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Last week we announced a new product: the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710. CNET says, “this keyboard and mouse combo offers an inexpensive incentive to get rid of those clumsy peripherals that came bundled with your desktop computer.” ZDNet reports it’s the “first such wireless product on the market with what Logitech says is enough battery life to last for the product’s lifetime: three years.” See additional coverage below or check out the Wireless Desktop MK710 product page for more details.

CBS’ “To Catch a Thief” series featured our Logitech Digital Video Security systems. They said it “rivals any hardwired burglary alarm.” Check out the in-depth video here.

As mentioned in our post last week, the 2010 NBA All-Star Game was over the weekend and Ultimate Ears had a series of video clips that were featured! Be sure to check them out on our YouTube channel.

Check out more Logitech coverage below:


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  • Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this,but seeing your tittle,I hope you will see its gets to the correct people.
    I have a love/hate relationship with your products. Finding info on your products can sometimes be a pain in butt. For instance i have a individually boxed mx600 mouse that i needed to update drivers. I can find reference to a mouse keyboard combo,but not for individual mouse. Tried to use product finder,but didnt work. Not wanting to try to find my box or directions,i entered mx600 in model number and couldnt find product. Found reference to how to locate pn,but when i entered number it couldnt find reference. Finaly found it by browse by picture. I soon realized that the mouse is same as mx610, which you also give a different reference number to it as m-ray105. There is nothing on my box that lists that number.
    Enough ranting now the good points i like about your products-
    I work on different windows platforms and can rely on you to have drivers for them.I hate microsoft products. It is a pain in the buttt,if not impossible to find drivers for older operating systems.

    • Hi Gordy,

      If you’re having problems finding what you need on our Web site, I’d recommend contacting customer support for assistance.


  • I am a electrical and control engineer and 70% of my job is programing and machine control. I just purchsed a Logitec anywhere MX mouse and like it very much, But one thing that could be improved is to move the open in new tab button to the front end of the scrole wheel.


  • I am using the MK 700 keyboard/mouse combo and love it…except that it forces me to be ambidextrious. Looks like the MX 610 left-handed mouse is no longer available (not on your website) – is there another option for us southpaws?

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