Crafted for Performance, New G-Series Products Immerse You in the Game

Today, we launched three new additions to our award winning G-Series gaming peripherals— the Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930, the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 and the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510.

All three are crafted for maximum performance, so you can focus on the game without worrying if your hardware can keep up.

Check out this video from our senior manager of product marketing for gaming, Elliott Chin, to get a first look at the products and learn more.


Global Product Marketing Manager


  • Just purchasedLogitech “Pure-Fi Dream” iphone docking /alarm system at PC WORLD.
    (cannot seem to find it on your website)
    Must say, I am very pleased with it.
    As I use it it my bed room,I am looking for a similar product (without alarm)for my
    living room…..Can You Help ?

  • Hi Chris,

    I was expecting for the new Logitech gamer products
    They look great. But will there be soon a “new” G9X, maybe with a new design, and wired, because I’m not really wireless. I love the g9 (G9X), and would like to know if an update will arrive or not, because for small hands is the best mouse in the world.

    Thank you and sorry for the english, i’m french.


    • Hi fig4,

      At this point in time we haven’t announced such a product, so I’m not really able to say one way or the other. I do want you to know we appreciate your feedback, though, and we’ll take it into consideration for the development of future products. I’m glad you like the G9X – before I got a G700, it’s the mouse I was using as well.


  • Hey Chris,
    Really nice job on the G510 (and all the other products). Love the trick backlighting and the return of the 18 G-Keys.

    Kudos to you and your engineering team – you set the standard for the rest of us.


    P.S. Elliott is a much better presenter than the stiff in the suit on the guitar controller videos.

    • Hi Fretmelt,

      Thanks for the kind words. The best part about all this is getting to show new stuff off to the world – even the parts of the world that already knew about it. 😉 It really makes the secrecy of the development cycle worth it when people are happy with the design decisions we made. And there’s nothing better than being able to respond to customer feedback and give people what they really want. I can’t wait to see what you guys do next in that vein – I’m sure it’ll be awesome.


      Oh, and Elliott’s a great guy, but he falls a bit flat in the English accent department…

  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for responding so quickly.

    In the French mind, logitech is synonymous with quality. I have a g35, a G110 and my g9. Other brands are nice but the quality is not there, the products often break… Logitech is very strong.

    I am sure that these new products will satisfy everyone. the keyboard is successful, the mouse is great for medium and large hands, staying sober is a good job. for headphones, does it have the same weight as the g35 ?

    thank you for the quality of your products.

    I will wait for a new “little” mouse like the G9 😉

    Have a nice day !


    • Hi fig4,

      The G930 is actually about 20% lighter than the G35, even though the design looks very similar and we added a battery. Our engineers are amazing. 🙂


  • Hi All,

    I’m currently using the great G7 for gaming as in my opinion it’s the best wireless Gaming mouse ever build (till now). I tried some others to replace my 5 year old G7 but they all were not good enough.
    So I’m realy glad there’s a new wireless G mouse and I’m pretty shure i will buy one very soon.
    But maybe can you tell me and the whole comunity how long i typicaly can play or work with one battery charge?

    • Hi ConstantInFail,

      The laser sensor we use is the same one we put into our other G-Series laser mice, so it’s pulling a lot of power. That said, you should be able to average around 12 hours with a single charge if you’re doing continuous gaming – which should be better performance than you’re getting with the G7. Less-intense activities will make the battery last longer. When your battery gets low, you can plug the charging/data cable and keep right on going. And since we’ve designed the connector on the charging/data cable to be easy to connect quickly, your downtime should actually be less than swapping out your G7’s battery.


  • Look great, but betting that software support will be just as poor as it always is, just like the other recent products in your gaming line. The most recent effort that I wasted money on, the G940 will be my last, after years of purchasing Logitech hardware, and investing well over £3000 over the years. It is obvious the guys in your software support are clueless and in no hurry to release updates within a reasonable timescale, and I doubt this will change anytime soon.

