Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800: The Wireless Keyboard with a Nightlife

I’m excited to introduce you to our newest keyboard innovation, the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800.

Some of you may be familiar with our Illuminated Keyboard – it’s one of our most popular keyboards. But one of the comments we heard most from customers it was they would love it even more — if it was wireless.

This thing is, illumination can be a real drain on battery life, and we wanted to make sure we provided the great experience that you’ve come to expect from Logitech. So we put a lot of effort into maximizing the energy efficiency of the keyboard and the result is the Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800.

This thin, sleek keyboard combines style with serious technical innovation. Some of the energy management features include:

  • Backlighting that automatically adjusts based on the amount of light in the room using ambient light sensors
  • Motion sensors that detect your hands as they approach to turn the backlighting on and to turn it back off when your hands move away
  • Manual lighting adjustments that allow you to tailor the brightness based on your personal preference
  • An on/off switch so you can conserve energy when you’re done typing for the day

Thanks to all of these innovations, the Wireless Illuminated Keyboard offers up to 10 days of battery life (depending on use and environmental conditions.) When the battery is about to run out, an indicator light comes on to alert you, and you can recharge the battery with the included micro-USB cable.

These are just a few of this keyboard’s outstanding features. The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is expected to be available later this month for a suggested retail price of $99.99 (U.S.). Click here to find out more about the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 or to order yours today.


Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Keyboards and Desktops


  • Thats some innovation. Thank you for finally bringing this to mainstream although i’d have preferred the beautiful Dinivo Edge get all illuminated !

  • i hope you will produce a turkish q version of this keyboard,with big enter key ,previous one has no turkish q version

    • Hi Mike,

      The K800’s dimensions are (L x W x H): 45 x 2.6 x 19.5 centimeters. Weight is 932 grams.


  • Looks good. I hope the charger is a standard dc input cable or USB mini socket rather than the proprietary massive plastic wedge of the dinovo edge that costs a fortune to replace.

  • Nice one, if I don’t want to use the wireless keyboard as “wireless”, eg. always plugged into the microUSB connector will there be a possibility to take battery off? Also I see you fixed the Insert key on this keyboard, the only reason I haven’t bought your Illuminated Keyboard was a misplaced Insert key. Good job!

    • Hi Conrad,

      Per my respose to wireless monster above, the K800 will be available beginning at the end of August.


  • This looks promising for my living room PC, assuming of course logitech comes up with a dock for (please?).

    • Hi Andrew,

      There’s no charging dock for the K800 — but the included charging cable allows you to recharge without any hassles, even while the keyboard is in use.


  • Good timing (for me at least!) – I was about to buy a new keyboard, was eyeing up the MK710, but I think I’ll hold off for this one now.

    Will this be sold in a bundle? If not, will is use the unifying USB adapter so I can buy any other mouse to go with it w/o a separate dongle?

    • Hi Tim,

      The K800 is sold stand alone, however it does feature our Unifying receiver so you can easily add one of our Unifying supported mice.


  • What are the dimensions? And why don’t you list the dimensions of your products on the website?

  • Hi Guy,

    As this keyboard is not Mac compatible, will you be making a Mac compatible keyboard device that uses the Unifying Receiver. It’s a pretty big hole in your product line and a big gap in the market.

    You can’t buy and wireless Mac keyboard with a number pad and the Magic Mouse is pretty limiting. This means if you want wireless logitech solutions you have to use up two USB ports.

  • Hmmm… I requested this type of keyboard about 2 years ago. I am still disappointed as there is no mouse functionality built in. why can’t you guys just put lights in the Dinovo Edge design?

  • Following up on my unanswered query:

    “What’s the battery on this thing? AAs? Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable? Thanks!”

    If non-AA, will it be user-replaceable?

  • as zach khan said. Just take the dinovo edge mac edition and put some backlit lighting!!

    Hope you update the drivers so it will be mac compatible

  • This looks awesome. Except i have the corded model illuminated keyboard and its razor thin which i love, how much thicker is this thing?

  • Looks very nice and I will probably get one, once my DiNovo wears out. What would be excellent would be a DiNovo style set with separate number pad, with both pieces being backlit. That would be the ultimate keyboard. Also, does the K800 have the low travel keys like the DiNovo or are they more like the Illuminated keyboard? I find the DiNovo to be more comfortable to type on for long periods vs. my Illuminated keyboard. The only problem I have with the Illuminated keyboard is the cord and the number pad. I prefer to put the number pad on the left side, allowing me to center on the keys better, making it more ergonomic for long typing sessions and also makes it better for the mouse use, since I have to reach less for the mouse. With the number pad on my left, I am able to use the mouse easily with my right hand, keep the letter keys in the center and use the number pad to enter data with my left hand. I also use a 3-D controller which sits far left. It would be great if Logitech could incorporate this setup idea into a wireless, illuminated product, ultra-thin with short-travel keys. As I said before, the DiNovo desktop keyboard with backlighting.

    Great work so far, I buy only Logitech input devices.

  • Im with Blued888 on their question, i would also like to know if this is using AA batteries or some kind of built in battery that will be uer repalceable. As i already own the Perfommance MX mouse and the USB Illuminated Keyboard this will complete my wireless needs on my computer and i can move the USB Illuminated Keyboard to another computer.

    This is good convenience as i can use the same USB micro cable to charge the mouse and the keyboard, the only problem i have is that if the keyboard does not use regular AA batteries i cannot just swap in some of my Eneloop batteries i have when i cannot find the cable, or im using the cable to charge my phone or mouse or Harmony 700 (1 cable lots of tasks :D)

    So question is whats battery type? hopefully AA Syno Eneloop like in the Performance MX and the Harmony 700.

    • Hi Thundervore,

      Per my response to Blued888, the K800 uses two Eneloop, AA, NiMH batteries.


  • Guy,

    Thanks for the follow up , its great to know that its just rechargable AA batteries like my other rechargable Logitech products, now i have to hope Newegg gets this in stock fast so i can have it 😀


  • Only 10 days battery life? Come on, you can’t be serious. Will there be a similar keyboard without this lightshow but with a proper time for wireless use?

    • Hi Grinzecat,

      There are many features that work to extend your battery life built into this keyboard. Two that users can control directly are the on/off switch and the adjustable backlighting. Lowering the backlighting and turning the keyboard off when you’re done typing can extend the battery life significantly. You can even turn the backlighting off all together if you want.

      The other important thing to note is that they keyboard is rechargeable, so you won’t need to replace batteries, and you can use it while it’s recharging, so there’s no down time.


  • @Guy Raeber

    Thanks for the info. Very nice to know that Logitech will be using Sanyo Eneloops for this.

    IMO, AA rechargeables (particularly Eneloops), are much better than the squarish/rectangular rechargeble batteries.

  • anyone have a release date on this yet? i preordered it when it first became available, haven’t heard any word of a release date yet on the forums ^_^

    • Hi jcook423,

      Thanks for your patience. The K800 started becoming available at the end of August — now this doesn’t mean that every retailer, or even Logitech.com, had the product available at the same time. It’s still making it’s way out to the world, and hopefully, your K800 preorder will arrive before you know it.


  • Hey, so this question was asked already but no answer given. Will the keyboard still work when plugged in via micro-USB and no batteries inside? IE. is the cable for charging only, or also using in a ‘non-wireless’ mode?

    • Hi Phil –

      Sorry I missed your comment. Yes, the keyboard will continue to work while it is being charged.


  • 10 days that seems silly the mk700 lasts like 3 years. Logitech fell short again, don’t get me wrong they have real good products, just a small step separates greatness though. Make the keyboard last the same time as a mk 700 and have a separate charging port for the back lighting only, that way my keyboard wont die when I really need it, lights are really cool though also hopefully there is a switch just for back lighting only.



