New: Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710

Today we announced the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710, a new keyboard-and-mouse combination that is the first on the market to feature a three-year battery life for both the keyboard and mouse – practically eliminating the need to ever replace the batteries. It’s also the first time we’ve bundled together two products that feature the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver.

Other features include:


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  • @alex_mayorga: Bluetooth is a big nono for some. It requires the Bluetooth stack installed, which is big and slow. Wireless is much better, since wireless USB devices are recognised by the BIOS as standard USB devices.

    Btw. i’m digging for info about the size of the K350 keyboard, and i’ve found conflicting information (from 42cm length to almost 51). I know it’s a wave design, but i’d like to know the size of the “box” in which it would fit (even if i’d have to tilt it)

    • Hi Luciano,

      The Wireless Desktop MK710 is compatible with Windows-based PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Most of the functions will work on a Mac; however some user-configurable buttons, such as most of the enhanced F-keys, will not.


    • Hello Mondgesicht,

      The grey color of MX620 as bundled with the MK700 and the M705 as bundled with the MK710 is exactely the same. We consider this more a mid-grey, but this is of course to a certain extend subjective ;o)

      Best Regards,

  • 10 points for an excellent insert/delete keys layout. Could you please consider making a keyboard with similar classical layout but with either a detachable numpad or without a numpad at all? And I hope that you will make this keyboard (or the one I was describing, the one without a numpad) available without a mouse. Thanks.

  • hands up for Taavi. This is the reason I’m typing this message on MS Wireless Laser Desktop keyboard, even though I wanted a product from logitech so much.

  • I was delighted to see your app, in today’s NYTimes, for using an iPhone as a touch-screen keyboard. I am looking forward to seeing the next step, which would have two parts: (1) using the iPad as a full-sized touch-screen keypad/trackpad, and (2) displaying the material being keyboarded on your eyeglasses, where only you can see it. I understand there are at least two hurdles: while there are currently projection devices for eyeglasses, they are not wireless (and they are expensive); and I believe that the current version of the iPad does not have the appropriate ports. But the lure of being able to do your keyboarding (or any other on-screen activities) anywhere at all, with no one else able to see what is on your “monitor,” seems like something a lot of people would want to have! I will be watching for it!
    Michael Green

  • I like the looks of the 710, and plan to buy one. Does Logitech ever think of anyone but right handers, because I never see the ergonomic designs in a left hand mouse. I currently use the Logitech Air Mouse and I love it. Wish it worked with the unifying receiver.

  • There are two diffrences mouse and receiver ,new mouse is m705 but what about dpi ( sensivity).why dont you explain dpi ( 800 – 1000 or more ) subject ,and I wonder when will be able to sell in turkey

  • Could you please share a noise level of the keyboard’s and mouse’s clicks?
    I’m looking for a quiet solution and wondering if this is the one.

  • Questions:

    When will this be released? I would like to buy 2 now. =)
    I like the 3 year battery idea a lot. Will we have to buy new batteries after the 3 or does the device just die and we grab another one?

    Also make this exact combo please.
    Wireless Keyboard K340 / Whatever mouse is used in the MK710 for whatever price. Be nice to be able to combo purchase those as well for convenience.

  • if you click the picture you can see the orjinal size of it . but l and some users wonder that will mouse black or grey

  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Don’t care much about the 3yr battery lifetime though it’s a nice feature. Only thing is that it works with AA batteries, wich you have to replace. It would be nicer if the battery was charged by an USB port or whatever (magnetic induction as an example) but it’s still perfect for my needs.

    This is the first keyboard/mouse combo with only ONE nano receiver for both peripherals and I’ve been searching for this for quite some time now.

    I dig the LCD screen where keyboard info is shown but if it had only leds on Caps Lock and Num Lock it would definetely suit my needs too and probably make the battery last longer. But as I said before, battery lifetime is not important for me, it could only last a month or even a week as long as it could be recharged by some USB cable or dock. A dock for the mouse would be the cherry on top of the cake.

    My only question is when will this be available for the public? I live in Portugal but I could buy it online from another country, preferably within the Schengen space (as long as the key layout is the same). I cannot find any store selling this yet.

  • Looks very good!!!
    Three questions:
    How does the lay-out of the keyboard look like for the Dutch market?
    What’s the maximum distance for the uni receiver?
    Can it be used with a USB KVM switch?


  • I just got an email from Amazon indicating the MK 710 will not be released until the end of June or beginning of July. Is this correct?

  • Is there any chance that this keyboard will be sold alone? Have been waiting for the right Unifying keyboard to pair with the Performance MX. I do prefer this keyboard over the K340 and K350 as I am currently MX3200 Desktop.

    • Hi Robin,

      I can’t comment on our plans for products that have not yet been announced, but please keep checking the blog for information on new keyboards as they become available.

      Best Regards,

    • Hello Petro,

      We designed the LCD of the MK710 to deliver an “icon dashboard” that optimizes the presentation of important status icons like battery level, caps lock, num lock, scroll lock, FN lock and mute. We do not plan to offer customization capabilities for the MK710 LCD at this time.

      Best Regards,

  • Hi,

    I have 2 questions regarding Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710:
    1. From when will it be available with Hungarian keyboard layout?
    2. Is this product suitable for being used with a desktop computer? In other words, what is the maximum range (meters) in which it can be used properly?

    Thanks for your answer in advance.

    • Hello Peter,

      Unfortunately the MK710 is not planned to ship with a Hungarian layout. As an alternative, we offer a U.S. international layout.

      All of our Unifying products come with the Nano receiver which makes them perfect for notebook use. By design, these receivers have a very good range and in a normal setup you should experience a range of up to 10 meters.

      Our keyboard and combo packages, like the MK710, also offer a USB extension cable. This lets you bring the receiver closer to the keyboard or move it further away from any source that might cause a bad radio connection.

      Best Regards,

  • I have received a new Logitech keyboard and mouse. The box says MK710; the instructions say MK710 but the underside of the keyboard says MK700. What do I have?

  • mk700 and mk710 are same keyboard there is a one difference between the mk710 and mk700 set. it mosuse mk700 has mx620 mouse and mk710 has m705 marathone mousel mean there is no problem

  • do you know if the wireless dinovo for laptops are going to get a refresher for unifying receivers? still waiting for a nice keyboard to pair up with the mx mouse.

    can’t get over minimalism! …functional minimalism…for computer gadgets anyway

  • I am living in Austria. I would like to buy the MK 710 but can only get the German version, not the International/USA version. How do I get the International version?

    Regards (Groetjes), Dick Heckenberg

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