    Companies that actually give a damn, offering timely post release software and driver updates, addressing problems as they arise will get my cash in future; your lacklustre excuse for driver support I can do without.

    Why do I bother, it is clear you will delete the comment, and ignore the problems and customer complaints as usual.

    • Hi Hex,

      It’s true that in the case of the G940, we have had some issues with software and firmware that needed correcting. And as we’ve discovered and tracked these issues, we’ve made efforts to ensure that we release fixes as expediently as possible – though not always as quickly as we or our customers would have liked.

      With regard to the recently-announced G-Series products, however, we’re looking at a very different story. The G510, G700, and G930 all use completely different software from the G940, and they’re all products with which we have a long history of development. I’m confident that we’re delivering exceptional products that will perform above and beyond expectations.

      With that said, we want to ensure that you have a great experience with your G940 as well. I have forwarded your contact information to Mark Starrett, the product manager for the G940. Hopefully he will be able to work with you to address the issues you’re seeing with the G940.


  • Hello Chris,

    I’m pretty excited about the new G700 mouse – I’ve been waiting for a wireless gaming mouse with a design in the vein of the MX Revolution and this looks to be it. I did have a quick question about the mouse. Specifically, I wanted to know if the hyper-scroll feature is electronically enabled like in the MX Revolution or if it is manually toggled like the Performance Mouse MX. If it comes with a manual toggle, is there an option in the SetPoint software to change it so that the scroll wheel switches to hyper-scroll when spun fast enough?


    • Hi Murray,

      The scroll wheel on the G700 can only be toggled manually, with the button just behind the wheel. It is a physical mechanism that cannot be controlled electronically.


  • Do you have an estimate time for the g930 to come out? Also, does the g19 keyboard work well with the x8 sidewinder mouse?

    • Hi Alez,

      The G930 should start showing up in stores around late August or early September. I don’t have a specific answer for you on the G19, but it should work well with pretty much any mouse. It is unlikely that there would be any conflict between the two of them, anyway.


  • Does anyone have the measurements for the G510? Looks really nice and I’m definitely considering one. But I can’t find the dimensions anywhere. A little limited due to my keyboard tray. Thanks!

    • Hi Chris C,

      Here are the dimensions of the G510:

      With palmrest attached:

      1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
      52 cm wide (20.5″)
      36mm tall (1 3/8″)
      26.5cm deep (10.5″)

      Without palmrest attached:

      1.08 kg (2.4 lbs)
      52 cm wide (20.5″)
      36mm tall (1 3/8″)
      21cm deep (8.25″)

      It is a bit narrower than the original G15 – which was 55cm (22.5″) wide.


  • Hey Chris,

    1) I instantly loved the look of the Logitech G700 mouse but I was curious about the design choice. I really want to purchase this mouse but I’m wondering about how it would feel since I’ve grown used to the shape of past G series mice. The shape of this one looks more like the Logitech MX Revolution mouse. Why the change? (By the way I literally just bought your Logitech G500 mouse a few days ago and I’m loving it)

    2) Where are the on the fly DPI switching buttons located on the Logitech G700 mouse?

    3) Does the Logitech G700 mouse use the exact same scroll wheel as the G500 or has there been tweaks and improvements? The current scroll wheel tends to roll in the forward direction slightly even after stopping it with your finger as if it’s too much on a downward slanted angle.

    4) You have guaranteed yourself a sale with the new Logitech G510 keyboard even though I was hoping for a “true” successor to the Logitech G19 (basically a G19 with 18 hotkeys instead of the current 12 and a better screen) Are there any current plans for this?

    Thanks for the feedback and keep up the great work 🙂

    • Hi Randy,

      With the G700 we were really aiming at making a mouse that’s great for MMOs, so we knew we had to design it so that it had a ton of controls that were easily accessible (but not in the way), and so that it was comfortable to use for long gameplay sessions. The shape we ended up with was, we felt, the best way to achieve those two goals. I’ve been using one for a while now, transitioning from a G9x, and couldn’t be happier.

