Squeezebox Touch Now Available

We wanted to make sure we got everything perfect. So it took us awhile but I’m pleased to announce that the Logitech Squeezebox Touch is now available for purchase from Logitech.com. Thank you for your patience and we hope that you’ll agree is was worth the wait.


Director of Business Development


  • The device is the spiritual successor to the Squeezebox 3, eschewing the older model’s VFD display for a 4.3-inch color touchscreen LCD and adding in support for SD cards and USB mass storage devices directly from the unit itself.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile. It’s going to sit nicely playing lossless FLAC files through my DAC & $30K high end audio equipment. Congrats to all, excellent job on this! It seems a lot of hard core engineering and brilliant minds @ Logitech and the open source community / testers deserve a pat on the back. Thank you so much for excellent products like the Squeezebox line. I have 7 of them around my rather large home. On-demand music in basically every room 🙂 Sound quality is top notch.

  • Ordered a Touch from Logitech on 4/14/10 and received it 4/15/10 ($335 incl overnight shipping and tax). It’s going back tomorrow because it won’t stream my iTunes and archived music as promised. Two long calls to Logitech customer support concluded it’s a problem with either my Netgear Router or my cable modem and I need to troubleshoot with those two providers. Of course, they couldn’t explain why everything else gets through from my PC to the Touch (Pandora, and of course I can stream iTunes through the router with an Aiport Express in share-mode). My guess is a glitch in their SB Server S/W, but I could be wrong.

    The interface is nice, remote control is decent, overall a nice unit. I couldn’t figure out how to easily tag a “favorite” preset – the interface on the SB Server S/W was non-intuitive. I probably just didn’t find the right menu – seems like it should be easy.

  • Matt—I love the product, but still find the interface poor—have you guys looked at youi labs?
    Save u folks a whole mess of overhead—–best–Bob Huggins

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