Ultimate Ears Announces Sweepstakes on Facebook

Music has inalienable rights. Life, Liberty and the Freedom to Rock.

At Ultimate Ears, we are guitar-worshiping, beat-digging, music-loving fanatics and we can’t bear to think of great music being oppressed by sub-par ‘buds. We are on a mission to show music lovers that there is a huge difference between hearing music through those stock earbuds and listening to music the way it was originally meant to be heard – through sharp, uber-quality Ultimate Ears earphones.

To prove our point, we will be giving away a pair of Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Earphones FREE (a $1350 value!) to the winner of the sweepstakes!

But that is not all, if we reach 25,000 fans during the period of the sweepstakes, we are going to give away 1000 pairs of our Ultimate Ears 700 Noise Isolating Earphones for FREE and rockin’ discounts along the way (see below)!

Don’t let music’s right to rock be undermined. Let’s make some noise and some news! Tell your friends, become a fan and help spread the word that Music Has the Right to ROCK!

Let music ring!


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