      The default locations for the DPI switching on the G700 are G9 for DPI decrease and G10 for DPI increase. These can be changed very easily within SetPoint, however, so if you want them somewhere else it’s easy to do. Personally, since I play a shaman in WoW, I set it up so that G9 is my standard totem set and G10 picks my totems up, and G8 is then set to rotate between DPI settings.

      We are constantly working with features to ensure that they are improved from product to product. For the scroll wheel in particular, we worked to ensure that it had a very positive click feeling when in click-to-click mode, and so that the click and left/right scroll features were easy to use if you wanted to but not easy to click accidentally. I can’t say specifically whether it’ll be different for you than the G500, though, because a lot of that depends on the way you actually use it and how your finger moves and rests on the scroll wheel.

      The G700 with a single AA battery (and the charging cable unplugged) weighs 153g. The G500 with max weights is 192g.

      The G700 is 123x80x46mm. The G500 is 130x76x44mm – a bit larger in every direction but height.

      I’m glad you like the G510, and your feedback on a G19 successor is interesting. I can’t answer your last question, however, as we only discuss products that are officially announced or are listed on our website.


  • Hi Chris,

    I’m very interested about the G930 headset and hope it will provide sound quality as good as the G35 thought it is wireless and lighter.

    I have a question about latency, regarding there is the Dolby headphone treatment and the wireless uncompressed transmission, do you have any official time of latency you could share with us?

    Best regards

    • Hi NEVdD,

      I don’t have an official number, but I can say with confidence that there is no perceptible delay between what is happening on your screen and the sound that comes out of the headset. Any difference between the G930 and the G35 in terms of latency would be measured in low single-digit milliseconds.


  • Is there any chance to get a release date on the keyboard and eventually the headset as well?

    I’d really love to get my hands on them both!

    • Hi red,

      The headset and keyboard are scheduled to hit shelves in late August or early September. I don’t have a more specific date than that.


  • Hello blogteam of logitech 😀
    I was wondering if you already ship the G510 gaming keyboard, because on the page it says “pre-order now” Wich indicates that it doesnt ship yet, right?

    I’d very much like to order one of those but dont want to wait for ages 😀

    Thanks anyway for your reply!

    • Hi Dylan,

      The G510 currently only available for preorder, but should be arriving in stores in late August or early September. Or it can be purchased from


  • when it gets released in America will it be released at the same time in Australia, also will you actually be able to by it from the website or will you have to go to a store to purchase it

    • Hi rydusx,

      The product is currently available in the US, but not yet in Australia. When it does arrive in the next couple of weeks, it will be in retail stores and on third-party web retailers.


  • Hey Chris. Those were some nice products that were announced. Three questions:

    Is there a round about date for the G700?

    I see there are 4 buttons on the side of the G700. After testing other products particularly aimed at MMO play, I have found that buttons other than the ones set at the thumb and main clicks were difficult to get to. Do you find it as such with the G700?

    Were there any considerations into adding more than 4 buttons, perhaps 6?

    Thank you for your time and help! And thanks again for the cool products.

    • Hi betazen,

      The G700 and G510 are already available for purchase on, and the G930 is available on

      We spent a significant amount of time and testing to perfect the position, number, and orientation of the buttons on the G700 – especially the thumb buttons and the three index finger buttons. The overriding goal with these buttons was to make them easily accessible by touch but difficult to click accidentally. I personally find that all the buttons are very easy to get to without having to think about what I’m doing. For example, in WoW I have G4 set to auto-run, G5 set to open all my bags, G6 is hotbar slot 6 (Purge), G7 is slot 7 (Fire Nova), G8 switches DPI values, G9 drops my standard totem set, and G10 picks my totems up. Overall, for me the mouse is fantastic for WoW. Obviously everyone’s experience will be different, though.


