Photos: Logitech + Google TV Announcement

Now that the dust has settled from Thursday’s very exciting Google TV news at Google I/O, here are a few snapshots from the announcement and Logitech’s demo event immediately after.

Rishi Chandra of Google introduces Google TV

Rishi Chandra and Vincent Dureau of Google demonstrating Google TV

Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduces Logitech CEO Jerry Quindlen

Logitech + Google TV - Google IO (Jerry Quindlen, Logitech CEO)

Jerry Quindlen on Google TV panel with Eric Schmidt and CEOs of partner companies

Logitech + Google TV - Google IO

CEO Q&A following the announcement

Logitech + Google TV companion box on display at Google I/O

Logitech demo event

Logitech companion box


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  • I am so excited for this. I never wanted to add an HTPC to my already huge collection of devices. This is the cure all and to think it is a partner ship through the the 3 brands I use most Logitech, Dish Network, And Sony, is Awesome. Finally a true integration of TV, Web, Cell Phone, and Home Automation.

    I would love to beta test this but I am sure that it is already underway.

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