CES Innovations Honoree: Logitech Squeezebox Radio

CES Innovation Awards

People love digital music but it is usually stuck on their PC and not in the room they want to enjoy it in. The Logitech Squeezebox Radio features an all-in-one design with integrated speakers to deliver your digital music to any room in your home – using your pre-existing home network.

Squeezebox Radio red

The all-in-one design uses a bi-amplified tweeter/driver speaker arrangement to deliver remarkably full and clear sound from a small package. The tweeter and driver were hand selected in a grueling 18 month selection process. In addition, by employing advanced power saving algorithms, the Squeezebox Radio will be able to provide 8 hours of cordless listening at moderate to high volumes using the optional rechargeable battery pack that will be available in March/April 2010.

Squeezebox Radio black

To ensure the Logitech Squeezebox Radio will truly fit in any room of a home, Logitech wanted to provide a compact audio system that produced crisp audio but also had unique features that people want. For example, the Squeezebox Radio includes a 7-day alarm clock – perfect for use in a bedroom – and an auto-dimming display so the screen can always been seen across a room.The Squeezebox Radio is available for purchase worldwide.

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  • Hi – Two questions:
    1) What is going on with the accessory pack (battery + remote) for the squeezebox radio? First it was advertised as late 2009, then February 2010, now I read March/April 2010. What is the reason for the delays?

    2) Could you clarify the status of the BBC iplayer app (specifically for the UK)? I’ve read on older reviews that a third-party app (I suspect now obsolete) requires a PC to be running as a server for the app to work. Is that still the case with the BBC app now featured on the logitech site? (One of the reasons I’m interested in the squeezebox radio is that do not want to have to have a PC running all the time, so to have it on just to use e.g. BBC Listen Again features would be annoying.) Will the situation change in March 2010, when I gather the BBC will stop streaming real audio?

    Many thanks for your help.

  • Very odd… the article says March/April 2010 battery pack availability, the Logitech website says February,2010 and a post by a program manager on the logitech forum says
    “The Squeezebox Radio Accessory Pack, which includes the battery and a mini-remote control, will be available in the latter half of January 2010”.

    Guess we will just have to wait.

  • Please tell us what you’re doing about the incredibly buggy alarm clock? I was late to work two times last week. I just can’t trust it.

    Also, why is it that I turn the radio on, the station ID shows on the screen but it doesn’t pick up the audio and shuts itself off?

    Thank you

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