Video: Up Close With the Gaming Keyboard G110

Watch this video for an in-depth overview of the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110. For more info, you can also read this previous post about the keyboard.


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  • Hi.
    I can’t believe the dificulty i’m having to know the Logitech G110 real dimensions!
    I can’t find this information anywhere, and i think it is a massive failure for a company like Logitech! Shouldn’t this information be given in the specifications of your products?

    Sincirely yours, Paulo Martins, PORTUGAL

    P.S.: Is it expectable to have the G110 with the European Layout (Portuguese)?

    • Hi Paulo,

      With the palmrest attached, the keyboard measures approximately 51cm x 24cm x 3cm (to the top of the keys). There are currently no plans for a Portuguese layout version. The manufacturing process of the G110 requires that we limit the number of different versions we produce, and unfortunately the Portuguese layout does not make the list.

    • Hi Skorteus,

      It is unlikely that the extended functionality of the G110 (G-Keys, audio jacks, programmable backlighting colors) will function on any KVM that does not support the G15. The only way for these features to function through a KVM is for the KVM manufacturer to design their product to support the extended feature set of the keyboard.

      Most KVM switches do not work as passthrough devices. In order to prevent the host PC from going through a full enumeration cycle every time the user switches between them (or to prevent the PC from hanging on boot due to the BIOS not detecting the presence of a keyboard), the KVM declares itself to the host system to be a keyboard and a mouse. In effect, the KVM is a small computer that receives input from the attached keyboard and mouse, and then forwards that information directly to the host PC. This means that if the KVM isn’t explicitly programmed to understand the all of the extended features of the keyboard, they will not function when attached to the KVM – the KVM will not see them and therefore will not forward them to the host PC. This is not something that we can control in the keyboard’s design process, as the additional functionality we put into the keyboard is inherently different from what the KVM expects to see coming from a standard keyboard.

  • Hello,

    The first thing I said when i saw this keyboard was: I’m going to buy it a.s.a.p.!
    But then, i found like 10 shops who have the keyboard on the site, but not one has it in supply.

    When will this keyboard hit the stores? (Over here in The Netherlands)
    I’ll be the first to buy one !

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Wouter,

      The G110 should be available in wide distribution over most of Europe by the end of January. When it will be available in a specific country or store is not possible for me to say.

  • hi Chris Pate

    Will there be a swedish (or nordic version) of the keyboard?

    and if the answer is yes will it be available on the logitech store?

    • Hi Jonas,

      There will be a Swedish version of the G110, and it should be available on the Logitech online store as soon as it arrives in our European distribution center. It is likely that this will happen later this month.

  • Hi there,

    I was wondering, the media center part in the upper right corner, has a volume control, does this change the windows volume or the volume of music programs? so when you are ingame and want to turn down the volume or switch songs, does it have effect on your games? (also lower ingame volume) and does it all work ingame? or do u still need to minimize.


    • Hi Wouter,

      The volume roller changes the system volume, not the volume of an individual application.

  • Hi!
    Has it been released in uk? if not, when is it going to be released?

    I am having difficulties finding a place with the product on stock :S

    Looks beautiful btw.

    • Hi KaLPo,

      It is available on our UK website so it should also be available in shops there as well. As the launch is relatively recent, availability will likely improve as time passes.

  • Hi,

    Probably this isn’t the right place to ask this question but it’s the faster way to get a response.

    I bought G110 about a month ago (it is awesome) but some keys are not lightened properly. Like the TAB button i which the “TAB” is only lightened in half. Also when i plug my USB flash memory i get the info about overloading the USB power (something like that, i’m from Poland and my OS is polish so i can’t translate it properly). When i sent it to waranty repair i got the answer that test did not show said malfunction. So my question is if this is normal and if it’s not then could you help me get this repair.


    • Hi swistaq,

      The keys on the G110 are made of transparent plastic which is painted silver, then painted black. We then etch the characters in the keycap by burning the black paint off with a laser so that only the silver paint remains, and apply a protective coating. The characters are then illuminated by reflecting light up the key’s “chimney” and through the painted/etched keycap. Only the part of the etched character or characters that is over the chimney will show light coming through it. This means that keys (like Tab) can show a portion of the keycap that has less or no illumination. This is normal for those keys.

      USB provides for two power levels – low and high. USB spec states that high power ports can provide a maximum of 500 mA to attached devices, while low power ports can only provide up to 100 mA. So, if you plug a 4-port hub that does not have a power supply into your PC, the hub’s chip will take all 500 mA that the PC’s port provides, distribute 100 mA to each of its four ports, and use the leftover power for running itself.

      Since the G110 does not have an external power supply, its USB port is low power. Every USB device will tell the PC how much power it needs when it is plugged in, so if you plug a high power device into a low power port, the OS will inform you that the device requires more power. Most flash drives are not high power, but some are. This is most likely what is occurring on your PC, and this behavior is also normal.

  • Well, then i’ve got to say i am really disappointed with G110 and i really regret money i spent on it.

  • Hi Chris.

    I have G15 v2 for almost two years and find that G keys are really useful. And now I think I need more of them. Can I use G110 together side by side with G13 or G15? Will there be any conflict? Will separate driver needed for each keyboard?


    • Hi Yudha,

      All G-Series keyboards and gameboards use the same software. This means that all of your existing G15 profiles will work with the G13 and G110 as well, as long as you’re running GamePanel Software v3.03 or later.

  • Hi,

    Can you change the backlighting to any color like G19 or is it just red, blue, and purple? Like can you make it green or yellow? Because this came out later than G19, it should change to any color like G19.

    • Hi Jack,

      The G110’s backlighting can be red, blue, or shades of purple. Green, or colors that can be made with green (including yellow) is not available.

  • Dear Logitech,

    All I really really really need is a WIRELESS BACKLIT keyboard. Like the illuminated keyboard WITHOUT the wires. I currently own a Logitech Dinovo Media but would love to have a wireless backlit keyboard. Will there ever be one from Logitech?

    • Hi Cecilie,

      We do have the ability to make Danish layout G110 keyboards, and I’m looking into why there are none currently available. When I have more information I will update you.

  • Hi Chris,

    Will Mass Effect 2 Be in an update for the G110 game profile? Also how do I change back-light brightness?

    • Hi Lando,

      New profiles are typically added as we release new versions of the Profiler software, and a profile for Mass Effect 2 should be included in the next one. I don’t currently have a schedule for the next release, but typically they happen every few months. We’re working on a method to get them to be distributed more frequently, but it’s not going to be available for a while.

      The backlight brightness is changed in the Profiler where the colors are changed – by clicking on one of the M-keys. Selecting a color at the bottom of the color picker makes the backlighting dimmer, and colors at the top are brighter.

  • Hey Chris,

    First of all, thanks for fielding questions on this page, definitely influenced by decision to purchase the G110. Now that I have it though (and it’s as awesome as I’d expected), I can’t get my Mac to recognize the keyboard. I installed the software from the website, but the G-Series Key Profiler isn’t showing the keyboard, and the control panel isn’t listing any devices at all.

    I’m running OS X 10.6; have you heard of anyone else having similar issues and know if they found a work around? Fortunately, the keyboard seems to remember the last color setting from when it’s been plugged into my PC, so I have some control still.

    • Hi Sam,

      The version of GamePanel software for Mac that was on our website was 3.01, and did not support the G110. The CD version that came with the G110 (3.02), did. We have just posted v3.03 to the site, which supports the G110 and fixes a couple other small issues. Hopefully this will help you out.

  • Hi Chris:
    I live in Mumbai, India and am sold on the capabilities of your G110 keyboard.
    It’s just what I need.
    Considering that we are already past the middle of February 2010,
    when will it become available in India (Mumbai) ?
    Can you get a retailer to give me directions by email.

    • Hi Ram,

      I’ve been searching for information on whether distributors in India have picked up the G110 but as yet have not found out anything. As a result, it’s really difficult for me to say whether it will be sold in Mumbai, or anywhere in India.

    • I don’t have dB ratings available,but I can say that it is a standard rubber-dome keyboard that is no louder than any other rubber-dome keyboard. It’s not as quiet as a scissor-key (laptop-style) keyboard, nor is it as loud as a mechanical-keyswitch (clicky) keyboard.

  • Hello , Chirs

    I was wondering whether you could Change the Colours of each individual Key.

    (Already purchased mine , its in the mail)

    Just wanted to know! thanks =D

    • Hi Michael,

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the backlighting color of individual keys. To do so would require well over 100 LEDs, which would be significantly more than we can illuminate with the power budget allotted by USB.

  • Dear Logitech friends,
    I am interested to know; if I buy Logitech Squeezebox Radio from Amazon US and have it shipped to Europe (Bosnia), will it work without the problem. In other words, do I have to buy European version, or it doesn’t matter? Thank you very much for your help!

    • As the US and European versions use different power adaptors, we recommend purchasing the correct version based on where you are located.


  • Thank you very much Matt!

    Does the same apply to battery pack and remote control, i.e. is it a problem if I get my battery pack and the remote from US, while I buy the radio (Logitech Squeezebox) in Europe? All the best from Bosnia, Europe


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