cuz he’s comfortable in his own skin in either a sharp suit or jeans and a t hanging at the bar. Logitech, this is your guy to host an amazing party!!!!!!


  • That Bill guy was acctually a little creepy. And all his supporters were from NC…. its not a NC only party…. I find him to be irritating and annoying. I do not think he is the best match for the NYC host. I would not want to attend a party hosted by him, he just does not look or fit the part. He should rather be behind the scenes rather than hosting them in my opinion.

  • There is no doubt about it…Bill Guyther is the guy for the job!!! He has the personality and the skills to make you proud!

  • You can’t find a better man (or woman) for the Logitech (NYC) job! To “know him is to love him” – he has appeal and unobtrusive karma, knows his stuff! Is as honest as a boy scout but “the leader” — and is a delight to work with as a team player! – you folks can’t go wrong with Bill!

  • Bill Guyther has the motiviation, drive and dedication to take Logitech to the next level. He possesses intangible communication skills combined with the ability to form long lasting relationships built on facts and trust which will prove to be a true asset. His ability to reach out to all demographics successfully will only enhance the growth of Logitech.
    Bill Guyther will be an excellent “Host with the Most” that will embrace the challenge and be successful!

  • I feel that Bill should be the host with the most.

    His genuine love for gadets is what attracted him to this contest, not the 25K dollar prize and because money is not his motovator. This is why he has such success in PPL, people are drawn to him because he cares more about them and their success, than the money

  • Bill Guyther is a man of extraordinary value to any person or business. Knowing him can only can only bring you joy. Bill IS the host with the most!!! NO DOUBT about it!!!

  • All of the contestants are deserving, and have shown that to get here. Matthew makes part of the case for Bill as the best choice above, but I believe that it leaves out the key statement of what is being said: Look again at your writeup of the qualifications of each contestant. Both of Bill’s contenders bring in skills from a resume. Their talents are honed in the professional arena. Joe is able to talk to the common man in the simplest of terms, making the complex understandable for a good reason. Bill hasn’t had his communication techniques shaped by scholastic and professional standards isolated from the common man. Bill has picked up on using social networking online the same way that he does it offline. It’s in print, yet Bill’s everyday way of saying it makes it easy to see and understand for all. He sees the tie in with cloud networking that makes it possible, but I don’t hear him talking about things that no one needs to know. Few care how it works, just what it does.

    Joe talks in a way that appeals to all. It says what people need to know. People who want to know tech details have the links on your site, and others. Bill catches the vision of your device and makes it part of everyday language now. When he speaks of it being the future, he brings it into the present. His simple descriptions bring a picture before of of what it will be like.

    All of the contestants are worthy. Bill stands out by not standing in anything but sheer skill in getting the point across. He stands out as “everyone.” Bill’s message cuts across the spectrum of age bracket, gender, social class, and political affiliation. Bill does marketing naturally. He shares his own passion with friends. His own fascination, love, and vision for your product is what drove him to this point, and that passion for your product is what makes Bill the best choice for New York.

  • Wow…its obvious that Bill is the Host with the Most! He is awesome! Is it even a contest at this point?

  • I personally know Mr. Guyther, and if not chosen for the NYC spot for the HOST with THE MOST, you would have picked the wrong individual. I’ve seen him talk to groups of people ranging in size from 1 or 2 to 1,000’s! Each and every time that he has done this, the crowd just feeds off his energy and excitement and get pumped up too!

  • Bill’s so obviously “The Man” + funny, bright, informed, tenacious, down-to-earth, + motivator= “The Master Promoter”

  • OMG you know you’re going to choose Bill!!! He’s the best!!!

    Come on everyone!!

    Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill

  • Bill seems pretty weird, as do his supporters. I’m sure he’s great at selling and promoting… but he should stick to pre-paid legal or timeshares or whatever it is he does now.

  • After reading through the comments above I am truely amazed at our current situation and obviously it is known that I have a vested interest in the winner or else I would not have commented in this blog and others. So let’s reflect a little…. Mr. Guyther has launched a campaign for himself allowing his efforts to make himself a finalist, congratulations to him! Bill has no professional experiance that I know of in online social networking but successfully paved a way for himself to the top. His campaign was purely positive not allowing one negative campaign post to represent him. I had the great pleasure of flying to Dallas this weekend and meeting Bill face to face and I can sum up, in my opinion, how he has been so successful; Bill has became successful in so many facets of life by helping other people get what they want not worrying about himself first knowing that if he helps enough he will have nothing to worry about. Through this living testimony a small town man from north carolina has a dedicated group of people vowing to help him in all 50 states and many provinces in Canada. What type of audience is Logitech trying to reach, I would assume a group of techies from all across North America that consistently and persistently support a company that would peovide a service or product that brings a great value, and that is what Mr. Guyther has already provided. Logitech you have a big decision to make yes, and it must be who are we going to host two of our three parties because NYC has already selected its host….. Bill Guyther. God Bless and I look forward to seeing you all at the top!

  • Hello Ha Thai and Logitech!

    I am quite certain that you have a tremendously difficult process. But, if I may say so, Bill Guyther is in my opinion the greatest candidate. He is a wonderful leader, person, and role model. He goes out of his way to help others and be the life of the party! He would definitely liven up the Big apple!! Kudos on your contest and look forward to seeing you soon! Love & Light


  • RE: “Not for Bill”

    If you went to Mr. Guyther’s facebook page you will see we ARE real people & we all have a diverse background & truly believe he is the one for this job. That is a good idea to post under fake names though for someone who doesn’t have any friends…probably Logitech would be smart enough to check IP addresses!! haha

  • I have known Bill Guyther for almost 10 years. He is most certainly a person with great leadership skills. He has inspired 1,000s to be their BEST, go the DISTANCE and NEVER QUIT. Bill IS the Host with the Most – it is pretty evident when you read the many posts what character he has…..

    He is able to share his enthusiasm, be articulate when mentoring people and is the BEST of the BEST!!.

    Bill Guyther – Host With The Most in NYC!!!

  • We understand it is a hard thing to decide. But, we want you to choose Bill Guyther, he’s going to be your man. He will do what it takes to get the job done. Very experienced at this. Getting your products out to the world. He is very networked. Just look at all of us that appreciate the one and only Bill Guyther. Let us see our Bill Guyther in your NYC job. Let’s go Bill!

  • “Not Bill Guyther | September 10th, 2010 at 10:19 pm
    Wow, so much love for Bill Guyther! Too bad I don’t know him. Maybe the people posting under false names and multiple replies could y’know, KNOCK IT OFF?!”

    I was just with Bill at convention in Dallas. Though I don’t know ALL of the people posting comments, most of the names are familiar – He really is known and loved by many, so to “Not Bill Guyther” please knock off the negative comments and mudslinging – its not very mature!

  • bill is the man u want for the job….he is great at being the people person….hes funny…hes smart…and he is motivated….u will never regret ur choice…if its bill…lookong forward to the announcment…..bill for the job….and by the way …there are alot…and i mean alot of us from ohio….not nc….who are behind him……yea bill

  • Bill is the man!!! He has such a wonderful presence about him! He is a wonderful man and you can’t help but to listen when he speaks! I honestly don’t understand the hold up! HE IS “THE” MAN FOR THIS!!

  • Bill Guyther is a very geniune and honest person who deserves to be the HOST for NYC. I have known Bill for a long while and know he will get the job done with certain expertice.

  • Bill is funny, approachable, smart, enthusiastic, loves his “techie stuff”, and loves a good party – the perfect combination!

    Cincinnati OH

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