  • Hi Chris…

    The specs page doesn’t mention Mac support. Would it work with the Logitech Control Center (if not for the stored profiles)?

    Also, I don’t see the manual online…is there one?

    • Hi Michael,

      While the G700 will function when plugged into a Mac, as will any profiles that have been set up on a PC, there is not a custom Mac driver nor is there support for it in LCC.

      The G700’s Quickstart guide is available in PDF form from the Support section on the product page, or by clicking here.


  • Any idea when Best Buy will be getting the G700? I have to use my Rewards Zone gift certificate by the end of this month and I hope I can use it.

    • Hi Alex,

      The G700 is a NewEgg exclusive for the rest of August. Their first allotment of units is sold out but we have more on the way already. I would recommend using your Best Buy gift certificate on something else if it is expiring that quickly.


  • Hello chris,

    I was wandering where is the 13th button on the G700.
    You have the left click,right click, wheel click,three buttons one the side of the left click, two underneath the wheel, and four thumb buttons. A total of 12 buttons, so where is the 13th?!

    Also, when will the G700 be available at amazon.


    • Hi Ahmed,

      Only one of the buttons behind the scroll wheel is programmable. The other one – the one that is closer to the wheel – is a mechanical switch that engages and disengages hyper-fast scrolling. Obviously this takes your list down to 11, but two controls that you do not mention in your list are wheel tilt left and right – for a total of 13.

      The G700 is exclusive at NewEgg right now, but when that exclusivity is over you will see it in more locations. It’s not really possible for me to say precisely when any particular retailer will have it in stock, but Amazon tends to get things pretty quickly.


  • One other unrelated thing, I was thinking of getting a K350 keyboard to go with the G700, will the keyboard and mouse work with one Unifying receiver or do I need one for each device, and how would you grade the K350 as a gaming keyboard.


    • Hi Ahmed,

      The G700 cannot connect to a Unifying receiver. In order to ensure that it can communicate as fast as possible with the PC, a dedicated Gaming Grade receiver is required. The K350 is a great keyboard, but does not have the same 2ms report rate or 5 simultaneous keypresses across the entire keyboard that the G510 does. And it’s probably pretty clear that it doesn’t have 18 G-keys, RGB backlighting, or a GamePanel LCD either. 🙂


  • Hi -Chris

    I had some questions considering the new releases.

    My first one was the price. What makes the new G510 so much cheaper then the G19. Is there a difference in options (for example the USB input? Because I don’t really find a detailed list of all items (or gadgets) that are on the G510, what makes it hard to compare both of them.

    My Second question was if there is any problem with using the cable of your mouse constantly since I’m not really into wireless mouses. I don’t play MMO’s that much. And since you mostly say this mouse was created for MMO’s I’m wondering if I – as a FPS-player – actually will be happier with this mouse then a G9X

    My final question was about the Headset (G930). I bought the G35 because I really liked the spec’s. But I was wondering if there is any major difference between both of them (except for the wireless part obviously) since both headsets seem to be the same. And does the G930 get’s software updates because I’ve never been able to update my software with the G35 (what I really would like). The software doesn’t develop and it might need more functions in Teamspeak 3 since it’s used more and more now then Ventrilo.


    • Hi Android,

      The major difference between the two is the LCD – the G19 has a color LCD, while the G510’s LCD is monochrome (though you can change its backlighting color). In addition, the G19 has a USB 2.0 hub chip with two full-power ports, which requires a power supply. The G510 has neither of these features, which also results in a lower cost.

      There is no detriment to using the G700 with the cable plugged in all the time. In fact, with the cable plugged in, you don’t need the battery – which means you can remove it to reduce the weight of the mouse if you like.

      The three major differences between the G35 and the G930 are wireless (as you mentioned), weight (G930 is 20% lighter than G35), and an available SDK that developers, including VOIP application developers, can use to support the G-keys in their applications.


