Nearly Run Down and BBQ Ribs on Fire: Logitech Digital Video Security Stories

We’re a little behind with our Digital Video Security customer stories so I’d like to highlight winners for both November and December in today’s post.

Nearly Run Down in the Driveway (December 2009)

This one, you have to hear from the customer’s own words, so here it is: “This woman dated my husband’s friend, but they had recently split. Approximately ten minutes before the events in this video took place, she was arguing with my husband over the phone. After the call ended, she showed up at my home where the argument continued. We demanded that she leave. That’s when she attempted to run us over.”

Sounds like it was NOT a friendly break up!

Barbecue Ribs on Fire (November 2009)

This customer left his son in charge of the ribs grilling on the BBQ while he stepped away for a few minutes. Here’s how that delegation went:


Chief Product Officer, WiLife

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  • LOL that is hilarious. Don’t ever let somebody else watch your ribs unless you have a heart attack. And in that case, take them with you in the ambulance.

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