Logitech/LifeSize Co-founds Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (Video)

Today, Logitech and our LifeSize division announced an important step towards delivering on our promise to bring HD video to anyone, anywhere. A key factor to achieving this goal is the interoperability between technology and networks used for video communication, regardless of the provider, to ensure that they work together as seamlessly as a phone call and provide the best experience for consumers and enterprise customers.

For this reason, we’ve joined forces with HP, Juniper Networks, Microsoft and Polycom to co-found the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF), a non-profit alliance open to all unified communications (UC) solution providers and network operators.

Check out this video of Matt Collier, senior vice president of corporate development at LifeSize to learn more about UCIF and the role we will play in the forum:

Through the forum, we will work together to bring the promise of truly unified communications to life by increasing efficiency, decreasing implementation costs and improving the interoperability experience for UC customers. The UCIF will develop verifiable interoperability testing and certification of UC scenarios to ease customer integration and increase adoption.

The pain points that our business customers have shared center around integration of video communications between the meeting room and the desktop, firewall and NAT traversal, and inter and intra company video communications in multi-vendor environments. On the consumer side, the lack of interoperability between peer-to-peer video chat clients have slowed mainstream adoption of video calling.

We believe that only when communications platforms become truly interoperable we will be able to realize our vision and bring HD video to anyone – consumers and businesses – and on any screen, whether in the living room, in the meeting room, at the desk, or on-the-go.


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz