A Remote for Everyone – Logitech Harmony 300 Remote

If you are looking for a universal remote that actually controls all your devices, Logitech today announced the Logitech Harmony 300 Remote. The new remote is simple to set up, replaces up to four other remotes and let’s you start watching TV with the press of just one button.

To learn more about the Harmony 300, check out the brief intro video below from product manager, Graham Sharples.


Director of Product Marketing, Remote Control Business Unit


    • Hi Andrew,

      You cannot program multiple activities on the Harmony 300. This is a one activity device.
      However, you can customize your Logitech Harmony 300’s “Watch TV” button. For example, you may want your “Watch TV” button to turn on/off your TV, Blu-ray and AV system rather than your TV or Cable Box. Also, if your device supports this feature, you can have your Harmony 300 set the input needed to use while watching TV.

      Here are the steps:
      1. Go to myharmony.com and log in to your account.
      2. From the Home page, click Change or Fix What a Button Does.
      3. On the Change or Fix a Button – Device Selection page, select the device you want to make changes to and click OK.
      4. On the Change or Fix What a Button Does page, move the mouse pointer over the Watch TV button on the remote image, and then click Setup.
      5. To change which inputs are used when watching TV, click Show Advanced (Inputs).
      6. From the Input drop-down list, select the input on your TV that you want to use when watching TV.

      NOTE: If your TV does not support this feature, the Advanced (Inputs) section does not appear.

      Thanks for your interest.


  • Looks like there’s only one “activity” … “Watch TV”. From what I’ve read on news accounts, the four buttons for TV, DVD, AV Receiver and Set Top Box are “mode” buttons that switch the remote into a mode to control that device.

    I have a Harmony 880, but I cannot convince my family to use it; the buttons are too small and packed into the bezel around the screen, etc. I was hoping the 300 would continue the tradition of having “activities” to automatically switch TV inputs, turn on the equipment, turn off other equipment, and start the activity.

    But there’s something to be said for simplicity; our current Dish remote has four mode buttons along the top, and the family is used to that. But it won’t control input switching on our Samsung LED TV (even the Dish learning remote cannot learn the input switching codes).

    Will the 300 accept all the codes that the 880 will? If I can program the color buttons for HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3 and HDMI4 (all discrete codes on the Samsung TV), then it may be worth the cost to get a remote that the family will use.

    What I really need is a 650 without the scary, wife-repellent display screen.

    • Hi Frank,

      Yes, the Logitech Harmony 300 will accept the same codes as the Harmony 880 and you will also be able customize the color buttons to set inputs. Once you add your Samsung TV to your My Harmony account, all you need to do is drag and drop the Input commands onto each of the four color buttons found on the Harmony 300 and Sync your remote.

      Hopefully this helps and thanks for your interest.


  • Hello,
    I have a Logitech Harmony 700.
    When I select “watch tv”, the tv and box turn on with the receiver as well and the tv sound comes through but no picture. Then the audio turns off while the picture comes in and then the audio comes back. I tried to reset the timing, but it didn’t seem to help at all.
    Can you help me?

  • Hi,
    one question, does this automatic switching of TV input means that if I turn e.g DVD on via logitech remote TV will switch on corresponding input (e.g. HDMI1) and connected device will be turned on (e.g. DVD)?
    What if I turn off DVD after that, will TV switch back?


    • Hello BoTiA,

      The Logitech Harmony 300 remote has a single ‘Watch TV’ activity button that will turn on and off your TV & cable or satellite box. If your device supports this feature, you can also customize this button to set the input on your TV and turn on an additional device such as your DVD player. This week we blogged about this feature which you can read here:


      To answer your second question, if you are currently watching TV and wish to start playing a DVD you would switch the Harmony 300 mode to DVD and press the power button to turn on the DVD player. Then press the TV Input button, on the Harmony, to get the picture to display on your TV. When finished, just power off the DVD with the Harmony using the power button and switch the input back to watching TV.



  • Hi,
    I’ve never used one of these before, so bear with me – I have several devices in one room – TV, Media Centre PC, DVR, AV receiver & 2 stereos – can I use the remote with all of them independently, i.e. is it easy to switch control from one device to another and back again?

