New Logitech Alert Video Security System Lets You Keep an Eye on What Matters Most

At Logitech, we’re firmly committed to delivering on our promise to bring HD video to anyone, anywhere. To this date, this promise has been primarily focused on our vision for making HD video communications mainstream. Today, we’re extending this promise to HD video monitoring and surveillance by introducing Logitech Alert, a complete HD digital video security system that lets you always keep an eye on what matters to you from anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to check on the new car in the garage, the kids coming back from school, your home while on vacation or your small business, Logitech Alert will let you access live video on a secure website from any PC, Mac, or through Logitech’s free smartphone applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Soon you’ll also be able to access Logitech Alert in your living room via Google TV so you can check in on the baby in the crib or see who is at the front door without leaving your couch.

Check out this video from Evan Tree, chief product officer of Digital Video Security at Logitech, as he shares all the cool features — including: Night-vision, motion-triggered recordings and alerts, and more…

This next generation video security system couldn’t be easier to set-up with no networking hassles thanks to HomePlug AV. And the HD smart cameras have a built in DVR which means they keep recording even if you take your PC laptop with you when you leave the house.

We truly believe that Logitech Alert is the only HD video security system of this quality and price point on the market today. We’re excited for you to try it and look forward to hearing what you think.


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz


  • Good afternoon

    i have purchased wilife Cameras last month and working great. just wanted to know if the logitech alert app for the iphone will work for this. also whats the website for remote login and is this going to replace the wilife online website

    • Glad to hear you are pleased with your WiLife video security system. The iPhone App that we just announced is part of Logitech Alert which is a completely new video security system that is not compatible with WiLife, primarily because Logitech Alert leverages advanced core technology that enables the new system to keep recording even when the PC is off or disconnected from the network. This is a significant improvement that we felt was important since many of our customers use a laptop as the main PC, and want to be able to take it with them to work or on vacation — Logitech Alert lets them do that, while the cameras continue to record and store videos. You can run the previous Command Center SW and the new Commander simultaneously on the same computer if you would like.

  • Would be interesting to see how it would compare to my current Panasonic IP camera system. Obviously I like the DVR features, however can I still view over an internet connection remotely?

    • Yes, Logitech Alert comes with free remote viewing from a browser (on a PC, Mac) or via smartphone apps, including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. If you’re a power user, you may chose to upgrade to Logitech Alert Web and Mobile Commander. Web Commander gives you all the features of the powerful PC software when away from home on any Web-connected browser. Mobile Commander upgrades your smartphone app to allow you view live and recorded video, as well as manage alerts and system setting while on the go. Both come as a bundle for $79.99 per year with free 7-day trial.

      With Logitech Alert, you get a powerful, easy to set-up and use system that provides a seamless experience. Most consumer IP cameras are typically stand-alone requiring customers to cobble together a solution.

    • Actually, with Logitech Alert there are no new wires or networking hassles thanks to HomePlug® AV Networking so connecting your camera is as easy as plugging in your toaster into an outlet. As for a completely wireless camera, it is our policy not to comment on future roadmap.

    • Yes, Logitech Alert comes with free remote viewing from smartphone apps for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. You can also upgrade to the Mobile Commander iPhone App which let’s you view live and recorded video, as well as manage alerts and system setting while on the go. Mobile Commander comes bundled with Web Commander for $79.99 per year with free 7-day trial.

  • As i am thinking in installing a new system at my new home, I though of all options

    I suggest that it will be also important if there is an optional motion or heat sensor that trigger the system to start capturing when a person or a car move into the frame of the cameras or certain area.

    not everyone would like the video capturing for 24 hours without any need also the trigger option could be keep recording for certain period in minutes until the body stop moving or the person leave .

    That is very important indeed

    • We agree with you that motion-triggered recording is an important feature and that’s why it is one of the key features of Logitech Alert. The cameras only record when motion is detected which makes it far easier to review what happened than if there was one continuous 24/7 recording.

      Thank you for the suggestion of heat detection, if we see that this is a feature that our customers want, we will take in into consideration for future product development.

  • But what about the existing customers???????

    I have an eight month old Logitech system using the Wilife service. Suddenly it does not work any longer and there is only a URL redirect to Logitech’s marketing web. There is no answer when you use the search function about what has happened and calling the support does not help – they do not have a clue about what’s going on.

    Shame on Logitech leaving their existing customers in the dark…….