  • End of August, are there any updates? I pre-ordered but might just have to go with the Saitek if nothing is forthcoming soon…

    • Hi Cole,

      Per my response to jcook423 above, the K800 started becoming available at the end of August — and is making it’s way to all of our retail channels including Logitech.com. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide an exact date for when your order will ship 🙁 . Thank you for your patience.


  • So it’s now the end of august, and there is no word for pre-orders or anything that I’m aware of. Anybody else?

  • Just found this keyboard and this Blog when trying to find a release date. Hurray!

    Now 31st August and its still on pre-order. Delayed I guess!

    Also agree with the previous poster. Yet another keyboard with 16 keys Ill never use (most of the the keypad) Been using keyboards for nearly 20 years and have never found a use for any bit of the keypad except the Del Key.

    Wireless Keybards with proper arrow keys and without all the bulges and keys I never use (the media ones) seem to be as rare as ever. Ill carry on looking I guess

    (Hopeful, but disapointed)

    • Hi Nigel –

      Yes, the Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 has dedicated keys for all of those functions.


  • Hey all CAPS Anonymous, you might want to get in touch. Some of us were using computers when you were drooling on your bib. Thanks, Logitech, for great keyboards with number pads!

  • So what about the caps lock and Num lock lights? I would assume since you have done a fully illuminated keyboard, that is wireless you also fixed a key failing of all wireless keyboards. no caps lock or num lock light.

    BTW thanks for doing a full sized keyboard unlike some people posting here I recenly even bought a notebook with a keypad. some people work with numbers and we are not noboby 🙂

  • this looks great!
    would have been nice if it was more minimalistic, no wrist rest at the bottom and no header at the top.

    two questions for ya GUY,
    – is it possible to REMOVE the wrist rest (black bar at the bottom)?
    – and are there little feet on the bottom to slant the keyboard so its easier to type with?


    • Hi liquidmonkey,

      The “black bar” at the bottom can not be removed. And although there are no “feet”on the K800, the keboard features an angled design that makes typing more comfortable and easy.


  • So, September, will this keyboard be available to any online/retail store, or just on the logitech store? Right now it only says “Preorder”…

  • A little feedback for Logitech about a great feature I tried with some Microsoft keyboard, and that I would really love on a Logitech keyboard : having feets on the front of the keyboard, instead of the back (or better : feets that can be attached either on the front or on the back). I love this so much that I am using an ugly plastic bar to “emulate” this on my diNovo for Notbooks.

    This can be seen on Microsoft’s Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 and Wireless Confort Desktop 5000. For instance, here : http://www.everythingusb.com/images/list/ms_wireless_7000_laser_news.jpg

    I also want to say that I disagree with the people saying the numpad is useless.

    When you have lots of numbers to type, it takes far less time with one hand on the numpad than with two hands on the alphanum side.

    Also don’t forget people using different keyboard layouts. Maybe the numpad is used very few with a QWERTY layout, which gives direct access to the numbers on the first row, but with a french AZERTY keyboard, we the numbers on the first row must be typed with shift, wich is less convenient than using the numpad.

  • Phoned logitech support about my pre-order and they said end of October, what the hell? Still hoing to be worth waiting for, is this a correct date, does anybody know?

  • Just an update for those of you waiting on this keyboard. Razer is unveiling a keyboard with similar functionality but with three times the battery life this week. Due out september 20th. Not as slim as this but sleek for certain.

  • For those complaining about the numberpad i think you should look elsewhere and not even far because mentioned throught this exact topic are users mentioning the Dinivo Edge which is made by Logitech.

    Those complaining about the batterylife, i have to agree it is a bit low but every usage enviornment is different and one can always swap in their own higher powered rechargable battries if one choooses. For instance my Performance MX mouse only lasts about 4 days when left on 24/7, although it reaches in the red zone 3 days it still goes strong for an extra day while still in the red, but i must charge it once a week which is more than this keyboard.

    Whats funny is that this was availble on Amazon for preorder as well until a week ago when it just disapeared, you cannot even seach for it on there anymore. Also with no date in sight one must wonder when local stores will get it.

