Introducing Our New Logitech Alert Website and Customer Video Contest!

The great news just keeps rolling in here at Logitech and today is no different as we recently launched our brand new website dedicated to Logitech Alert, the new video security system we announced just last week.

To complement the new site, we’re also re-launching our popular customer submitted video contest – think America’s Most Wanted meets America’s Funniest Home Videos – where both our new Logitech Alert customers and existing WiLife customers are invited to submit videos captured with their respective cameras for a chance to win Logitech products and services.

The new contest will be hosted on the new Logitech Alert site, so whether its wildlife in the backyard or prowlers in the shadows, be sure to check out the Busted Video tab and send us your stories and videos.

You thought it was fun to watch video submitted from the WiLife camera line, well get ready to be blown away with crystal clear HD video and audio. Now you’ll not only see that black bear on your front deck but you’ll also hear him asking for a jar of honey.

We hope you will bookmark this page and return often to check out new videos and get updates on product news and information about the Logitech Alert digital video security family.


Chief Product Officer, WiLife


  • I really love my new Alert camera. After enjoying the older WiLife camera and watching our five dogs in their kennel, I bought a new Smart phone and was no longer able to access my video camera. While the step up to the new system was 3x the cost of my former system, the brilliant quality of the video, the fact that I can plug it directly into my router-which restarts in case of a power outage unlike my desktop-and that I found a free app to quickly launch viewing of my video makes it all worth while. Now I plan to experience the sound feature of the camera and be able to listen in as well as watch. Additionally, I gave my old system to my son and hope to eventually look in on my grandchildren at play.

  • Monitor cams are great home security add-ons as long as it is positioned the right way. Of course added measures like installing motion detectors of hiring a company to help you monitor your home from outside threats are plus factors.

  • When is Logitech Alert be available in Canada ?
    It seems like Canada has been selected to effuse the discontinued Master system stock.
    How come the Alert system is available in USA and in France but not in Canada ?

    • Hi Andre (and Norman),

      Logitech Alert is launching first in the US and some parts of Europe, we hope to make the system available in Canada in the future, but right now we do not have a specific timeline for that.


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