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Last week, our very own, Evan Tree made an appearance on CBS’s The Early Show Wednesday and provided great tips to protect your home during the holidays. Be sure to check it out here!

The Boston Globe reviewed our Harmony 700 and Harmony One remotes and said “Logitech’s Harmony remotes are elegant and effective.” They went on to say “on the Harmony 700, there’s a button marked “Watch TV’’; the same command appears on the Harmony One’s touch screen. Activate it, and the remote instantly does all the right things.”

Check out more coverage below:


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  • Hi Ha,

    I like your blog site as well as Logitech’s home page. It would be great if you were to stage your Twitter site off your web site. Do you have any plans to do that in the coming future?


  • Just got off the phone with Logitech and now they tell me they will not be releasing drum kit for wii at all !!! also not making it for any other system anymore !!! Not Very Happy with how Logitech handled this seeing as how I was sitting on a preorder and nobody ever bothered to even let me know until I called 2 months later !!! Even the gamestop I preordered at did not know anything about this ?? I had always thought well of logitechs products in the past but now I’m not feeling the same !!!!!!!!

  • I love Logitech products, especially the Harmony remotes of which I have had 3 and given for gifts. Unfortunately, on a couple of them the screens stopped working.

    What I have been wondering is how is it possible that you havent yet
    made an IR iPhone attachment that would work with your excellent softare and codes database? Was hoping I would see this at CES but not yet!

    Bring it on!!


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