    The mention about the Razer keyboard, really? Most people want a keybaord without all the extra gimicks, macro buttons, marketing hype targeted at gamers, and without paying an arm and a leg. I can almost predict that that keybard will cost at least 3 figures out the door just because the name Razer is on it. This keyboard is not for gamers, its for the average person who just want a wireless keyboard with illumination.

    One thing that bothers me is that i watched the unboxing of this keyboard on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uKqj2oDSnI and the illumination dimms real fast, too fast for my taste in fact. Is there a way to set a time delay to when it auto shuts off the illumination?

    Also i love the fact that theres now a rubber feet underneath the center of the palm rest, my Logitech Illuminated Keyboard does not have this and when ever i type on it it sort of bends inwards, fixed it with a quarter 😀

    • Hi guest777,

      You will need to have SetPoint software installed to change the backlight illumination setting. All you will need to do is launch SetPoint and click the “My Keyboard” tab and choose the K800 keyboard from the “Select Keyboard” drop-down menu. Then, select Keyboard Illumination Settings option from the left.


  • So. When is this supposed to ship… I bought it thinking the pre-order button was just a mistake, and was hoping it would ship immediately based on the information from this blog.

  • How come the moderator replies to some questions, but ignores the important question as to when will the keyboard become available?

    • Hi jon, deepsky and JCK,

      My apologies – I try to get to every comment, but sometimes it takes me a bit longer than I would like. The K800 was expected to become available in the U.S. starting at the end of August, but currently it is still on preorder at Logitech.com (this means it may be available in some channels). Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact date that I can provide you, but you can sign up to be notified as soon as the product is available at Logitech.com


  • Hello Guy,

    I really wonder of this keyboard, great development!
    2 q’s i have:
    – Is it possible to change color of backlightnig?
    – For keyboard with languages, will be letter for this secondary local language with their own backlight? What color for it will be used, same as for english?


    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your comment. The K800 does not feature different backlighting color options. However, our G-series gaming keyboards do allow you to customize with many backlighting colors, so you might want to check those out.


  • Hi!
    I want to buy it so bad but this comment stops me.

    “A word of warning. As an unhappy purchaser of the wired illuminated keyboard due to the reason I will detail below, do not buy this if you are a keen FPSer as they’ve told me it contains the same “design” (which I like to think of as a “flaw”).
    When pressing W and SHIFT together, the SPACEBAR will NOT register. Meaning you cannot sprint forward then jump (with the almost universal FPS standard keys). You can remap but if you’re a die-hard like me it’s too confusing!”

    I have 2 questions. 1.Is this problem remains with this model?
    2. Can I use this as a typical wired keyboard If I kept it plugged in with the usb cable?
    Your help will made my decision!
    Thanks for your time,Stelios.

    • Hi Stelios,

      1) If you’re looking for a keyboard for gaming, I would highly recommend our G-series line of gaming keyboards – I think they will better suit your needs.

      2) Yes, you can use the K800 while it is charging with the usb cable (like a wired keyboard).


  • Hey,

    I am wondering why Logitech has chosen for replacable batteries instead of using the same system as with the Logitech MX Revolution mouse where there are no replacable batteries and it works for 10 days before you have to put it in the dock to recharge. Now the keyboard has to be used with replacable/rechargable batteries the costs of using the keyboard will rise a lot compaired to the battery life of the K340. And yes, I know this one uses no lighting but for a keyboard that does use it, plus a wireless one, I don’t see why going for replacable batteries and not li-thon for example.


  • I am also curious about the release date; as your press release initially indicated end of August. We are half way through September and still nothing. Leaves me to wonder if there are not ongoing technical issues and that your announcement may have been premature. I love Logitech products and all of my last 12 keyboard and mice have been Logitech. But I have been waiting for this one since the announcement if there is to be much more of a delay I may be parting for the first time ever to a Microsoft keyboard! gasp! PLEASE HURRY TO PREVENT THIS. 😉

  • Hi

    Will this keyboard have Baltic/Estonian layout also? Or Swedish? With big Enter button and most important: with | key on left side (and with short left-shift)

  • @ Guy Raeber
    Yes, there are settings in SetPoint but they are only for changing sensor- or key light turn on.
    But not for changing between manual and automatic brightness settings.

