Video: Up Close with the Gaming Keyboard G510

A couple of weeks back we launched our latest G-Series keyboard – the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510. During the design process, we listened to and read countless pieces of feedback about our previous products – everything from magazine reviews, to customer support calls, to forum posts all over the web. Requests to add features like RGB backlighting and headset jacks, and to bring back the 18 programmable G-keys from the first generation of G-Series keyboards were incredibly clear, and the G510 is the result.

So take a look at this video to see the keyboard in a little more detail, and to learn more about the features. And feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think – our customers’ thoughts are a big part of what drives our product development.


Global Product Marketing Manager


  • Sweet new keyboard! I just went to the logitech page for this and I don’t see any mention of USB ports on the keyboard. Are there any?

    • Hi Jack,

      There is no USB hub in the G510. In order to maximize the power available for backlighting, as well as to avoid the compatibility problems we’ve had with motherboards that don’t correctly handle keyboards with integrated USB hubs, we opted not to include a USB hub in the G510.


  • Ahhhh I see. Cool, my current keyboard has a power adapter and it gets in the way. good to hear this one doesn’t have that!

  • Hello Chris,

    I think that this keyboard is awesome. The bring back of the 18 programmable G-keys from the first generation of G-Series keyboards has been a good decision. That extra G-keys are also util to program. Can you tell us the dimensions of the keyboard and the resolution of the LCD? That information does not appears in the web page of the product and it is important when buying.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Manuel,

      The LCD is the same resolution as our other monochrome GamePanel LCDs – 160×43. Below are the physical dimensions:

      With palmrest attached:

      1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
      52 cm wide (20.5″)
      36mm tall (1 3/8″)
      26.5cm deep (10.5″)

      Without palmrest attached:

      1.08 kg (2.4 lbs)
      52 cm wide (20.5″)
      36mm tall (1 3/8″)
      21cm deep (8.25″)


  • I’ve noticed that the lcd backlighting does not have contrast or brightness settings enabled, why is this and is there going to be a fix for it? I’m currently running the x64 version of the software.

    • Hi Lunardude,

      LCD contrast and brightness settings are for the G15 and G19 LCDs only. The G13 and G510 LCDs do not have these features, because the backlighting color for the entire keyboard is controlled by changing the brightness of the LEDs. Changing the brightness of the LCD would change its color and make it look different from the rest of the keyboard.


  • Hi Chris,

    I was going to update to a g110 but i use all the G11s macro keys in Final Fantasy 11 so it’s great to see that you’ve bought back the full set of G-Keys! The keyboard looks great but feature wise I would have preferred the usb hubs over the integrated sound as like most gamers i have a dedicated sound card.

    My question is will there be an LCD-less version of the G510 coming out any time soon?

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your comments – we’ll keep them in mind as we develop future products. As far as your last question goes, however, unfortunately I’m not at liberty to discuss products or product ideas that are not currently listed on our website.


  • I love that you have brought back the 18 programmable keys.

    However the actual size of the LCD appears to be quite small compared to the G15 which is very disappointing. I run a plugin called SirReal which is quintessential imo, and would not be able to fit even half of the information it displays on the screen.

    I will continue to stick with the G15 for now and hope a future iteration will have a larger screen.

    • Hi Tony,

      The G510 LCD is the same resolution (160×43) as the blue G15, the orange G15, the Z-10 speakers, and the G13. SirReal’s app works on all G-Series keyboards.


  • Okay, so I bought the keyboard and I love it, except that the audio with headphones plugged in is not right. Sounds like I”m getting only 1 channel through both sides and very distorted. Don’t know if it’s driver issues or what, but there are no drivers available for download from Logitech.

    I have another USB headset and my computer handles it fine. Any suggestions? I’ve posted on the fourms and not heard any answers.

    • Hi Reece,

      The G510 uses standard Windows audio drivers, so there is nothing that can really be done from a software perspective to change the way the audio works. I would recommend trying the headphones in another audio jack or another set of headphones in the G510 audio jack, and if you are still having issues contact Support using the link at the top of this page. The forums are for end-user discussion, and are not monitored by our Support team.


  • Hi Chris,

    Man you can talk fast without breathing 🙂

    I’m a Mac user and read some posts about people complaining about Mac support and bugs. How is the support for the G510, is everything working and bugfree and does the LCD-panel fully work with Snow Leopard?


    • Hi Xelation,

      As far as I know, all the issues that end-users have reported with Mac have been fixed as of v3.06 of the GamePanel software for Mac. I’m running Snow Leopard on my test iMac, and all of my G-Series keyboards appear to be working properly.


  • There should really be a brightness setting for us old timer gamers.
    Not sure a color difference would matter as much as being able to see better.
    Add it to the software and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Hi Twulf,

      Changing the backlighting color involves changing the brightness of the individual red, green, and blue LEDs in the keyboard. For example, if you set the red LEDs to 255, that is as bright of a red as it is possible to attain with the G510. The same holds true for the blue and green LEDs. Putting in a separate brightness control would not allow you to make the backlighting any brighter than you can make it by using the color customization feature, as all it would be doing is adjusting the values of those sliders.


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