Logitech iPhone 4 and iOS 4 Ready

Over the weekend, the Logitech Audio team team completed compatibility testing with the iPhone 4 and Apple’s new iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod Touch. After testing all of our current iPod and iPhone audio products, including Logitech speaker docks and Ultimate Ears vi products, I am happy to say that we found no issues and our products are compatible with Apple’s new iPhone and iPhone / iPod firmware.

So whether you just bought the new iPhone 4 or upgraded to the new OS, rest assured that your existing Logitech speakers or earphones are ready to rock your favorite tunes.


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  • Hello,

    I am sorry but I have a Pur FI Dream and it doesn’t work with my Iphone 3GS powered by new OS.
    Have you any solution ?



  • I too have found that my iPhone 3G is now no longer working with my Logitech speakers since the new OS4 upgrade. This is so disappointing that I may revert to the previous iPhone OS so I can continue to use the speakers – but this is a tragic backward step. Can anyone suggest an alternative solution?

  • hi,

    I have just bought the pur-fi express plus and when i dock my iphone 3G (3rd generation) the iphone says that “this accessory it not made for the iphone”!!!! It is very annoying as i bought it for my holiday

    There is nothing on this in the manual.

    And yes, it does charge when using usual iphone charger.



  • It is great that the Ultimate Ears products are iOS4 compatible, but when will there be 3-button (volume, next track, voice command) controls on a Ultimate Ears vi product? I love the sound quality of the ultimate ears, but I won’t buy until there is equal controls to the Apple headset.

  • Similar issue. After upgrading my iPhone 3G to iOS4, my Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 no longer makes sound, but it does still charge the phone.

  • I have the Pure Fi anywhere express 2 and the controls on the dock as well as on the remote don’t work with iOS4. Please fix.

  • My Pure-fi anytime no longer plays music from my iPod touch 2G since upgrading to iOS4. it does charge it though.

  • Same for me here 🙁 iphone 3g (ios4) does charge, but cannot be controlled by remote… tried a reset, didn’t work… plz fix!

  • I have a 2nd Generation iPod Touch and a Pure-Fi Anwhere 2. Once I updated to iOS 4 my Pure-Fi stopped working. So the statement that “… [Logitech] found no issues and our products are compatible with Apple’s new iPhone and iPhone / iPod firmware” is a load of crap. I hate this new iOS4. I wish I never installed it, but there is NO way to downgrade!!! LOGITECH, PLEASE FIX THIS. Please contact Apple and get the driver updated with them for the next update!!!

  • Since upgrading to OS4, my logictech dock no longer works. this is VERY disappointing! Please advise!

  • Just bought Pure-Fi Express Plus and it doesn’t work with my iPhone 3GS, IOS4. The iphone says that “this accessory it not made for the iphone”!!! What can I do to make it work? I’m very dissappointed 🙁

  • After upgrading to osi4 on my 3g my anywhere 2 has no sound but still charges. Please fix this or work with apple. It only works with a regular ipod. What’s up.

  • I had exactly these problems. I went to the Apple Genius desk over the weekend. The dude told me it has to do with iTunes (figures!) and we reset my iPod Touch. Everything works just fine now. He said it had to do with the way iTunes sets your device based on the headphones.

    Tell the truth I don’t care what the culprit is, I just want it to work. It does, I’m happy.

    So, reset your devices setting through the Settings app.

    Good Luck

  • I have the same problem with Iphone 4 and ios4.
    Please Logitech, You must respond to us !!!

  • Mine will trigger the alarm, but then immediately goes to snooze even if I’m not near it. Aftert the snooze time is up, it play for about a second, the snoozes again.

  • For all those having problems, trying turning off your iPhone/iPod (completely, not just locked) and plugging it into your Logitech device. This should cause it to power on and re-negotiate the handshake between the two devices and then work correctly… this worked for my JVC headunit in my car and has been reported to work for many other devices too.