  • Hi guys,

    for a very long time since Logitech released the disappointing S510 slim keyboard I was looking for a new, wireless keyboard with a standard keyboard layout.

    I’v been starting with the faimous IBM classic keyboard in 1985 and I like (better I need) the standard layout with the 6 keys (Ins,Del,Pos1,End,Page up,Page dn) above the cursor block and a big “Enter” key with a german layout.

    All keyboards in the past from Logitech and other manfacturers were really disappointing due to their layout, the biggest crap are lot’s of mislocated special keys an this fn-use needs for the standard function keys.

    When I saw the new Logitech K800 a week ago, I couldn’t believe but Logitech did learn what programmers and standard users need every day. Rapidly I did order the keyboard at my distributor and this week it arrived.

    Perfect Logitech – congrats !!! This is my personal favourite, big enough Fn-keys, standard layout, 4 nice feature keys (Mute, decrease/increas volume, calc Hotkey) above the Num-block, PrtScr, Scroll lock, Pause und the lovely 2×3 standard block above the cursor keys. The | key is also present and the layout of the Strg-Win-Alt keys also fit’s my need.

    Unbelievable that I could get all of this in a fantastic, backlit wireless keyboard with real keycaps and not such a “chicklet” desing.

    Tnx, Mike

  • Awaiting the release of this product with bated breath…

    There’s really no information you have access to or can publish regarding its release?

  • A keyboard with a NORMAL, non-logitech-specific delete-key? GREAT!!!

    Could you tell me what kind of rechargeable batteries are included with this keyboard (size and capacity). When I purchased my “Performance MX”, I immediately replaced the included 1x LR6/AA 2000 mAh with a AA 2700 mAh to avoid recharging my mouse too frequently! This rechargable is better than any Li-Ion solution!!!

    I have already spent > 1000 EUR (!) on Logitech keyboards and mice the last few years and I am still missing something innovative like an “MagSafe” or charging dock station (via induction?). @ logitech developers: many people will be willing to pay far more for great innovation, quality and convenience!

  • As soon as i read about logitech k800 keyboards, I proceeded to Gilmore, New Manila (the Philippines’ center for Computer Sales on parts and accessories. Unfortunately, said item is not on display… but shown on publication only. Please tell me where to buy this item in the Metropolitan Manila area. Thank you most sincerely. – Gil

  • What we want and need is the G510 made into a wireless, or the DiNovo Edge given backlighting….. (whats up with edge not having backlight? its gotta charging cradle!! it will always have enough power)

    As long as board runs for a full 24 hours power shouldn’t be an issue, most people do tend to sleep before a full 24 hours pass.

    I love my diNovo Edge and it is absolutley fine for gaming (with my G700 mouse) until the sun goes down that is!!

    I would replace my Edge for this if it wasn’t for the W, Shift, Spacebar problem detailed above.

    Some of us gamers have the need for wireless and backlighting in our boards, Not one product from your range (or Razer’s for that matter) addresses this yet.

    My tip: Wireless, Backlighting and Charging Cradle
    Full those 3 points and you’ll sell alot of boards.

  • Does the unifying receptor of this keyboard works with M505 mouse?

    I will buy both K800 anf M505 and wanna use only one of the unifying receptor.


    • Hi Alberto,

      Since both the K800 and M505 feature Logitech’s Unifying nano receiver, you can pair them on a single receiver.


  • The numpad IS useless. It is nothing but a waste of space and REDUNDANT. You already have your 1234567890 row right there above your QWERTY row. Why in the world do you need the exact same keys AGAIN on the other side of the keyboard? There is no excuse for it!

    Perhaps the only use for a numpad would be if you wanted to use it as a phone dialpad for Skype/VOIP or something, but no. The numbers are not ordered like a phone, they are upside down and nobody uses numpads for anything.

    Laptops have been outselling desktops for the last, what, 5 years? Millions of laptop users versus the ever smaller desktop user base who’ve never complained once about the lack of a numpad have all come around to realizing that numpads are a worthless, outdated, obsolete feature.

    So it is no surprise that numpad-less keyboards are the ones in demand. They are simply better, they take up less space, they look cooler, and anyone defending some gargantuan 2 foot keyboard that was designed before the internet existed needs to stop being a luddite and get with the times. If you disagree, that’s fine. But if Logitech, or any company for that matter, wants to make any money they better start losing the numpads because I for one am not buying any keyboard that has one. I’ve been using Adesso’s and other keyboards with no numpads for over 10 years. That’s not going to change anytime soon, so Logitech, you fail.

  • Hi, I’m trying to use the Function F5 and F6 keys (with the brightness symbol) and they only adjust the brightness on the keyboard. However, there is an indicator on screen that I am changing the brightness level, though the level on the screen doesn’t change.
    How do I make it so this adjusts the screen brightness?

    THank you

    • Hi Jason –

      The F5 and F6 keys on the keyboard are designed to adjust the brightness of the keyboard, and the indicator screen on your monitor refers to the brightness of the keyboard. To adjust the brightness of your computer’s screen you’ll need to follow the procedure recommended by your computer manufacturer.


  • Hi.

    Can Logitech K800 be illuminated all the time? Without need to touch it every 5 seconds?

    At night i use my present keyboard as light in my room… so dark keyboard makes no sense for me 🙂


  • Anonymous, you’re a fool. Some people use their computers (and keyboards) for work, work that involves numbers even! For these people, the number pad is very useful. For example, an IT guy has to type IP addresses and such with frequency… numpad is much quicker for this. A clerk or an accountant needs to add, subtract, etc. numbers, and the numpad is great for this. Just because you may not have a use for it personally does not in any way prove that the public in general has no need for it. I’m inclined to think that the majority of keyboard manufacturer’s probably have a better understanding of its market demands than you.

  • I have the M505 mouse, and just purchased the K800 keayboard. Love both products, but the mouse doesn’t work with the new receiver (of the K800) and the new keayboard doesn’t work with the receiver of the mouse. I have to use both receivers in my laptop at the same time…so what does “unifying” mean? Any advice?

  • Anonymous, you fail. Although neither you nor I use the numpad, a lot of business people do use it and when buying a laptop, request it.

  • Dear Guy,

    Will K800 also be available in Russian language? How soon it can be expected to appear on the market?


  • I currently own a K800.
    I am using it on a Mac, which I know is “not supported” at this time. Do you know if support for this keyboard – specifically customization options via Logitech Control Center – will be added in the future?

    Also, in Windows, I would like to have the option in SetPoint for the keyboard to sense the presence of my hands AND stay on for a specified number of seconds/minutes. Currently, if I enable the “keep backlight on for X number of minutes” option, the motion sensing option is disabled.

  • Geewiz, Anonymous. Talking about epic failure! I can’t make out whether you are arrogant, ignorant, or just plain dumb. Either way, the intelligence is not to be found. Maybe you do nothing on a computer that is productive, but the majority. . . Maybe you ought to study and learn how marketing works. Manufacturers, including Logitech, do extensive marketing research before putting out a product to fulfill the wants and demands of its customers.

    I have taught my children that if you don’t have anything intelligent to say about someone, then so yourself a favor and don’t say nothing at all. You could probably learn from that little life skill.

    “I’ve been using Adesso’s and other keyboards with no numpads for over 10 years.” Wow, maybe you should be the one to get with the times.

  • Can I access the computer BIOS with this keyboard? Logitech K800 can be used without the required software – like a ‘normal’ wireless keyboard ?

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