Have Tunes, Will Travel: New Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i [Video]

Would you rather have eight speakers in an iPod dock or an eight-hour rechargeable battery? Well now you don’t have to choose – the new Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i has both!

We know you want your tunes to go where you go and sound great whether you’re in the living room, at a friend’s party or at a picnic. Designed by the Logitech Audio Labs, with the S715i you get a custom-tuned, portable speaker for iPod and iPhone that delivers bold sound in an easy-to-carry design. And an eight-hour rechargeable battery lets you rock all night long, wherever you go.

Check out the video below of product marketing manager Doug Ebert introducing all of the features of the S715i. I think he sums up the amazing acoustics nicely when he says “it pounds.”


Senior Manager, Digital Music & Streaming Media


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