    Very disappointed customer/Per-Arne

  • We installed several wilife systems – Now we are astonished!!!! On the wilife webpage only the new alert system is visible. Whats going on? What is with the existing clients? What is about compatibility between Alert and wilife????
    It is very unprofessional how the web site is done by logitech and gives no news about my techical questions. If Logitech ist going on so, we will stop sell theese products.

    Please answer my questions – Thank you – Markus

  • Yeah, i cant seem to get pass the login screen on the iphone app. im useing my wilife email and pass word but it doesnt work.

    • The iPhone app is only compatible with the new Alert line of video security cameras. Logitech Alert is a completely new video security system that is not compatible with WiLife, primarily because Logitech Alert leverages advanced core technology that enables the new system to keep recording even when the PC is off or disconnected from the network.

  • Quite an impressive system, but quite an impressive price for me. Nevertheless, what price do you place on your home security and the safety of your family. Would be nice to have a wireless system so that they could not be disconnected by any perpetrators.

    • Thank you for the suggestion regarding wireless cameras. We certainly considered it. But we decided that using HomePlug technology was the best option. This allows the cameras to transfer data (e.g. video) securely using existing AC power lines. Unlike wireless technology, Logitech Alert transmits encrypted video signals along the AC power lines to a network adapter that allows the camera and video to be viewed on your network. This allows for faster, more reliable transmission than traditional wireless technology. Plus true “wireless” battery operated cameras can only stay alive for a few hours between charges.

  • did I understand that correctly:
    With the WebAlert Sw you will be able to see whats happening even if your PC is NOT running?
    I know that pictures/Videos are stored on the SD Card, an accessible when restarting your PC.

    • Because the cameras have a built in microSD card and are connected to your network and not to your PC then the cameras can record and store video, and are accessible without your home PC needing to be on. You can even take your PC laptop with you. To view your cameras from outside of your home without your home PC running, simply use any web connected PC or Mac and log into and voila – you are viewing live. Or use one of the free smartphone apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

  • I have a current Logitech Wilife system. Is the alert system compatible with my current system? Can I just add a new logitech alert outdoor add on camera to my existing system or will it work vice versa?

    • Logitech Alert is a completely new video security system that is not compatible with WiLife, primarily because Logitech Alert leverages advanced core technology that enables the new system to keep recording even when the PC is off or disconnected from the network. This is a significant improvement that we felt was important to our customers given that many of them use a laptop as their main PC, and want to be able to take it with them to work or on vacation — Logitech Alert lets them do that, while the cameras continue to record and store videos. You can run the Old Command Center SW and Commander simultaneously on one machine if you want but you can’t add a Logitech Wilife camera to an Alert system or vise versa.

  • 360 cameras & Motion sensing or body sensing that trigger the camera to recoed for few minutes more practical.

    • Thank you for your suggestion but there are currently no plans to support WiLife with an iPhone App.

  • I have the same question as Markus Polet ( August 4th, 2010 at 4:01 am)

    What is about compatibility between Alert and wilife?
    Does my current HW (“wilife”) will be supported by the new Alert SW.

    I really really appreciate the new features of Alert HW and SW (Night vision, sound, SD card, zoom,…) but I would be disapointed to throw away my current (“old generation”) camera.

    Have a good day.

  • Logitech team,

    First, let me say the new security product looks very impressive. However, as an existing wilife customer, I have a bone to pick. I have to disagree that Logitech will “continue to support the wilife product”. To me, and likely most of the other customers who plunked down a few hundred bills on Wilife–“Support” means improvements to the software, new camera and hardware options, AN APP FOR IPHONE…. I purchased the product with the assumption that Logitech would continue to develop it, not completely replace it. Sorry to be a downer. I hope the new product is big success and that Logitech continues to support it’s customers.

    • Hi Ben, thank you for your feedback. We understand your concerns but we can assure you that our existing WiLife customers will continue to get support from Logitech. If there was any way that we could make Logitech Alert compatible with WiLife, we would have certainly made it happen. But because Logitech Alert leverages advanced core technology that enables the new system to keep recording even when the PC is off or disconnected from the network, there was no way to make it compatible with WiLife. The ability for the cameras to continue to record while the PC is off is a significant improvement that we felt was important to implement in order to continue to innovate in digital video security, and to provide the best possible experience to customers. For more information on how we will continue to support the WiLife products, please visit

  • We have the Wilife system at our 2nd home in the mountains and love it. It’s extremely reliable and the outdoor cams stand up to the winter conditions without a glitch. We would like to install the new alert system in our primary residence. Can you tell me when this system will be available?


  • Great writeup Evan! I have a couple questions for you.

