Ultimate Ears: Behind the Scenes with LIGHTS

Pomona, CA. You ever been there? Ultimate Ears has. Normally, Pomona is the first stop on that yearly coming of age right known as the Vans Warped Tour. I like to call Pomona “the best smelling day of tour” as 100+ bands and 3 months of non stop touring can take a toll on your favorite t-shirt.

It just so happens that Vans Warped Tour is also where we first met the artist LIGHTS. So it seemed Pomona would be the perfect place for us to check back in with her and see how she is enjoying life on the road and her Ultimate Ears. We brought along Greg Watermann who is an amazing photographer. He is also much taller than me and thus doubles as my personal security guard.

The results of the night were awesome music, stupendous photographs and an artist who really digs her Ultimate Ears. LIGHTS told us the following:

Before I got my Ultimate Ears, it was extremely hard to hear my voice in its soft register over all the instruments. I ended up having to push all of the notes very hard in order to hear myself, and it changed the charm of the songs intensely. People always told me that I needed a pair of Ultimate Ears and when I got them it would be like hearing the voice of God. While I can’t say what the voice of God sounds like, I can say that musically it was probably the next best thing. It took no more than a couple of days to adjust to the fact that I could hear every sound I made perfectly (most of the adjusting came from having to improve my playing and singing as I could suddenly hear all my mistakes!). On top of that, I was suddenly able to control what was coming into my ears and block out the things I didn’t need coming through. I would say without a doubt having Ultimate Ears aided my progression from a beginner, moderate performer, into a fully confident, professional live act. Thanks for that.

You’re welcome LIGHTS. We hope you enjoy the rest of our photos from the night which can be found over on the Ultimate Ears Facebook page. Yes, you can also win free earphones there too. What won’t we do for our fans? Now that Ultimate Ears and LIGHTS are BFF’s we hope you’ll see more from the both of us. If LIGHTS comes blazing a trail through your town we’d suggest you check her out. We promise a fun time….


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  • The Warped Tour is a touring music and extreme sports festival. Pomona is one of my favorite singer. I had watched taht show and it was awesome. I liked the results of the night music, stupendous photographs and an artist.

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