Harmony Tips and Tricks: What is the “Device” Mode for?

You have probably noticed the “Devices” button on your Harmony Remote. Ever wondered what it does? This button on your Harmony Remote is used to access “Device” mode, a feature which allows you to have full control of your devices, one at a time. It’s the equivalent of picking up your TV remote to control the TV, or using the DVD remote to control your DVD player.

While Harmony maps the most commonly used commands by default in your “Activities” (volume up for your TV or AV Receiver, “Play” for your DVD player…), “Device” mode contains all the commands available for your devices that aren’t used on an everyday basis. You may even find commands that are not on your original remote, like discrete commands that switch your TV to a specific input without the need to cycle through the inputs. On my Harmony remote I was able to find separate commands for all of the “Aspect” modes on my TV (“Wide,” “Full,” “Zoom”). On my TV remote, I only have one button called “Picture Mode” which cycles through all of the modes.

Although “Device” mode is available to you, it’s not intended for everyday use. It is there for when you need to access a command that you rarely need. If you find yourself constantly going into “Device” mode, then I highly recommend that you add the command to your “Activities.” This will ensure that the command is available to you when you need it most. If you want to read more on customizing the buttons on your Harmony Remote, see Dane’s blog post.

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