    First, it didn’t seem very clear how much exactly the 2GB SD card can hold. The site says up to one week, but does that mean one week straight of audio/video? I understand in partially depends on what is being recorded as well, but is there a more detailed answer to how much, say, a 2GB card could hold? In hours, for example? This is very important to me.

    Also, if I were to want to obtain an additional add-on camera and install it in a garage that is not connected to my home, but is within feet of it (the garage is a separate building), is there any way I could know if that setup would work at all? In other words, how can we know where exactly the system could be setup?


    • Thanks for the questions and the opportunity to provide additional clarification. You as the user, you can define motion detection zones and sensitivity so that the system only records motion triggered video , saving disk space and allowing many more days, weeks and months of video storage. Video is recorded at 720p and requires approximately 5 MB per minute or 7 GB for a full 24 hours of continuous recording. But the last thing we want to do is live our life twice by trying to review continuous recording. That’s why motion triggered recording is so important, now you can review what happened while you were away instead of what didn’t happen. With the included 2GB card the typical residential customer will be able to store a week’s worth of video. You can also replace the included microSD card for one with more memory which you can purchase from any computer retail store.

      To answer your question on the detached garage: It’s very likely that the camera will work just fine in that garage as long as it shares the same power meter as the rest of the home. The easiest way to check this out is to simply plug your first camera into an outlet in the detached garage and see if connects to your Commander software. If so, you’re ready for a second or third camera.

  • WiLife was only one remote viewer at a time, will this new alert command software allow more than one remote viewer at a time? My house is so old it is two wire, no ground. Will this work? If not, can the camera plug directly to the router? The alert of motion I would need is audio on computer. The only thing I have seen in reviews is a caution triangle appearing on the screen. Can motion trigger a noise on the computer so one knows to check the camera? Can it do this audio alert all the time or only during the 3 min. allowed for watching the camera?

    • Thanks for the questions. Let me address them one at a time:

      1) The new Logitech Alert system will support one browser connected viewer (from a PC) and one mobile phone connected user simultaneously.

      2) The system should work just fine on your home wiring. HomePlug does not require a ground wire. And to answer the second part of this question, you can also plug the camera directly into PoE routers (Power over Ethernet). These are commonly used routers that provide power to connected devices so that an additional power source is not required. If you were to choose this option you would not need the power supply provided with the Logitech Alert camera.

      3) Yes, motion triggered alerts can provide an audio response from the site where they are located. All you would need to do is make sure that your Commander software at your home is running and the volume on your speakers is set to your desired level. When a camera detects motion you will receive a desktop alert and audible warning. You can even choose one of many sounds that we have included in the Commander software. The Commander software can run all the time if you choose so there is no time limit on the duration of audible alerts.

    • Hi Adam, at this time we do not have plans to release night vision for the indoor camera. If you have an application that requires night vision inside you can certainly use the outdoor camera.

  • Very Interested in the Alert Video System.

    I am wondering if there will be any problems with conflicts between my X10 systems that use the house electrical wiring for signal transmiision and the video alert system that also uses the house electrical wiring for signal transmission

    Comments ?

    • Hi Brian, You shouldn’t experience any problems at all with X10 systems and HomePlug AV. They operate on totally different frequency bands.

  • Questions:
    Am I given to understand that the new camera system must be connected at some point to the Ethernet router?

    And then do the other cameras just attach to power only and function as wireless stations communicating with the rest of the network via the Ethernet connection?


    • Hi Jenna, Yes, you are correct. Both Logitech Alert master systems (750i and 750e) come with a HomePlug AV adapter which connects to your router. This adapter is what we call a bridge between your powerline, or home electrical wiring and your home computer network (router). Each camera also bridges to the powerline through its power adapter and creates a secure connection from your camera back to your home router. HomePlug technology is very cool because it eliminates the need to run wires and it’s much easier to setup than WiFi. Once your cameras are connected to your home network you can access and manage video using the Commander software from any network connected PC in your home. You also have secure access to live video for free using Web Viewer and Mobile Viewer from anywhere in the world.

  • Evan, as a prospective purchaser I posted a comment regarding possible conflicts with X10 systems and the Alert video system. I have X10 controlled lighting in my house so I hope you can see why I posted the comment. The comment does not seem to have gotten past the moderator as it does not appear . Plase let me know why. Thks.