    • Hi Tom,

      The simple answer is yes. If your devices are controlled by an IR remote, then the Logitech Harmony 300 will work for you. You can use the remote with them all independently. However, you should note two things.

      1. The Harmony 300 will control up to 4 devices. So it will control 4 of the 6 devices you describe. For example, the Harmony 300 will control your TV, a Media Center PC, a DVR and your AV receiver, or any combination of the devices you describe.
      2. If your Media Center PC did not come with an IR-receiver you may need to purchase one.

      Overall, the Logitech Harmony 300 was designed with simpler home entertainment systems in mind. That’s me. I have a fairly basic home entertainment system. I have an LCD TV, a Satellite Box, a DVD Player and a PS3. The Harmony 300 combined with the Harmony adapter for Playstation 3 is all I need.



  • I wish Logitech would start to provide a IR-receiver so Harmony remotes could easily be used with mediacenter (like MCE, MediaPortal, XMBC and so on). Preferably using same protocol as the MS remotes uses.

    I know many mediacenter users already use Harmony remotes, and I am sure meny more would if there was a receiver that followed the remote, or sold separately.

  • Hi,

    I got the Harmony 300, but the website does not have the controls I need. I know the command codes, eg.


    Is there any way to input them directly to the remote?

    • Hello Andrew,

      By default when you add a device to your Logitech Harmony 300 remote the most commonly used buttons get assigned to the remote. Special commands such as Sleep or CC (Closed Caption) don’t get put onto the remote, but do appear in the software so that if you need them you can drag & drop them onto an unused button.

      If however, the additional codes you need do not appear in the Command list then you can always learn them into your Harmony 300.

      To see more information on how to do this check out the following How-To article:


  • Hello. My question is: What are the differents between 300 and 300i?
    In US it seems to be 300 but in Europe 300i. (300 looks matte and 300i glossy.)
    Am i right?


    • Hello K.My

      Yes, you are correct that the difference between the Logitech Harmony 300 and the Logitech Harmony 300i is the matte black and glossy black finish.

      The only other difference is the packaging material that the remotes come in, and where you can purchase each one as they are not sold in the same stores.


  • I want my remote to be left in Cable/Sat mode after the watch TV button is pressed. Anyway to do this?
    I am very technically savy with programing remotes. I reprogramed my stock Motorola universal set top box remote to have multi-button controls and I can make it do this function so there has to be a way for the logitech to do this.

    • Hello Ryan,

      The Logitech Harmony 300 will leave you in the Cable/Sat mode if you have added a device to that ‘My Device’ button, and you have it checked to be used for the ‘Watch TV’ activity.

      If, for instance you have added an AV Receiver to the ‘Watch TV’ button and have unchecked the Cable/Sat then you will be left in TV mode when you press that activity. Some people wish to leave their Cable/Sat box on all the time and to do this you will need to drag a different command to the Power button so the Harmony 300 doesn’t turn it on or off.


  • Hi Dane,

    I received a Harmony 300 to review for a website and I’m having difficulty setting it up. I have a Vizio TV, an Onkyo A/V receiver, an HD TiVo, a Samsung Blu-Ray player, and an Xbox 360. I don’t want to control the TV, since all I do is turn it on and off. I do want to control the other four devices (I used the Xbox to stream Netflix).

    I have been unable to figure out how to have the mode buttons change the inputs on my receiver. Any advice? Is this possible? I’d like to be able to toggle between the TiVo (which is always on), the Blu-Ray, and the Xbox…as well as assign a few other inputs on my receiver to the favorite channel buttons.


    • Hello Amy,

      Absolutely. However the Logitech Harmony 300 remote assume that most people will use it with their TV (or some other display source that has inputs). Therefore the TV Input button will cycle or bring up the input list from the Television no matter the mode you are in.

      If you wish to switch inputs on your AV Receiver you will need to drag & drop the few input commands from the Receiver into a personalized button such as the 1-5 that appear around the TV Input button. Those input commands are usually start with the word Input??? in the command list.

