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Many of you have been enjoying your new Squeezebox Touch, including Engadget, who reports, “The Touch is another great addition in the Squeezebox series.” Additionally, the “build quality is predictably top-notch, audio quality is great, and compatibility with nearly any OS is killer.” HDTV reviewed and discussed the Squeezebox Touch in their podcast (download it at the bottom of the review). They said: “The Touch interface is very easy to use and responsive. The screen is bright and vibrant” and “it’s absolutely worth taking a look at.”

Our Logitech Touch Mouse app made it on PC Pro‘s “73 Best iPhone Apps” list! They say “in an instant you’ll be whizzing the cursor around your media centre’s screen using your iPhone as a touchpad, complete with three mouse buttons.”

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  • Just waiting for Logitech to introduce a new Darkfield Mouse. Thats the only news which interests me as I’m still annoyed that the Performance MX doesn’t have Smart-Shift. Else, it would have been perfect.

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