  • Hi Chris,

    I have another question;
    Does the G930 Headset have a function to redirect sound automatically between it and the soundcard?
    What I’d like is that when I use the headset, I just turn it on (maybe press a button) and the main sound output in Windows 7 is set to be the headset.
    When I’m finished with the headset, I just turn it of and my 5.1 system is set to the main output automatically.

    It would be really boring to go each time in the configuration panel to change the main sound output and apparently it is the case actually?

    This is the very last point which nedds to be cleared for me since everybody looks to love the G930 in USA, I can’t wait to get it in Europe 🙂

    Thank you in advance for your answer

    • Hi NEVdD,

      The way Windows handles sound makes this a very difficult request to answer. There is no such function in the G930 software, as Microsoft actually does not want third-party audio devices to have this kind of control over the OS. Instead, they want Windows to handle it. The only way to make what you’re requesting happen would be to unplug the receiver when you are not using the G930, and even then it would be up to the OS to decide which device to default back to once the G930 is not present.


  • Hey Chris.

    I have just got me a G700 mouse. but i can’t get G6-7-8-9-10 to work in WOW. hope u can help me with this.

    P.S I have installed setpoint.

    John Jensen

    • Hi John,

      Windows does not understand mouse buttons numbered above 5. In order for the G700’s mouse buttons 6-10 to function in WoW, you will need to first program them in SetPoint to play back either a Keystroke Assignment or a Macro, and then configure your hotkeys within WoW to perform those actions.


  • Hi chris,

    I’ve been following logitech mice/kbs for the longest time.
    I’ve had the G15 and its the best MMO KB eva….
    But now its under hammering over the years from WOW : )
    This G510 is the one thats going to replace my G15…
    Also i noticed the additional G keys on this which is the bomb for WOW..niceeeee
    on a side note, G700 is a mmo mouse, is this g510 and G930 also a MMO genre…if it is, i want the whole suite!!!

    • Hi Gamersbooster,

      I use the G700, the G510, and the G930 for playing WoW at home. As I’ve mentioned before, the extra buttons on the G700 are great for whatever class I’m playing, but particularly for classes that have a lot of skills that you need quick access to – like a tanking warrior. With the G510, you get all the great features you love with the G15 – the programmable keys and LCD that tells you who’s talking in Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, plus you get to choose your backlighting color – I use orange for M1 (my druid’s macro set), white for M2 (priest), and blue for M3 (shaman). The 7.1 sound is much more useful in FPS games for telling which direction an enemy is coming from, but the wireless is sooooo convenient when I want to go to the fridge for a soda while I’m waiting for a heroic group to form up. 😉


  • Hi Chris,
    I have read all the comments and I only found one like my issue. How does one program the buttons 6-10 to function in WOW. I know that you have answered this before but can you give a step by step (for all us noobs). I have the software set-up and I have tried to follow what you are talking about above but I just cant follow it. Thanks for the help.


    • Hi CXZ,

      Here are some more detailed steps on programming buttons in SetPoint:

      1. Open SetPoint
      2. Doubleclick the Wireless Gaming Mouse G700
      3. In the dropdown box under “Profile” on the left hand side, select the profile you want to modify. I chose General.
      4. In the Buttons section on the right hand side click “Edit”
      5. In the section labeled “Select the button you want to configure :”, select the button you want to configure. Start with 6.
      6. In the section labeled “Select the task you want to assign to this button :” click the dropdown box and scroll down to “Keystroke Assignment”
      7. In the section labeled “Keystroke :” under “Task Configuration :” enter a keystroke plus a set of modifiers to assign to button 6 – I chose “CTRL-SHIFT-Q”
      8. Click “Apply” at the bottom right of the dialog box
      9. Repeat for buttons 7-10, using keystrokes and modifiers that you don’t use for anything else – like “CTRL-SHIFT-Z” or something
      10. In WoW, go to the key configuration screen and assign the hotbar buttons you want to activate with the buttons on the mouse to the same keyboard combinations you assigned in SetPoint. The easy way to do this is to find the button you want to configure in WoW and assign it by clicking the button you programmed on the mouse.


  • Hello Chris,

    Nice to see someone from Logitech taking so much time out to fill in user feedbacks, thank you very much 🙂

    I’m on Mac OSX 10.6. I really badly want the G700 to replace my MX Revolution. I’m aware that there isn’t a native OSX driver for the mouse, hence a couple of questions please:

    1. I read here ( that you can use a third party drivers to configure the mouse buttons after having set them to ‘generic’ in Set Point in Windows. Does this really work ?

    2. Are the profiles that I set in Set Point embedded into the mouse ? Will they be erased / reset to default when I change the battery ?

    3. I want to play some games on Windows (via Boot Camp) sometime in the future. Can Set Point assign different button profiles for different games and launch them accordingly ? Will the ‘global’ profile be affected if you do this ?

    Many thanks and regards

    • Hi SC,

      While I can’t really comment on the usability of third-party configuration software, the G700 has five onboard profiles, and any buttons that you assign to those profiles to play keystrokes or macros will be retained in the mouse even if the battery is removed.


  • I was wondering when one could expect the G700 mouse to be available from Best Buy. I know it was exclusive to for the first month, but when can we expect it to be on BB’s shelves exactly?

    Also, why the lack of Unifying Receiver on the new line and DarkField technology on the G700? That’s a shame.

    • Hi Alex,

      The G700 is currently available on Amazon, Newegg, and other online retailers, and should be available in other stores sometime between the next few weeks and October. I don’t have detailed information about specific retailers or when they will receive product, but I do know that Best Buy will be carrying it.

      USB cannot communicate faster than 1000 reports per second, so in order to get a true gaming experience with the G700 we needed a dedicated receiver. Having to share a single USB connection with other devices would prevent it from being able to have the 1ms report rate gamers want.

      Finally, Darkfield technology is great for working surfaces like glass, but it does not have the acceleration or speed capabilities required for gaming. It cannot track at 165 inches per second or handle 30 Gs of acceleration like the sensor in the G700.


  • Ah, I was really excited about the G700 for a minute there… until I found out that Logitech have shoved in the same flaws as their other gaming mice…

    a) For a gaming mouse, we really don’t want a tilt wheel. It just makes it difficult to press the middle button quickly and reliably. Why they keep putting a tilt wheel on their gaming mice, I’ll never know.

    b) They also have the dual-mode scroll wheel, where you can switch between normal scrolling and free fly wheel scrolling. This is bad, because the normal scrolling (with detents) is not firm enough – it still “flys” a bit, so it’s really not very good for selection, etc. Once again, they just should not put this on a gaming mouse.

    Oh, Logitech, when will you learn to listen to reviews and customers? Almost every review I’ve read (on the G500 and the G700, for example) state that the tile-wheel is a bad idea, because it makes it difficult to use the middle button, because you accidentally actuate the tilt when you don’t want to. Perhaps either remove this feature, or make the tile much harder to actuate. But don’t keep releasing the same flawed thing again and again 😛

    They also state that the wheel is not firm enough when in normal mode (non-free-wheel mode) – the detends should be more solid, and the wheel should not “fly” through more than one position when used. It’s just way too loose at the moment.

    So, in short… Logitech have created a great mouse here, except for the same old flaws that they stubbornly refuse to fix/remove!

    If they just made one without the fly wheel and tilt wheel (just a normal scroll wheel) then it’d be great. And preferably a wired version too 😛
    (some of us don’t want to pay the extra money for a feature we’ll never use – not to mention the extra weight).

    • Hi NightCabbage,

      Thanks very much for your feedback. It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of thought into it, and I’ll make sure we take it into consideration for development of future gaming products. While tilt and the HyperFast scroll features are pretty popular with many gamers, we recognize not every feature is ideal for everyone.


  • so its almost the end of september, just wondering if the realease date for the logitech g510 will also come as the same release date for the USA, since i live in canada?