  • Thank you Evan. You mention the alert working on Commander Software running at home. Can this also work when using a browser? If it is only available with the premium service, that is fine. But I would like to receive audio alerts if there is motion from a location away from the house. It would be fine if I had to keep a tab or window on my browser open all the time. I need a Grandma cam vs. a Nanny Cam. I want to sleep at my house and know if Grandma made it back from the bathroom OK in the middle of the night. She has a button around her neck (I have fallen and can’t get up button) and a live in caregiver with a baby monitor and both have failed me in the past. If the alert will wake me up and the video shows she has fallen, I can call the caregiver and or drive over there myself.

    • At this time this would not be a use case for the Logitech Alert system. The remote connection requires a person to actively monitor and manage the live video stream, if not then the live stream would go dormant.

  • Can I get a valid reason besides “these new cameras record while the PC is off” as to why there are no plans whatsoever to expand the mobile support of the current generation WiLife cameras? I understand this is a new series, higher resolution, records to microsd when the pc is off, etc, but all the tools are there to make the wilife system compatible to stream to other mobile devices like android and iphone.

    • Hi Jason, I’m sorry but currently there are no plans to create a mobile application for WiLife. Keep in mind that the current WiLife system does a great job of sending email alerts with still images and offers live video viewing on phones running Windows Mobile. We also want to be very clear that we will continue to support existing WiLife customers.

  • Does the email alert attach video to the email and will it do the email and attachment even when the home computer is not on or on but not running Commander?

    • The email alert will include a still image of the event. It will not attach video at this time. Keep in mind that once you receive an alert you can go to live video from your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android or Blackberry. And with the Web Commander & Mobile Commander bundle, you can review recorded videos with these same devices.

      You will still receive alerts when your computer is turned off because the cameras handle motion detection and alerts. The cameras will also continue to record and store video thanks to the microSD card that comes with each camera.

  • I loved the logitech wilife cameras………when they first came out. However, my entire installation of 4 cameras has succomb to the same problem. Power supply overheating. While I would love to get excited by this new generation of Logitech devices, how can I really, if these devices could have the same problem as the old ones.

    Additionally, Logitech only provided 1 year warranty on the cameras. Did it know something we did not? The price point for the new camera is in the exact sphere as the old one too. Without an upgrade path to the new cameras….this early adopter just cant afford to move to them, even if I wanted to.

    Sorry Logitech, I have to pass.


    • Hi Jim, The great thing about good technology is that it will continue to improve over time. If you loved the WiLife system, you will absolutely be amazed with the Alert system. The new system uses HomePlug AV technology to create a network on your existing powerline at speeds up to 200mbps. And thanks to significant advancements in the technology, the completely redesigns power supplies use very little current. The 4-7 watt unit now uses about the same amount of energy as a standard night light. The new technology has been aggressively tested and we are confident that it will be extremely reliable and long lasting.

      We would love to have you as a new Logitech Alert owner, and yes, we do offer a path for existing WiLife customers to upgrade to the new Logitech Alert system. Please visit this page to learn how you can receive 20% off your purchase of the new system.

  • Alert is a complete new system right? What I’m trying to ask is, can you add an Alert Camera into my current WiLife system? If not, would Logitech consider an upgrade program for current WiLife customers who wish to upgrade?

    • Please see reply to Den above… “Logitech Alert is a completely new video security system that is not compatible with WiLife, primarily because Logitech Alert leverages advanced core technology that enables the new system to keep recording even when the PC is off or disconnected from the network. This is a significant improvement that we felt was important since many of our customers use a laptop as the main PC, and want to be able to take it with them to work or on vacation — Logitech Alert lets them do that, while the cameras continue to record and store videos.” Yes, we do offer a path for existing WiLife customers to upgrade to the new Logitech Alert system. Please visit this page to learn how you can receive 20% off your purchase of the new system.

      And for more info on our continued WiLife support, please visit:

  • I have 2 older wilife cameras, and I have tried to login to view them on my ipad, using safari. it tells me to install ms silverlight, which you cannot install programs on the ipad. Do you know if the old website viewer will be compatible with the ipad? (downloaded the app but it will not work I assume because I need the new cameras) Second question would the new cameras be compatible with ipad? I also have an android phone, but again i would need the new cameras and software in order to be able to view?

    • In order to use the Android app, you will need to have the Logitech alert system. Logitech Alert does not currently offer an iPad app.

  • Hi,

    Do you have any plans to offer a “spy camera” version of the new alert system? I don’t mind upgrading to the new cameras, but I notice you don’t have a spy camera version, and I really like my WiLife one.

  • I am planning to purchase the 750e master system and additional 700e cameras. If I decide to add to the system with indoors 700i cameras, will it work with the 750e system or do I have to purchase a separate 750i system system to manage the indoor cameras?