      You can also customize the Watch TV button & the Volume buttons by hovering your mouse over them and click ‘Setup’. This will allow you to not turn on your TV or also turn on your AV Receiver & auto set the input for the Watch TV activity. You can even set up the volume commands to control the Volume on the AV while you are in DVD mode for movies or Cable/Sat mode for your TiVo.


  • Hi,

    I have the LogiTech Harmony 510 universal remote.
    I just bought a new flatscreen (LG 42LH50) that is internet enabled, meaning that with an internet connection directly to the ethernet port on the TV I am supposed to be able to stream movies from Netflix over the web. (not using Xbox, Wii, or blueray player)
    This is great.
    The TV I got was an out-of-the-box deal, so it did not come with a remote or manual.
    I looked the manual up online, no worries, trying to figure out how to activate the TV for Netflix.
    It says to push the “netcast” button on the remote….which I do not have…. so my question is how do I add this activity to my Harmony 510 remote ?
    Do I add a computer or PC media device? it prompts for a manufacturer of the PC so I don’t think that is the way to go…. any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    PS I also have a Harmony 620 which I could use.

  • How do I assign a specific device to a device button? I don’t like the assignments MyHarmony made, and it doesn’t look like I can change them.

    If I make a mistake, how do I clear a button of a command, if I don’t want that button to do anything?

    How do I drop a command for my TV onto buttons for another device? I have a lot of buttons that don’t do anything in the DVD and VCR devices. I’d like to be able to control my TV without having to switch devices so often.

    • Hi Alan,

      By default, Harmony automatically assigns your devices to a specific button. At this time we do not offer the ability for users to modify the My Devices buttons. We have noted that a number of our customers are interested in this functionality. As a result, we are currently estimating the level of work required, and when it could be released. At this stage, we cannot commit to providing you a date.

      The ability to mix commands from multiple devices to a specific mode is also not supported by the Harmony 300. However, there is an alternative way to achieve this ability. From within the Change or Fix What a Button Does’ page, when in a specific mode (i.e. TV), you can teach and name a command from a different device. Once the command is learned and named, simply drag that command onto the desired button. If you wish to have this same command and button combination in another mode (i.e. Aux) you will have to repeat these steps.

      Best regards,


  • How do I use the Harmony 300 as a remote to control a self-built home theater PC? Do I need to purchase an IR USB device (should I get one that comes with another remote)? Are there additional software or drivers that I will need to work with? Can I use the “Watch TV” shortcut to open the DVR program automatically? Thanks!

    • Hello Graham,

      There are many people reporting that they are using the Logitech Harmony 300 to control their Windows Media Center PC’s.

      All you need is an IR Receiver (which you can find online for around $10 or so without a remote), and a Harmony 300. If you purchase a Microsoft compatible USB IR Receiver then no special drivers are needed and you just add as;

      Manufacturer: Microsoft
      Model Number: Windows Media Center

      Once added you can easily customize the Watch TV button to turn on your TV, Home Theater PC, and even an AV Receiver.


  • Can some-one give an answer to Alan Smiths question.

    My situation:
    TV and Cable button are ok.

    But I want my AC Ryan Playonhd-mini (With USB DVD player) assigned to the DVD button and my LG LX-U250 assigned to the VCR/Aux.

    My Harmony 300 are assigning them in the other way.

  • I too want to re-assign (swap) the DVD & VCR/Aux devices. Is this possible – it would seem a basic requirement!


  • My AV receiver, satellite box, and Blu-Ray DVD player are all positioned 90-degrees to my left when watching TV. I have not even tried to set up the Harmony 300 because of my fear of never getting back to where I could start over again. Anyway, I plan on setting up the “Watch TV” to include the TV, AV receiver, and satellite box. QUESTION: Do I aim the remote at the TV and press “Watch TV” to turn on the TV, then aim the remote to my left and AGAIN press “Watch TV” to turn on the AV receiver and satellite box?

  • Lousy support, not even an answer.
    Fix it myself. Opened the remote 6 screws. (4 by battery and 2 underneath myharmony.com label)
    Loosen the 3 screws on the board.
    Used a scissor for the rubber. Cut both lose and swapped both buttons on the hardware way. 🙂
    And it is working well now.
    For the rest it’s a great device. I love to use it.

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