CES Innovations Honoree: Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

CES Innovation Awards
Many people enjoy the advantages of a mouse over the tricky touch pad. In fact, people prefer mice so much that they take them along to coffee shops, hotels, and rooms around the home, encountering a broad range of surfaces in the process. Although tracking technology has advanced significantly in the last two decades – from ball mice, to optical, to laser – some of these surfaces have remained a challenge. Mice couldn’t track on extremely smooth or transparent surfaces, such as lacquered tabletops and glass, so people had no choice but to use a mouse pad.

To address this, Logitech developed Darkfield Laser Tracking. Darkfield provides precise cursor control on virtually any surface, even the most challenging – clear glass, opening up new possibilities for when and where people can use their mouse. How does it work? On regular surfaces with plenty of texture, such as a formica and wood tables, Darkfield uses one laser to essentially take pictures of the texture.  However, on extremely smooth surfaces like glass, Darkfield turns on its second laser and switches to its advanced (microscopy) tracking mode.  Now the surface appears black, while dust and other residual details show up white. For a Darkfield mouse a glass table actually looks like a starry night.  For a customer, this means that they can use their mouse just about anywhere.

A 2010 CES Innovations Honoree winner, the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is the only mobile mouse to feature this new tracking technology.  It’s packed with many other features, including:

– A tiny USB receiver with Logitech Unifying technology
– A compact, comfortable shape
– A dual-mode scroll wheel
– Forward/Back thumb buttons
Anywhere Mouse MX_top_hi

Today, the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is the only mobile mouse that can easily go anywhere, increase productivity AND track on virtually any surface – making it the ultimate companion for any laptop.  For those who prefer a full-sized mouse, Logitech also offers the powerful Performance Mouse MX.


Director of Product Marketing, Mice

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  • I woud suggest you to go with Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX because mouse focuses on the mobile user, according to Logitech Anywhere where you should take it as literally as possible. It also has small mouse with left and right beside the two side buttons, an extra button below the scroll wheel and a scroll wheel. With scroll wheel that can not be clicked, but pressing it switches between the stairs or in vertical scrolling continuously, Logitech’s called free-scrolling technology.

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