Logitech Revue: Lonely TV – Part 1

Hello. This is Matteo, the Global Creative Director for Logitech. When I’m not worrying about the emotional state of televisions, I play Lego with my son.

Poor TV .

He used to command attention, awe, and in some –- even fear. Now TV competes for attention with PCs, game consoles, phones…

So, how does it feel to be a TV?

Hold on, TV. Revue is coming.


Global Creative Director


  • Why is the TV commiting suicide? Don’t we still need the TV to display content?

  • if I was TV, I would be watching myself when no one’s watching as opposed to drowning.

    It’s killing itself because it has no arms to change the channel?

    TV is reinvented? As an arm-less sea creature?

    I’m very confused!!!

  • Is this because people no longer watch as much TV as they are on the net? The title and the video says it all. I’m one of those. 🙂

  • I thought the TV was just going swimming. It’s Summer, people, can’t a TV feel the heat too? And the title of the video says Lonely TV. Poor TV is just trying to stay occupied while people are watching video on the computer.

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