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We unveiled more info last week on the Harmony tech that will be in our companion box for Google TV. We’re calling it Harmony Link. CrunchGear explains: “It’s not a traditional IR blaster or even a remote, but rather hardware built into Logitech’s Google TV companion box that can read nearly any IR command and send it out to the appropriate set-top box or AV receiver. Since Google TV is always connected to the cloud, Logitech will be able to constantly push new device control schemes when they become available.” For the latest Logitech + Google TV developments, please visit www.logitech.com/news/googletv.

Last December Logitech completed the acquisition of LifeSize Communications, and last week our CEO, Gerald Quindlen sat down with Forbes to discuss the deal, which Gerald said was “our largest ever.” For more information on the acquisition, check out our post on the blog.

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