    Second question. Can all 6 cameras be viewed in a live mode at the same time on the computer? I assumed recording activities via the microSD card is a separate function regardless of whether the PC is turned on or not. Likewise, can the cameras record live video straight to the PC application software in addition to the microSD card?

    Thanks for introducing an HD solution. Been waiting for something like this for a long time.


    • To answer your first question, you only need one Logitech Alert master system (either 750i or 750e) to which you can add on five other cameras (700i and/or 700e) that you can mix and match. Regarding your second question, yes you can view live video of all six cameras simultaneously from the Commander software. Motion based video clips are stored to the cameras microSD card and are uploaded to your PC for management and backup when the Commander software is running on a PC that is connected to the same local network as the cameras.

  • Another question about the microSD card on the camera – once the 2Gb card is full, does the camera override the beginning of the microSD card or does it stop recording until the stored video is downloaded on the PC? Thanks again!


    • Hi Bernard, The video on the microSD card is stored first in, first out. So the camera will continuously record the latest clips over the oldest clips on the card. So it’s a good idea to run your Commander software locally every few days if you would like to maintain a continuous backup. Please keep in mind that the cameras will support up to 32gb microSD cards, so you could realistically store months of motion based video on each camera

  • I was wondering if the new logitech cameras will deliver live video with no delay? The Wilife system has about a 15 second delay when streaming live video. I have 9 cameras and think they are great. Thanks!

    • Hi Roger, thanks to the new advanced platform of the Logitech Alert system, the delay when viewing live video over the web has been reduced to an average of 1-2 seconds.

  • Looks great!

    Have you posted a complete specification sheet, installation/users manual, etc for the 750e online yet. I’d like to read up the details before I order. Cheers!

    • At this time, Commander software is only compatible with Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, and 7) so you will need a PC to set-up your Logitech Alert system. Once it’s set-up though, you can completely manage it from a Mac via Web Commander ($79 for an annual subscription).

  • I understand there is no compatibility between new Alert System and Wilife Sytem. But you mentioned that both command system softwares can run on the same PC.
    But what about the Home Plug transmission systems? Have you tried to have both systems running simultaneaously in one electrical installation?
    Can I reasonnably plan, for instance, to use 2 new “Alert cameras” beside my 3 Wilife cameras existing installation, though I understand well that both systems will run independently?
    Thank you

    • Yes, you can run the Old Command Center SW and Commander simultaneously on the same computer if you want, and have the two systems running independently. Both HomePlug technologies are compatible and in most cases operate together on the same powerline.

  • I now owned both WiLife and Alert system, and I’m now running both system simultaneously in my convenient store. Wilife system is great but I think the new Alert offer vastly improvement over the old and I recommend anyone who’s looking. The picture qualtiy and ability to watch it remoetely more than offset the cost of this new system.
    I however have a question about the older WiLife system. Why is there such a dely (5-10 seconds) when I put all six cameras into use? Is it the system or is it the hardware? I’m using a Intel Quad Core 6600 with 8GB DDR2, Radeon ATI 5870 card, and Intel X25M SSD drive.
    Please advise.

    • Hi Pavin, The PC you are using has great specs and should run just fine with six cameras. I would bet that your issue may be from poor powerline performance. Convenience stores typically have a lot of noise on the powerline due to all of the compressor motors, dispensing units and florescent lighting fixtures. I would go into “Setup” on the Command Center software and select the “Cameras” tab. In the lower right hand corner you will find a “Camera Information” button. Click on this button and you will see a dialog box that displays your cameras connection status. If you see any connections that are “Poor” or “Fair”, you should try to connect these cameras to a power outlet that is closer to your PC. You can also try connecting your USB bridge to a different outlet and see if that improves your camera connection status. If you can bring all of your connections up to a “Good” or “Excellent” status, you should see the delay go away.

  • I have the complete older wilife camera system (4 indoor and 2 outdoor). I had to get two outdoor gfci outlets installed for the out door cameras, and the only way to get all of them continuously working, was to have the receiver via extension cord plugged in to the center of the house running along the floor to the office. Not a very good “wireles system” I have tried every possible configuration, both in the old house, and new house- even had a phase coupler put into the panel- only the receiver directly plugged into the middle of the house seems to work.
    Would one of those 40 ft. usb cords with repeater work with two male ends for power, so I could run it up into the attic and back down into my office? I have spent too much on the replacement of cameras and homeplugs, electricians, and now all of the electronics in every other room due to an power overage due to poor (but to code) wiring for the out door cameras!
    I also want to know if the old cameras and homeplug adapters and receivers will be able to be replaced when the burn up due to poor capacitors and heat exchange issues (the latest camera I had to replace came with a fan on the home plug) not replaced due to power overage.
    Thanks, Lars

    • Hi Lars, It sounds like you would benefit greatly from the new advanced technology found in the Alert system. Did you know that you can receive a 20% discount when you upgrade your system? Learn more here: If this is not an option for you, I would consider finding a WiLife Pro power injector like the one shown here: This powerline bridge can be used instead of the USB bridge and can be connected directly to your router rather than your PC. USB was designed for short cable connections and you may have problems extending the cable that far.

