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More product announcements last week! We unveiled the THX certified Logitech Speaker System Z623. CNET reports on the Z623 and says, “a three-piece speaker set that delivers 200 watts of sound and ample thumpage thanks to the accompanying 7-inch subwoofer.” According to ZDNet, “with the famous letters ‘THX,’ you know that this set should be ideal for DVD and Blu-ray watching.”

Ultimate Ears announced a new set earbuds last week – the 500, 500vi, 350, 200, and 200vi. SlashGear reports, “The UE 500 model headphones are the high-end offering of the new additions with a small design made to sit flush with the ears and a no-tangle cord. The 350 earphones are tuned for extra bass for fans of bass heavy music and are made from a sweat resistant material for people who like to wear them when they workout” and according to Ubergizmo, “Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Earphones that offer versatility and comfort in a single package, regardless the size of your ears. It can even color match your clothes to suit your fashion taste, although you’re out of luck if pink, black or blue do not fall under your favorite color category.”

Last week Tech 4 Mommies reviewed our Harmony One Remote and said, “You have not met a true universal remote control until you have been introduced to Logitech’s Harmony line of remote controls.” She explains the simple setup: “when I received the Harmony One from Logitech in the mail, my husband said ‘Have fun setting it up!’ I informed him that I really didn’t have to do anything to set it up except for plug it in and click a couple buttons…It really could not have been more easy, and the new remote was up and controlling our family room in literally MINUTES!”

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