Logitech Alert Customer Video: Another Mystery Solved

It’s just amazing what goes on around your home when you’re not there. Most events just get thrown into the unsolved mystery category. Fortunately for owners of the Logitech Video Security System, most of these nuisance occurrences can be quickly solved and others can be held responsible for their actions. Our thanks and congratulation goes out to A. Gurschick for submitting June’s customer story winner. In this video you will see that our homeowner’s scooter is toppled over in a hit and run accident. After fleeing the scene the driver of the SUV must have thought that leaving the scooter on its side would for sure alert the owner that it had been hit, but if the scooter were still upright, then maybe the owner would never know what happened. So, the culprit returns to the scene and may be lucky not to have thrown a disc out of her back in trying to get the scooter back on its wheels. Unfortunately for her the Logitech security camera caught everything and helped solved what would have been yet another mystery.


Chief Product Officer, WiLife

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