Future Logitech Hosts with the Most?

Our search for the Logitech ‘Hosts with the Most’ is going strong and we can’t wait to meet the three people who will help us launch Logitech Revue with Google TV in LA, NYC and SF! Last week on Twitter, we asked our ‘Host with the Most’ candidates to tell us how they are promoting their entries and were very impressed by what we saw. In fact, we wanted to highlight the wannabee hosts and hostesses who have been doing a great job campaigning for themselves and getting votes. Check out what they’re doing – and be sure to vote, vote, vote for your favorite person!

LA Loft Panoramic View
Rob Blasko – LA
Rob was one of few candidates who have been great about using #LogitechLofts and #LA in his Tweets after we reminded applicants to use the hashtags.

William Guyther – NYC
Bill posted a video on his blog in which he proposed a “Flood Facebook Friday.” In this video he asked his fans to “flood Facebook” every 30 minutes by sharing his application and encouraging fans to vote and promote for him.

Siv Lam – SF
Siv has been quite active on the Logitech blog posts, tirelessly reminding people to vote for her entry. She is also using Twitter to promote her application page. One of her application photos is of her with Mashable CEO, Pete Cashmore. We’re huge fans of Pete so brownie points for you, Siv!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, @Logitech and “like” us on Facebook to stay updated on the latest details on Logitech’s search for the ‘Hosts with the Most.’ If you have what it takes but haven’t entered yourself yet – it’s not too late. Remember, the position will entail temporary residence at an awesome loft, throwing lots of parties AND getting paid!


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