      And yes we will continue to support the WiLife product line.

  • Hi Evan,

    I have some questions about the new Alert Commander system:

    – Logitech offer some special accessorie/bridge to mount the camera and the router adapter between two phases on three-phase electric power systems?

    – Can you explain why this system is offered for home use, give some problem into professional applications?

    – The price for Bundle Web & Mobile Commander is $79,99/year, what is planned for separate services?

    Thanks, Patrick

    • Hi Patrick, It sounds like you have an application in a large building or industrial area. The Alert system was specifically designed using HomePlug technology for use in homes and small businesses. However, the Alert cameras also feature PoE (Power over Ethernet) network connectivity which means that you can plug them directly into a PoE router and eliminate the need for the HomePlug adapter that’s included in the system. These routers are readily available at consumer electronic stores and are designed to send power to the camera over the network cable. This option requires that you run a Cat-5e cable from your router to the camera location but provides a great solution for applications outside of the home.

  • Roger,
    I am running the Wilife system simultaneously with the Alert system, and really like the new Alert system. I will probably change over to all Alert cameras at some point simply because I like the Android App and live viewing.
    I am having a problem, however with the subsciption to Web Commander, which I purchased via Paypal on 8/20. I have not yet received an authentication number to activate the subscription and my trial subscription expires in a couple of days. When I called customer service on 8/21, the representative told me I should receive an e-mail “in a couple of days” however have not yet received anything yet. My order shows in my account as “complete.”
    I think that this order process needes to be refined with either immediate authentication, or a least a message with further information on the order fulfillment.
    How can I get my subscription activated?

    • We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We do believe that the issue was resolved last week and everyone that has purchased the bundle has now received the upgrade. Please let us know if this is not the case and we will get it taken care of immediately.

  • Any ideas when the Logitech Alert for Blackberry will be out on the Blackberry App world?

    Really like the new system. I had wilife system with 6 cameras for a few years and this is a major upgrade.

    • We are working on getting this done as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next week or two…

  • Let me repeat what Terri said above. I, too, subscribed on 8/21 and have yet to receive my activation code for Web and Mobile Commander. I also called customer service and got the same answer. I understand that this is a new (and VERY improved – I owned two WiLife systems with 10 cameras) product, but my trial will run out in a couple of days. Thanks.

    • Hi Mitchell, please see my post to Roger above. Sorry for the hassle and please let us know if this is not yet resolved for you.

  • Hi, two questions. If you buy the premium service, does the video store online? What would the local pc be for at that point?

    Second, the android will work. It just keeps timing out. Any thoughts?

    • The video is actually stored on the camera’s 2GB microSD card if your computer is off or disconnected from the network. Once your PC is reconnected to the network, it will automatically back-up and store video from your cameras. With Web Commander, you can directly access video stored on your cameras, without the need for the PC at home.

      Because the video is optimized and sent to your through our servers there is a 90 seconds time-out placed on each session. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have but you have to acknowledge that you want to continue viewing every 90 seconds.

  • Would be awesome to have radio camera version using the new Alert system, so we can record discretely without having our computer on all the time.

    • Sorry, but there are no plans at this time to have a discrete version of the Alert camera. As you may know, the new Logitech Alert system comes with a “smart” camera with a built-in microSD card for storing video, so it eliminates the need for your computer to be on all the time.

  • As I mentioned in my last post, the android app is not working. It keeps saying network error, any thoughts?

    • It’s likely that you may not have the latest version of this app. Please try downloading the latest version from the Android app store.

  • Just one question. is that possible can send sms or through any way to contact the owner immediately when camera detect any movement for indoor camera?


  • Love this product but it still is not available to purchase anywhere! When will 750e Outdoor Master System and the 700e Add-On Cameras be available?

    • Hi JP, We’re sorry that due to high demand, these units are temporarily out of stock at most locations. The good news is that we expect to begin fulfilling orders again in the next few days. You’re patience will be well worth the wait.

