Protect Your Home – During the Holidays and all year-round

On CBS’s The Early Show, I discussed a few quick tips that any homeowner can implement to protect their home and property during the holiday season. With busy schedules and hectic planning, protecting your home and loved ones from outside intruders is probably furthest from your mind.

By following these easy steps, you can keep your home safe during the holidays while still enjoying all the merriment with peace of mind.

Lock up. Believe it or not, the number one spot intruders break into a home is through the front door!  A deadbolt is the most secure way a homeowner can prevent a break-in. Deadbolts are secure, hard to manipulate from the outside and often serve as a double precaution when securing your home.

You’ve got mail. Piled up mail and packages could signal to potential thieves that you’re not at home or on vacation, as well as leaving personal information open for identity theft. Make sure to initiate a mail hold or have a trusted friend pick up your mail while you are away.

Camera Ready. Not all security cameras cost a fortune. A simple do-it-yourself video security system helps protect your home and is simpler than you might expect. Logitech’s easy-to-use digital video security systems can be installed in less than 15 minutes and costs about $300.

Logitech Indoor Hero Master_300

Bright Ideas. Keeping lights on in your home while you’re away creates the illusion of an occupied house. Homeowners might want to consider adding a motion-sensored light that detects any sudden movement. Indoor and outdoor light timers can easily be hooked directly into lamps and sockets and can cost less than $10.

Call the Police. Be sure to notify your local police department and any nearby neighbors so they can keep a close eye on your home and property. Remember to keep a list handy in your home of all important numbers you will need in case of an emergency.


Chief Product Officer, WiLife


  • I purchased my father your WiLife Outdoor Master System for my father for Christmas. He was ecstatic until we figured out that it can’t be viewed on his iPhone. Now he doesn’t want to set it up and is see if we can return this system for one that has iPhone support. Seriously, thanks for ruining my father’s Christmas. What kind of company doesn’t have an iPhone app?!?!?!

    Last Logitech product I ever buy……..

  • Are you planning support of ‘night vision’ cameras for the WiLife system? I was looking at getting the ‘WiLife infra red-50 Logitech Illuminator Kit’ but can’t seem to find the kits online anymore (not in stock….)

    An add-on camera with the illuminator kit would be great instead of ending up with extra unused lens.

  • Your wilife system is all that I want in a surveillance system for my business EXCEPT it has NO IPHONE app! I have seen tons of comments on this topic with little or no response from you. I know you’re just a PR man, and It’s not really your call, but COME ON!! How many complaints is it gonna take to make you guys listen? It would be in your best interest for you to make this simple addition to the list of features this otherwise great surveillance system. (And stop Blaming APPLE about it!)

  • Christian Weaver, perhaps you should have, I don’t know, researched the product before committing to buying it? Logitech are not responsibel for your lack of foresight when picking a gift for your father.

  • I was under the impression that the WiLife security system was compatible with the iPhone? If I would of known that it was not at the time of purchase I would not have bought it! Also, I thought it would have had a little better night vision than what it has……nope! Horrible night vision!

    On the WiLife command center “Tip of the Day” there’s a tip about night vision and that you can add one of Logitechs “NightVision kits” with a high-efficiency infrared illuminator to illuminate low-light or completely dark areas with the WiLife indoor camera. I can’t find this kit anywhere!

    Any help?

  • I’ll ask again like the other guy…when will the nightvision kits be available? Why aren’t you selling them anymore? This doesn’t make any sense…
    Is this a sign that support for the product is about to be shut down or something?

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