Reason #7 You’ll Want to be the Logitech ‘Host With the Most’: SF Loft

The Logitech Revue with Google TV “Host With the Most” search has officially kicked off! Between now and when each of the three winning hosts – for Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco – are selected around September 9, there are seven weeks. If you’ve got what it takes, be sure to submit your entry sooner rather than later and let your friends and followers from the Twitterverse or wherever else they may be, to vote for you! If you’re more of a “dabbler” in social media, then be a good friend and pass this dream job opportunity along to anyone you know who fits the bill.

And to convince you of how truly drool-worthy this job is, I’ll be posting a reason a week in the next seven weeks for why you should want to be a Logitech ‘Host With the Most’ to help us spread the word about the Future of TV with Logitech and Google TV.

Counting down, I’ll start with “Why you want to be a Logitech ‘Host with the Most’ Reason #7”: The Logitech Loft in San Francisco. If the teaser image of Logitech Loft SF from this earlier post didn’t pique your interest, here are a few more. Because a picture can tell a thousand words, here are 3,000 words to describe this amazing space.

SF Loft Kitchen
SF Living Room SF Living Room
Credit: Ethan Salter

To see more pictures of Logitech Loft SF, check out the full set on Flickr.


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media


    • Hi Austin,

      Where are you based? Would you make a move for the duration of the position? And what’s you’re idea of a good launch party?


  • I’m from San Jose, and San Francisco has always been my most favorite place to visit. At times I would just drive or take the bart there for a day visit, eat, shop, people watch, photowalk, then end the day with a walk around China Town. This loft is beautiful and sure does give a great view of the city. It would a dream come for me to actually work in this city.

    • Hi Luu,
      Yes, our San Fransciso loft is GORGEOUS! Even Logitech employees are drooling – too bad we’re not eligible to apply. Glad to hear you finally got your application in after a few tries — good luck to you!


  • I hope that by having this kind of role in the company will mean that you will start to manage, engage and listen to your online community. There are several threads, issues comments etc that are raised in the forums and there is a stonewall of silence. The particular product issue I have has been experienced and documented many times by the community here:

    but there are other issues in other threads. Its nice having a fancy loft in san francisco, but you would learn a lot more and get more respect by simply logging on and engaging with customers who care enough to sign up to the forums and tell you about improvements that could be made.

    I helped to launch a community powered mobile phone company in the UK last year which uses the same Lithium software you have on your forums. I’m not going to name it because I don’t want to contravene your comments policy, but ask the lithium guys who it is and check out the site: a really good example of managing and interacting with the community.

    I’m sure you’ve read Groundswell….you’ll know that you can’t really ignore what’s going on. I’m sure it’ll be much more productive in the long run for your product managers to engage with the community within your own site.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your feedback on the Logitech community. Per my post in the community feedback board, we are actively working on ways to increase employee engagement in the technical community. Your feedback is valuable to us and we look forward to additional participation and engagement from all of our community members.

      Community Manager

  • The loft in SF looks fabulous! I am super excited. Just submitted my application and can’t wait to hear back.

    Thanks for a great opportunity!

  • Thanks Ha. I’ve been rallying the votes among friends, family, Twitter and Facebook. Throughout the process, they are learning about Logitech Revue with Google TV. 🙂

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