  • Is it possible to extend the cable between the camera and the power point? Something like 10m would be practical for some places.

    • Hi K,

      Yes, the Logitech Alert video security system is available at Best Buy. You can also purchase the system at and


    • PG and Rossi,

      We are working on making the system more widely available, but I do not have a timeline for when the product will be available in Australia.

  • I am considering the Alert security camera system.
    1. Our home is in an area with frequent power outages. Will the system remain completely functional when power is restored? I will often be away and not able to do any on-site restoration procedures if needed after power failure.
    2. It seems as though the system will be functional remotely if the setup PC is turned off, is that correct?
    3. The outdoor cameras that would be used at my location will require long cable runs to an outlet. What length of cable is supplied? Extra lengths available?
    4. The cameras provide storage via SD cards. Any estimate of the time period a specific size card allows in normal use? Can storage space be cleared remotely?
    5. Will motion detection be triggered by falling leaves, running squirrels, dripping rain, blowing tree limbs or debris?

    • Answers to your questions, in order:

      1. Yes, your cameras will reboot into their previous state in the event of a power outage. Even though your cameras will continue to run fine without a PC, I would recommend that you use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to keep your network and PC running during temporary outages.

      2. Yes, your cameras will connect to our servers and be accessible whether there is a PC running or not once you have completed the initial setup of the system.

      3. The outdoor camera comes with a 20 foot cable but you can purchase a longer cable in the Logitech store.

      4. The cameras come with a 2GB MicroSD card which will usually provide 1-2 weeks of motion based recordings. You can increase this capacity up to 32 GB per camera if you like. When running the Commander software on a local PC all recordings from your cameras will be archived to the PC location you provide during your initial camera setup. And, there’s no need to clear space on your storage cards because the Alert camera will do that for you. Once the card is full of recordings it will automatically write new recordings over the oldest clips.

      5. In short, yes, your cameras will record motion, whether it’s squirrels or blowing tree’s. However, you can define up to 16 areas of interest or motion zones per camera. This is extremely helpful to ignore areas of the video that may have busy streets, tree’s or bushes that move in the wind. You can also set the sensitivity of these zones to help eliminate recordings of small objects.

      Hope this helps.

  • The new Alert system looks great, but I saw there are no supported hidden cameras (the WiLife had a clock camera). Any plans to introduce one soon as we are in the market now for a nanny camera system?

    • Raj,

      Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss future product releases, however I can tell you that we are always exploring the possibility of expanding our product lines.

      – Evan

  • I really like the system you have introduced and am trying to figure out how to use it without buying another 2 GHZ PC.
    We only have one computer- a new imac.
    Could I borrow someone else’s 2 GHZ laptop PC to set up the Logitech Alert 750, but then use my imac in order to record and monitor? I have a feeling that this won’t work.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Hi Pat,

      I’m happy to reply that the answer to your question is “yes”, but with a few caveats.

      First, you will have to purchase the Web & Mobile Commander upgrade, but at only $79.99 a year, it’s a great deal for web & mobile system management for everyone, regardless of your operating system. You can then use Web Commander from your iMac which will provide most but not all of the functionality of the Commander PC software.

      Second, you will not be able to archive recorded video from the cameras to your iMac. This can only be done using the Commander software running on a Windows PC. Because you would lose this feature you may want to consider replacing the included 2GB MicroSD cards with 16 GB cards to increase your storage capacity on the cameras. This will likely give you several months of recorded video on each camera.

      And lastly, software and firmware updates are all managed from the Commander PC software. So, you would need to have a PC present for this or have some way of running the Commander software temporarily on your iMac using Parallels or VMware Fusion. That’s as far as I can go without getting a nastygram from support. In fact, I’ve already probably said too much 😉


    • Hi Reinhardt,

      I try to get back to everyone as quickly as I can, but do get backed up from time to time. Did you have a question about Logitech Alert?


  • Hi I was wondering if its possible to do continuous 24/7 recording and have the motion alerts.

    For example I have no problem having a computer running 24/7 to record stuff with a 1tb HD, I was hoping to dedicate say 500gb of continous 24/7 recording and have it over write the oldest videos whenever it hits that size limit. However I think the motion detected recording is still needed. If possible I’d like to store these videos in another area with a dedicated amount of storage. Continuous recording is useful for example if some kids throw some fire crackers in my mail box, since that area wouldnt be in the motion detection zone since theres alot of heavy traffic from the road ect… it would still be recorded and I could go back and review the tape when I realize that my mailbox is all black inside.