  • Same problem here, after upgrading to iOS4 my iphone will not charge or play through the speakers on my pure fi anywhere 2. Any chance of getting a response on this Logitech? Seems like a common issue. Also suggests your testing was not very rigorous.

  • Steve, and “Helper”,

    Thanks for sharing your tips. For everyone else — if you’re still having problems, please contact our customer support team (www.logitech.com/support) or visit our support forums: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/iPod-Docks/bd-p/ipod_general

    You can add your issue to one of the existing threads, or you can start a new thread. The team there is looking out for this issue and are prepared to respond immediately.

    Thanks again for your patience.

    Ha (Logitech)

  • Hey there.

    I’m residing in denmark, just bought the pure-fi anywhere 2 speakers yesterday for my iphone 3gs with the ios 4.0.1 installed.
    I am getting no audio through the speakers, wich by the way work perfectly with my ipod classic 160gb. Great sounding speakers.
    Will be returning them to the store where i bought it tomorrow though, due to the missing iphone support. I’ll definitly be purchasing these speakers again when a fix for the iphone arrives.


  • Many thanks for the help! I too had a problem on my 3G iPhone following the iOS4-upgrade, with the sound no longer working, and the “dock-when-switched-off-and-it-will-auto-power-on” suggestion has resolved it. Most grateful.


  • Mr. Caccamo,

    Your device no longer works with the ipod touch 3rd generation 3 with iOS 4.x.

    Your engineers have been lying to you. It’s time to go drill them. 🙂

    Thanks for support the resolution of this issue.


  • Same problem here… I have a iphone 3g with new OS upgrade. My pure-fi anywhere 2 only works part of the time. I’m so sad. I use the dock every day at work. 🙁

  • Hi Everyone,

    We are sorry to hear that these issues are persisting. Customers have reported success resolving these types of issues when either resetting or restoring their Apple product after a software, firmware, or operating system update. We recommend contacting Apple Support for obtaining the steps on how to either reset or restore their Apple product (mind you that a restore will wipe the data from the device, so backing up your data is good practice). If the issue persists after following Apple’s direction, please contact our support team. http://www.logitech.com/support.


  • This definitely does not work with my iPhone4. I get constant alerts about the device not being compatible, and have to hit Dismiss every other second.

    Please work with Apple to solve this problem, or the purefi anywhere 2 will be obsolete.

  • I just bought a brand new Iphone 4 and my Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 seems not to be compatible. I’ve tried to reset it and it didn’t solve the issue.

    It worked fine with my old Ipod Touch 1G, by the way, but I’ve sold it before I realize that my Iphone 4 don’t work.

    Any other Iphone 4 with the same problem? Any help would be very appreciate!


  • Ok, so i have been reading all of this, and i have restored and reseted my iPhone 4. But still when i plug it into my pure-fi anywhere 2 (that i just got as a birthday present)… I get the annoying “This accessory is not made to work with iphone…” pop-up every second
    Logitech, you really need to fix this problem! It is not ok, that people pay a lot of money for something that doesn’t work right! You need to talk with Apple, and make them fix this in the next software update.

  • I just want to put my name on the list of unhappy owners. I’ts now an expensive recharger.
    I am confident a brand as Logitech will work hard to solve the issue. It will be great if someone from Logitech can explain more technical what goes wrong when you dock the Iphone 3GS IOS 4.01 ….

  • My pure-fi anyware 2 works with my iphone 4 when its connected to mains power, but I get no sound when running off (fully charged) battery power. Very frustrating, purchased this product for its “long battery life”

  • Just recently upgraded and now the iphone 3gs will not charge at all in the dock, works fine as a speaker system just not as a charger. Phone will charge using the std iphone charger.
    Have logged this on the support forums but no response yet. Any Ideas??

  • Hi,
    I looks like resetting the Pure-Fi solved the issue for me, al least for now (iPhone 3G – iOS 4.1).
    Hold down shuffle + repeat buttons for 5 seconds while in standby. Google this: “How to Reset Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime | eHow.com”

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