Logitech Announces 100 Million Wireless Mice Shipped

Today Logitech is proud to announce our latest achievement: the shipment of our 100 millionth wireless mouse. If you’re a long time customer, you might remember our first wireless mouse for consumers, the MouseMan Cordless Radio Mouse.

The MouseMan Cordless Radio Mouse was priced at $149.99 and transmitted data to the computer via a then state-of-the-art RF receiver. Unlike previous versions of wireless computer peripherals that used IR technology, the MouseMan Cordless Radio Mouse didn’t require line of sight to work. The inclusion of RF communication revolutionized the industry, making wireless technology accessible and easy for people to use. Now, users could put the receiver anywhere – behind the computer, under the desk, on top of the printer – and their mouse could still communicate. If people did run into wireless interference though, they had to manually change the channel on both the mouse and the receiver — Quite a lot of work!

Since that time, Logitech has continued to innovate, delivering unparalleled ease of use combined with an outstanding feature set. Today we offer people a wide range of products designed to meet their particular needs. Whether they need exacting precision, a mouse that can track on glass, or they want to personalize their computing environment with colors and patterns, we have an option.

No matter which of these mice you choose, they all use Logitech’s tiny wireless receivers to communicate with the computer. Unlike the days of the MouseMan, Logitech nano and Unifying receivers are paired with a specific mouse to deliver Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz connectivity in a receiver that is small enough to stay in your laptop. The receiver automatically senses potential wireless disturbances and changes the channel without you ever knowing, for an experience with virtually no delays or dropouts at a range of up to 10 meters. And Logitech’s Unifying technology has the added capability to pair up to six devices on one tiny receiver, so you don’t use multiple USB ports.

So we invite you to come celebrate with us and share a story about your favorite Logitech wireless mouse– nearly everyone we talk to has a favorite and we’d love to hear from you.


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  • I’ve been using Logitech devices sporadically, and just recently I bought an M305 mouse for my laptop, since the corded mice I was using kept breaking the cable because of the movement (the side usb port did not help). So I saw the Logitech mice with nano receivers and decided that it was my solution. I’ve fell in love with it immediately, and I purchased another mouse (M510), this time for my desktop, and I love it too… I even had to buy it through Ebay since I couldn’t find it at my country (Argentina).

    Here’s hoping for plenty more Logitech mice with quality and innovation for the future!

  • Congratulations on the milestone. Any chance to bring back the Trackman Marble FX design? I’d hate to keep paying $200 for replacements every so often.

  • Nice achievement, and the mice have been good – especially their designs – however their customer service is somewhat lacking. Have needed a replacement for the past four months under warranty and it is still not resolved. A few times they said the replacement had been shipped or was ready to be shipped when it was not and the latest is that they sent me the wrong product. Astounding.

    Have been a loyal Logitech customer for a long time – but not anymore – not if they can’t support their product issues properly. How hard can this be?

  • First of all let me tell you and everyone else how much I love my Logitech Anywhere Dark Laser technology mouse. The big question I have along with others is why don’t you offer this mouse with bluetooth? Being a Macbook user with only 2 USB ports creates a real challenge using any mouse that requires a usb receiver. I simply don’t understand why there aren’t more bluetooth options out there. Your offerings for bluetooth mice are down to 1. There is nothing more annoying than plugging in a USB receiver. Why Apple only has 2 USB ports on their notebooks is beyond me but since all notebooks now have bluetooth built in I would think mice like the Anywhere mouse targeted at that market would include bluetooth. myself and most others would be willing to pay a premium for that if it were available. Can you shed any hope that you are working on more bluetooth offerings?

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