Logitech Webcams: HD and More

As seen at this past CES in everything from TVs to PCs, everyone is excited about HD. That’s why we have enabled our high-end webcams for more than two years.

But while HD is great, at Logitech, we obsess over all the elements that make up picture-perfect image quality in our webcams.

That means offering HD along with other elements to deliver that HD immersive experience. Elements such as Carl Zeiss Optics, which is a world class lens brand, and autofocus, allows for close-ups that are pixel-perfect. That also means a 2-megapixel premium sensor that can take up to 8-megapixel snapshots. Our engineering team spends many hours at Logitech labs to test their code for the best image quality possible based on feedback from customers like you. It’s all these things working together harmoniously that deliver the overall HD experience that’s worth getting excited about.

In fact, Logitech webcams’ great image quality and ease-of-use has been recognized by Good Housekeeping, PC Magazine, Laptop, CNET and more. To learn more about HD in Logitech webcams, click here.


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  • I`m trying to buy a web cam in my country, and it`s impossible to get in contact with your company,I went to the address I got on internet and nobody knows where your company has moved !! Av. Libertador 2442 4 th Floor ?? Olivos-Argentina.
    Really amazing…..
    Yours Sincere

    Fernando Llambías

    • Hi Fernando,

      You can find Logitech webcams at a number of retailers throughout Argentina, including Compumundo, Garbarino, Musimundo and Galeria Jardin. You can also do a Web search for Logitech webcams to find other retailers closest to you.


  • This webcam can go up to 1280 x 720 in the latest Skype Beta version.
    google skype hack and follow the instructions in the skype forum and you will be able to transmit in HD to your loved ones!
    Mr Marble FX

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