Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Ali Farke Toure

Artist to Watch time people. You know what this means. I give you the genius low-down on a new music artist you should check out. You, at first, don’t believe me but then take a listen and are amazed and how awesome my feedback is…so let’s get into it…

In this post, we feature Ali Farke Toure. He’s is a 2-time GRAMMY winner – which is two more Grammys than I have. He showed the world how Africa influenced the blues and then took it a step further by incorporating the western guitar into traditional music from Mali – creating the genre known as “Desert Blues.” His GRAMMY-winning contributing partner Toumani Diabate is a legend in his own right. Together, they created the album – “In the Heart of the Moon.” And now, they just released a follow-up album that is so widely anticipated and eagerly awaited, it’s not even gonna be a fair competition in this year’s award sessions. Did I mention we will be DEBUTING the album on our humble program? This is a huge milestone for the Ultimate Ears Artists to Watch program and one we are extremely excited to be a part of.

But why just trust me, check out what a few others have said:

Mojo gave the album 4 Stars and called it “masterful.”

Uncut gave it 4 stars and called it an “album of spellbinding beauty.”

See, they prove I was right all along! How come I was never class president? Let’s save that for another time.

If you are not familiar with Ali’s music, I encourage you to get a sample here.

Have fun and we’ll talk soon….


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