    • Hi Tony, I’m sorry that at this time we do not support scheduled recording. It is likely that this option will be available on a future release but I cannot comment on the time frame.


    • Hi Carlos, The answer to your question is no. The software only supports Logitech Alert branded cameras.


  • Is the Mobile Commander server down again? I cannot sign in – continue to get this bizarre message: PLEASE ENTERVE. (not misspelled) – is this a server error?

    • Hi Bob, I have spoke with and forwarded your message to our support team. This is the first we have heard of this error message. It may be an isolated event because we have not recorded other users with this problem.


  • Hi Evan i have a system 750e with 4 cameras and because i have anothernetgear power over ethernet non logitech device on the network, it keeps trying to update its firmware, realises it cannot, then keeps knocking the cameras offline

    • Hi John, this is very interesting. Our software will recognize that other HomePlug devices are on the network but will ignore them when it comes to software updates. If you are still experiencing this issue will you please contact support and provide them with a diagnostic report. It is likely that one of your Alert modules is not completing the update and that is causing the problem but we need to look at the diags to know for sure.


    • Hi ahmed,

      Logitech Alert is not currently available in India, although we hope to make the system more widely available in the future.


    • Hi Chirstopher,

      While I have seen connections in the past over 300′ from the router bridge, the realistic distance would be up to 100′. Keep in mind that the camera must be connected to an electrical outlet sharing the same power meter as the other cameras and router bridge.


  • I have your previous system the Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System. Will my 3 existing wilife external cameras (model CLC-220E-G) also work with the Logitech Alert™ 750e Outdoor Master ???

  • Hi Please advise release date for New Zealand. Also can I use a system purchased in the US on 240 volt power system?

  • Hi Evan,

    I have 2 questions:

    1) Can you explain to me why if my 750e work fine in an specific electrical outlet one day and I decided to try it in another electrical outlet and again coming back to the former one and something happen that it doesn’t work again……..! Yellow LED appears instead blue.

    2) I upgrade my SD card up to 8GB in the 750e but it doesn’t record any video and reinstalled the 2 GB that came originally and neither work

    I do appreciate your comments


    • Hi Gustavo,
      The first thing that I would do is confirm that you are using the latest software release. You can do this by going into Settings\General\Updates\Check for updates. Please make sure that you have the most resent release of Commander and camera software. Your second question is likely due to the yellow LED described in the first question. This means that the camera is not connecting to the Commander software and so it cannot download or display the recorded clips from the SD card. Another possible problem is that the SD card needs to be reformatted. If you can get the camera connected to Commander you can reformat the card from Settings\Storage\Cameras\Reformat. If not you can remove the card and use a PC to do the reformat.

      Ha (on behaf of Evan)

  • 1) Will the iphone app be updated to support audio streaming along with the video?

    2) Any plans on adding Pan, tilt and zoom capabilities to iphone app?

    3)Any plans to add direct emailing of videos from within the iphone app?

    #1 is the biggest priority and I’m suprised its not already there.

    Thanks, Joe.

    • Hi Joe,
      These are all great suggestions and all I can say is that we are working on many product and feature enhancements in this product line. We appreciate you being a customer and we hope to exceed your expectations in the future.

      Ha (on behalf of Evan)

  • i have 2 sets of the old wilife. I just bought an iphone 4. Can i moniyor the system with this phone?


  • I understand that with new technologies and advances that not all previous systems will be compatible, however I guess what I need to know is… is it worth waiting to see if another version of the upgraded system comes out that is even better than this one just in case it isn’t compatible with this new version now. I don’t need to end up with way to many systems sitting on the shelf because they are not compatible with each other. I work overseas and I am away a lot and think this new product sounds amazing and love the mobile app which is the main reason I want to change my system out, I am just nervous I guess that the app will get discontinued in the future for some reason after I spend another small fortune on the Logitech products. What do you think?

    • Hi Shawn,
      I understand your concerns. As a techy person, I have a huge boneyard of products that have come and gone over the last few years. I can tell you that the new Logitech Alert system is a new platform, and we plan to continue to build a family of products and services around this new product line. That’s why it is not compatible with the old WiLife products…it’s a whole new more advanced technology. I believe you will be thrilled with the move to the new system and be able to enjoy it for years to come.

      Ha (on behalf of Evan)

  • I like this system but it doesn’t do me much good if someone breaks into my house and steals the cameras and my computer. I would have no evidence of the break in. So, my question is; Does the Alert 750i system have the ability to send still photo’s from motion detection (alert feature) to my online email account?

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