    • Hi Michael,

      The G510 should be available in Canada already, assuming Canadian retailers have ordered it from our warehouse or our distributor partners. I would recommend contacting a store FutureShop or Best Buy to find out more information on availability.


    • Hi NightCabbage,

      We have not announced anything like that, but thanks for the feedback. As I said earlier, requests from our customers are incredibly important in product development, so we’ll keep that in mind for future products.


  • Hello I bought this product in pre-sale last week.
    Because the date of release is yet past I would like to know about a fix day to by for G510.
    Thank in advance

  • Thanks for the replies Chris 🙂

    Muchly appreciated, and great to see you listening to the community!

    I’m still using my trusty old G5 (2007) – but can’t wait to upgrade to something with a few extra buttons! (I’m holding out for a new Logitech, and preferably wired)

  • Hey Chris,

    I looked on logitechs website and read about the G510 keyboard and what games the LCD supports. I was wondering if the new FFXIV would work on it with a update that can be dowloaded or does the publisher have to support the GamePanel technology

    • Hi Tanner,

      Square Enix would need to implement support for the LCD in FFXIV themselves. Particularly with MMOs, developers and publishers tend to not be happy when third parties start poking around in their game’s data, so we try to work directly with them to get support for our products. With regard to Square Enix and FFXIV specifically, I don’t have any information currently about whether it will have GamePanel LCD support, but I can say that we talk to them quite frequently and they are aware of the G510 and its feature set.


  • Chris,

    This appears to be a “replacement” for the beloved G7 mouse. But it falls short. The batteries being switched out so quickly was a HUGE perk in the G7. You stated earlier that connecting the charging cord is even faster, but then it’s just a corded mouse. I’d rather take the extra 1 second to switch out my batteries. Are there any plans to have another gaming mouse with the same type of battery set up that the G7 had? I’m sure there are plenty of people out there looking for that exact product.

    • Hi Drago,

      We take into account many pieces of feedback as we develop new products, and one clear request for our gaming mouse lineup from a great many people was a wireless product that could also be used in wired mode. We’ll monitor how this feature is received over the life of the product, and make decisions for future products based on reviewing that feedback. What our plans are for future products I’m not at liberty to discuss. I’m only allowed to talk about stuff we’ve actually announced to the public. As I said, though, we do take very seriously all the feedback we receive from our customers, and you are helping the development process by giving us yours.


  • Hey Chris,

    I just wanted to say that I have been looking for a new mouse and I have purchased a mouse on sale (half price, 25$ which is dirt cheap) from another company to replace my G5, or at least give me something else to try. It’s not that I don’t love my G5 but that many people are saying that the thumb buttons and the scroll wheel are hard to press on the G500.

    A previous poster said that the dual mode scroll wheel should not be put into gaming mice, I think that it is a plus for the G500 but at the same time it is a draw back because it makes the scroll wheel harder to use in “normal” mode compared with the G5.

    The same user also said that putting the “tilt” feature was bad, I disagree because this is something I use all the time playing MMO games. It is a simple way to add an extra 2 buttons. But even with my G5 it can be hard to press it down as a normal middle mouse key.

    Having said this I will never buy a wireless mouse, its not the latency that holds me off but the fact that I will have to deal with batteries and that batteries add to the weight of the mouse. Also batteries will lose their charge over time forcing me to buy new ones and forcing me to find the correct ones that will not break my mouse.

    I think this comment is getting to long though. I just want to say that I have been researching mice for a while now to try and find a replacement for my G5. The G500 comes up there but the Scroll wheel and the thumb buttons being hard to press (because they are clumped together, some reviewers have said) have been holding me off. Maybe if you guys considered making the G500 button placement similar to the G700 I would consider buying it.

    Anyway great job on the new products, I’m sure they are top notch. As I have stated I want to replace my G5. This does not mean I have had any problems with it, it still works great and I have never had a problem with it or my G15 keyboard.

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