CES Innovations Honoree: Squeezebox Touch

CES Innovation Awards
Today music is often stored on a PC, leaving many speaker systems to collect dust. With the Logitech Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi music player, we are helping people free the music on their computer by connecting to the home stereo they already own.

The compact, slim design will complement any speaker system and features a 4.3-inch touch screen color display so people can quickly locate their favorite radio stations, playlists or music services, as well as access to a variety of applications to enhance your listening experience.

So the music sounds its best, the Squeezebox Touch has support for high-resolution encoding to deliver high quality sound with very low distortion and uses 802.11g wireless networking to optimize network speeds and provide a secure connection.

The Squeezebox family is all about flexibility, ease of use, and control. With the addition of Squeezebox Touch (available soon), Logitech will have a complete line of Wi-Fi music players to fit variety of music lovers needs, all with a single focus: to let the customer enjoy their digital music how they want it and where they want it.


Director of Business Development


  • it’s is a pity the wifi support is still only g and not N standard. I am building a wireless network with fast components and when the Squeezebox series had N support i would heave bought one instantly.
    Waiting for the touch hoping it has N support, but it looks like a disappointment on that part.
    So please make the Touch available and with N support.
    I cant’ wait!

  • From a real rookie. I have wi-fi at home, a home stereo, my house has been wired so that music pipes through the house, and two large external drives with music. I want to be able to play music from the external drives as well as streaming radio from around the world. I could probably use the Duet but really want to use the Touch. Will the Touch allow me to access the external drives, music from Itune and stream radio. When will the Touch be available in the US. thanks

  • All the specs I’ve seen indicate that it supports 802.11g (not “n”). The problem is that Logitech announced this product AGES ago and there is still no release date for it. Amazon.com is even cancelling pre-orders for it.

  • hi logitech,

    when is this puppy’s relaese date in Belgium?? i’m waiting for it several months now.

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